Tans for WOC | MakeBelieve Part One - Self Tan Lotion

MakeBelieve were ever so generous to us in the #TFWOC they supplied us with three different products for us to review. Which I thought was unbelievably nice of them.
Today I'm going to be reviewing their Self Tan Lotion with Bronzer Zone 4. They have different zones with their products :
Zone 1 - Subtle Glow
Zone 2 - Warm Glow
Zone 3 - Medium Tan
Zone 4 - Golden Tan
Zone 5 - Dark Tan ( achieved by applying zone 4 2x )

About MakeBelieve : Independent British company since 2005 have been providing the UK market with a range of self tanning and makeup products to complement a diversity of skin types. MakeBelieve understand why we use self tans.
A tan makes you feel better about yourself – it helps you feel more confident to release your inner glow. No one wants to apply a functional product with a fake colour, a fake smell, and unnatural streaks.
Makebelieve are still striving to continue to develop the ultimate, indulgent, sun-free tan that helps you feel good about yourself. The key to their success? Their ingredients for beautifully tanned and moisturised skin.

Zone 4 this self tan is designed to give you immediate colour, with a 2-4hr developing time & can be washed off to reveal a longer lasting tan after 4 hours!

Deciding to tan my legs, I prepped before hand, exfoliating and shaving within an inch of my life, you must tan on clean, dry and smooth legs, otherwise the tanning process won't work very well. Remembering to make sure my kneecaps, ankles and toes were moisturised before application!
Oh hello knees and pink fluffy slippers. My legs before hand, pictures are all taken indoors w/ flash.

Unfortunately I didn't get any gloves in my box ( boo! - I should of looked inside the other box I got at LFW but just didn't think at the time ) This reminds me of melted milk chocolate. It doesn't smell of chocolate FYI.

I'm sure we can all tell which leg has been tanned to 'perfection' ... how it made all the razor bumps so obvious. I would of epilated but the hairs weren't long enough by the time I went to do this tan.

My hands after applying the tan
Doesn't take much to get it off but the smell lingers until the next day - you know that typical 'tan smell'
My legs 4 days later, the tan seems to of settled in an got a little bit darker but still natural. I exfoliate every other day, so the legs this morning got a good scrub a dub dub.

Packaging  : Plastic squeeze tube. Has it's trademark logo and pattern.

Ingredients : Contains lipo-care complex ingredients that help reduce the appearance of cellulite :- Caffeine - helps to stimulate cellulite breakdown. Co-enzyme - Helps reduce fatty acids. Bupleurum Falcatum Root Extract - Helps to tighten the skin with firming and toning benefits. The fruit extracts provide anti-oxidants and melanin stimulants. The Rain Forest blend of naturally derived exotic rainforest oils are : Cohune oil, Brazil Nut Oil, Allspice Extract. Also contains Coconut oil, orange extract Sesame seed oil, Sunflower oil, Tea Tree Leaf Oil & Green Tea extract.

Texture : Creamy.

Smell : Was that of something familiar and Annie said on Instagram 'Pink Lotion' and I was like YES it does have a hint of pink lotion lol. Of course it once again fades into that 'tan' smell and I'm saying that as I had it on my hands for the next 24hrs lingering.

Application : Was easy, I like the lotion as it's just like applying ........... lotion of course. It makes it feel effortless and it's not streaky ( either that or I'm getting use to applying tan ) it dried quite quickly. My white sheets were to be a testament to that. I didn't find it heavy on the skin, it glides & absorbs brilliantly .

My opinion - I love this self tan. Some tan's can make this mellow yellow look orange and overly tangoed ( I'm saying this after my Lauren's way experience ) but it faded to a nice few days into a holiday brown ( I'm guessing as I don't tan by the sun - odd I know ) It's not patchy but I make sure to exfoliate so that it does fade nicely and evenly. It does say it will naturally fade within a week and I'm sure if I did leave it to fade by itself I'd have no issues.

Price: £24.50 / 200ml
Purchase : MakeBelieveBeauty.com

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