Sleek MakeUP PPQ Shangri-La Collection

Sleek MakeUP once again have teamed up with London fashion house PPQ to release the new collection "PPQ Shangri-La" which consists of two matte palettes and two matte lipglosses. The two available palettes are Supreme and Respect*, both have that 60s soulful, colourful, retro, urban vibe. The two Truly Mattely Deeply - matte glosses are Soul* & Jazz.

The eyeshadow names have some of the best soul singers name as a running theme ( didn't see no Marvin which disappointed me lol - gosh how people know I love me some Marvin )

So let's get on with the palette swatches :

Supreme Palette

Top Row : Blue Suede - R&B - Bronx Black - P-Funk - Grand Master Flash - Wah Wah White
Bottom Row : La Bella Blue - Smokey Robinson - Al Green - Delfonic - Commodores Cream - Shangrilas Lemon 

Respect Palette 

Top Row : Gladys White - James Brown - Shalamar - Count Basi Beige - Aretha Orange - Otis Red
Bottom Row : Roberta Black - Vandellas - Cameo Cream  - Motown Mink - O'Jays - New Jack Pink

I'd say the colours for the Respect palette are what a lot of people are going to like and want to wear but strangely enough, I quite like the Supreme palette the shade of P-Funk & Delfonic swatch quite nicely.

It's now deciding which palette to play with first - suggestions?

Moving onto the matte lip glosses - ok matte can be a pain in the A especially when they come out creamy and they start to dry and crack within an inch of their life. It's hard to build on but you want to have a nice coverage so layers upon layers aren't good with this I found. I used what was on the brush which worked well for me instead of having to keep going back into the tube.

Jazz is a rich red and we know I love my red and I really do like this shade, it's very bold and an instant stand out on the face while Soul was such a miss for me personally, the cool toned pink was too light for my skin tone and just looked very nah uh, I'm not keen on how these feel on the lips to be frank just feels a little drying after awhile and it's too feathery.

- tell you what these remind me of the Collection 2000 Cream Puffs!!

Respect & Supreme Palettes £7.99 each
Soul & Jazzy Truly Mattely Deeply £4.99 each

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