Hi, My Names LaaLaa & I wear glasses...

The laughs, I remember the laughs. For years when I had to put my glasses on the laughter would haunt me. I wouldn't wear them, my first pair of glasses were a round gold frame..when the optician put those on my face, I wanted to cry.

Oh but best believe the came in handy when I thought I was a big woman and tried to 'shape' my eyebrows for picture day which had landed on my 11th birthday and I had no clue what I was doing, I shaved them into a crazy shape. My mum had to be called over to sort out my eyebrows, I looked a real HAM (hot ass mess) ...the glasses partially saved the day being so big and round they managed to cover parts of my eyebrows.

I didn't wear glasses again until I was 18. I was watching Big Brother in the Summer of '06 and saw Nikki Graham wearing a rectangle black pair that looked sexy in my opinion. Off to Vision Express I went and got my first pair since I was 11 years old.

So yeah I wear glasses for all that general stuff, reading, on the laptop, watching television, driving & so forth. I'm not blind but if you saw my recent eye test, took over an hour for my eye examination.

Online prescription glasses? 

I was contacted by Firmoo* & asked if I would like to review their glasses. I thought 'Hey, why not?' browsing through their collection and as of late I've been fixated on Tamar Braxton's Chrome Hearts glasses. I wanted that kind of style, so I decided to go for their Wayfarer range & more specifically these.

Once I went for another eye test to get my prescription correct, I sent off my form. I chose to get prescription instead of fashion eyewear because to me it made no sense in getting fashion eyewear as I could pick those up anywhere. I wanted to compare how these are to my ones from an in-store opticians.

If you've got a recent eye prescription it's ever so easy to order online with Firmoo, if like me you need to go and be told your eyes have changed ( & not for the better ) it is of course that one extra step.

I sent mine off to Firmoo on the 30th July and got a response 3rd August saying my glasses had been shipped, on the 9th August they had arrived.

With my order I got my glasses, a hard case, a drawstring bag case, tightening screwdriver and two spare screws.

The frames are larger than any of my previous and recent glasses. They are plastic frame & black. Firmoos glasses you do have a choice with some glasses in various colour choices & or patterns.

The lenses don't seem to be the same strength as my current glasses, they seem slightly weaker than the ones and the only issue I have got with these is that the nose pads leave marks pretty quickly & with previous glasses I've never had that before.

With them being a lot cheaper than going to the opticians and having to purchase a pair - the pair from Firmoo are $24.95. It's a good alternative but I suppose you do miss out on that lengthy eye examination and getting that personal 1 on 1 care.

It's handy to have more than one pair of glasses for me, one at home & one in my bag so I'm never without.

If you already have a current prescription & possibly just want a second pair using Firmoo is ideal. Don't forget that they do provide fashion glasses, so it's not all about the prescription ones. Plus if you want to try them, first time customers get their glasses free. Sign up here

Do you wear glasses? 

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  1. I always get my glasses online but I use glassesdirect as they are a UK firm and I'm really weird about getting online glasses from the states I case they look horrible on me

    1. Gosh after my last eye examination its bound to put me off to go back in a year. On Firmoo you can upload your own photo to see what the chosen glasses look like - I'm a gambler though.

  2. I wear glasses too but I don't hahah I wear contacts because glasses look funny on me but I really want a pair similar to your but a bit bigger. Glasses are so in so I want a decent pair now.



    1. LOL, I've never worn contacts personally, well except coloured contacts but yeah I want a large pair - drooling over the Victoria Beckham ones from her collection due next year, but dropping the price tag is another issue lol xo

  3. I love simple glasses. These are classics. I have similar ones that are red (my fave. color) but I hardly wear them anymore KNOWING I need to. LOL.

    Sincerely Daja

    1. I really want some cat shaped ones. Get all lady like on y'all lol. Oh you see that happened to me and now I'm having to sit through awkward over hour eye examinations! lol

  4. I love the shape of those glasses!

    1. Aw, thank you - I quite like these shapes too, been so use to the rectangle ones for a long time.

  5. Love your glasses. I wear glasses too as I'm not a fan of contacts


    1. Oh lovely. I've never tried contacts but then again I need them more for strenuous eye tasks than everything but the way I'm going it may be a permanent job.

  6. Nice,love those! I'm due for an eye test hehe

    1. Oh I'm finding so many spec wearers. LOVE IT.

  7. I like the honest review. As a fellow blogger, I also got the offer and mine have just shipped (I went with prescription sunglasses, so it's nice to hear what the strength seems like). Nice write up on the process, too.


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