Antiac Update

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Over a month ago I mentioned this Antiac acne spray and I documented my skin for the first two weeks to see if I noticed any initial change while introducing this into my skincare routine.

Gosh, my mouth position is annoying me in the second photo.

11 / 08  : I can't find my first start photo but my skin hadn't changed much by this date but I did notice I started to get spots - maybe due to the cleansing process ?

12 / 08  : A new unwelcomed spot even with a little baby next to it. 3 spots on one chin - yeah lovely.

20 / 08  : The other spots that appeared on the 12th had disappeared but the ones near my jawline were not budging. My acne scar next my mouth was belonging to get lighter.

27 / 08 : My skin in that duration got another spot by my bottom lip, that did go down quicker but it did scar *sighs*

12 / 09 :  6 days ago I got one spot on my chin to be fair I believe it a cycle spot. Yet in a month how does my face look now where the spots do appear more often:

The spray may have helped to balance out my skin, maybe it just needed time like a lot of skincare products and in a month I should be happy with the results if only those other two scars would vanish but all in due time. My bottle is just about finished, maybe I will just go back to the good ol' Vitamin E oil to help lighten the scars.

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2 Comments so far

  1. I know it's hard to wait to see results lol, but this was helpful. Looking forward to future updates, might have to check this out!

  2. I've just found your blog and this was really helpful to read as I'm about two weeks into using Antiac. Can't say I can see any difference, if anything mine have got worse so far but they seem to be different types of spots than I would normally get so I'm hoping this is just a sort of purge stage.


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