Urban Decay Naked 2

Just being released last year Urban Decay's Naked Palette become the natural palette to have in your makeup stash. Now over a year later Urban Decay look to launch UD Naked 2

There doesn't look to be a Urban Decay Primer Potion in the second edition but possibly a (mini) lip junkie

Foxy, Half Baked, Bootycall, Chopper, Tease, Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted, Blackout
Also a double ended brush instead of the double ended 24/7 liner that was included in the first edition
Urban Decay Naked 2 (above) Urban Decay Naked (bottom)

In the US they will make the announcement via email on 1/12/11 to those on their mailing list

I'm guessing the first two maybe  Bootycall (maybe Foxy) & Verve. The last looks like Blackout !

Snakebite Swatch

UPDATE : US release December 1st 2011 $50 
UK release January 1st 2012 £36 (early January) Debenhams & additional retailers early February
Canada release early February 2012 

Are you excited for Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette ?

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette - Sneak Peek

I've had a few emails asking me if I have heard the news regarding Google Friend Connect . If you have no clue what I am talking about read this post on the official Google Blog . Keeping it short they are basically getting rid of most of their products and Google Friend Connect is one BUT from what I can understand it's ONLY for NON Google blogs. Blogger.com is a Google product this should not effect us blogger/blogspot hosted blogs so if you have your blog hosted on Wordpress and use the GFC for people to get updates this will be no longer an option as of March 1, 2012.

Regardless what blogging platform that you use there are several ways to get your blog out there and for people to subscribe/follow.

Facebook Page : Some people think it's a great idea to have a Facebook page others find it slightly pretentious. Me on the other hand find it to be a great idea as Facebook is still the social networking site to be apart of. Their pages have a lot of apps and everyone & their mama has a Facebook profile so it's fantastic way for your friends to follow you and to spread the word of your blog.

Bloggers : I look upon this one as a "Blogger Catalogue" you can search blogs within categories & Country. The have a spotlight feature daily called "Editors Pick of the Day" so not only is there a chance you will be front page featured they also tweet who is their EPOTD. I was fortunate enough earlier this month to be featured, it's worth signing up.

Google Reader : A lot of us find Google Reader easier to keep up with our favourite blogs. You can read the entire blog ( if the RSS feed is full ) and catch up. You can put your subscriptions into folders & continue following more blogs than blogger always on your dashboard.

Twitter : Another very popular social networking site, your blog posts can be automatically published to twitter via FeedBurner, Twitter & more. Great way to keep in contact with fellow bloggers and discover new bloggers/companies and latest beauty gossip.

Google+ Page : Since the launch of Goolge+, Google is having an early Spring clean of products and launching new ones. Google+ pages -learn more here- are one of those and are available to us with a range of categories to select. They look identical to the profile pages so there's not much getting use to and as far as I can tell there's no direct feed from your blogs to your Google+ fan pages at the moment ( do correct me if wrong ). It's still fairly early to see what will come of these pages.

BlogLovin' : You can be notified when your favourite blogs update via your email when you sign up to BlogLovin' -it's optional- but if you are someone who is glued to their email inbox or you liked to be notified asap on when your favourite blog has posted something. This can be one for you. Once again on BlogLovin' you can search new blogs by Country & category.

I think networking is important and I also think it's ridiculous that Google is shutting down GFC for non Google blogs. I must admit I'm not the best at social networking but it can work out for the best and there's always sites that your readers will feel comfortable to follow your blog on.

What's your favourite social networking site to use in association for your blog ?

Blogs & Networking

I love bath & shower oils. If there's nothing better especially in Winter to run a nice bubble bath and drop a few oils into the bathtub - inhale and relax to unwind I don't know what is. Aromatherapy Associates oils are perfect as gifts or to treat ourselves too this Christmas.

Miniature Bath & Shower Oil  £28.50 9x3ml

Beautifully packaged in a gold box with their individual space inside. These miniature oils have their own use targeted to what you need to relax. Complete collection of Aromatherapy Associates bath and shower oils in one box. 

Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil : essential oils of vetivert, camomile and sandalwood help to restore peace and tranquillity and promote a restful night's sleep.

Light Relax Bath & Shower Oil : a blend of lavender, ylang ylang and petitgrain help to unwind and ease a tired body.

De-Stress Mind Bath & Shower Oil : combines essential oils of wild camomile, petitgrain, frankincense and rosemary to help clear the head and ease stress.

De-Stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil
: the perfect way to soak away aching muscles and joints  this blend incorporates lavender, ginger, black pepper and rosemary.

Revive Evening Bath & Shower Oil
: an energising blend of geranium, patchouli and ylang ylang to help enhance feelings of self-esteem and pep up the senses.

Revive Morning Bath & Shower Oil
: a detoxifying, balancing blend, perfect after a little
over indulging after a long flight or when generally feeling sluggish.

Support Equilibrium Bath & Shower Oil
:helps to lift the spirits, this floral blend of geranium, rose, frankincense and bergamot is perfect during times of emotional stress.

Support Lavender & Peppermint Bath & Shower Oil
: this cooling blend helps clear the head, soothe the body and is recommended for use after a long hot day in the sun.

Support Breathe Bath & Shower Oil
: essentials oils of eucalyptus, peppermint, pine and tea tree help to clear a stuffy head and sharpen the mind.

Add one 3ml bottle to a full bath or massage over your torso before showering.

Little Star £10.00 7.5ml

AA's 'The Shining Stars Christmas Collection' is a limited edition collection that has six stunning gifts and Little Star is one of them. Little Star's packaging reminds me of a Christmas tree decoration but this ones has a hidden treasure inside - Deep Relax Bath & Shower Oil.

This gift can be a stocking filler or even hang it on the Christmas tree (:

Are bath oils an essential part of your bath routine like mine?

Aromatherapy Associates Oils

Mádara eco cosmetics is the brain child of Lotte who in her homeland of Latvia couldn't find cosmetics that were organic and natural. An organic bar of soap was the very first product that originated from Lotte that caused a buzz between her friends that thought it would be a great idea to produce organic and natural cosmetics and thus forming the  Mádara brand of eco cosmetics.

Gwyneth Paltrow featured Mádara in her GOOP newsletter on natural & organic skincare that her & her family use. Mádara have such a range of products haircare, make-up, face care, body & bath care of course even organic baby care. One of their body care items that I have to show you is their "Flower Dust" it's a shimmering moisturiser.

The bottle has a pump. At first I had to press it 5-6 times as of course it hasn't been used yet. Yet once out it's very controllable. As you can see above I didn't need a lot for my arms that was two small squeezes and that will do my entire arm...

At first you will have a VERY fresh smell of plants. Pure and clean. It's not very overbearing but if you don't like the smell of plants it's probably not for you. The smell doesn't linger but what it does leave behind is...

Shimmer, shimmer & moreee shimmer. 

When you go under a light you will notice your skin has a nice glow to it. It doesn't look like you've over killed on shimmer it's very subtle to the eye.

My skin feels soft & nourished even after the lotion has settled it feels soft to touch. Not greasy or heavy it's a light product.

The lotion has products such as Jojoba oil, Sunflower Oil, Cocoa Seed Butter, Natural Vitamin E, Camomile and Rose Hip.

I'm looking forward to seeing deeper into Winter how this product works with my skin. As Winter loves to dry us out skin wise to have a product that is aimed to hydrate the skin will be interesting to find out.

*£22.00 150ml  purchase here
To view more products and to shop Mádara Cosmetics visit their website HERE

Do you use a lot of natural & organic products?

MADARA® Deco Body Flower Dust Shimmering Moisturising Lotion

While going through my blog reader list and seeing who do I still read & who I don't etc.
I began to think ... " What keeps me interested in a beauty blog!? " Like a lot of things in life sometimes when we initially like something over time it loses its appeal to us and onto the next thing unfortunately I can be like that with blogs ....

Content is the main attraction in this circus of beauty bloggers but what keeps me following ...

Reviews : I like bloggers who have researched and for a lengthy time tried out a product. I really dislike it when someone's used something for a week or two and stand by the products marketing claims. It's pretty pointless for me to read if I'm basically just reading an online advert.

Seeing is Believing : When you have photos / videos to back up claims or to see how a product works or even looks on the persons skin. It gives me more of an insight and if I should even bother with the product in question.

Photography : Clear photographs are key for me. I do like admiring the image of a product - seeing it true to life. Something that's been taken in bad lighting with the flash on can be quite off putting.

Text : I don't mind how short or long a post is if it's giving me all the information that I'd love to see about a product review, press release or even a make-up look / tutorial I'll read it all. If you wording StArTs To LoOk LiKe ThIs I cannot cope. I think it's important to show your personality through your blog no matter what reason you do it for hobby or professionally otherwise I feel it's a generic robot whose blog I've been reading.

Interaction / Feedback : I decided to write these as one point. When I read blogs and I'm asked a Q. I will more than likely answer it because your interacting with the blogger alongside others commenter's who will be reading. Your helping out that blogger with answering the question & not to mention picking up tips/views of others. It's a win - win situation the blogger gets feedback and interaction and so do you. My other point on this subject is finding out what YOUR readers like to see, what posts would they enjoy more of, what reviews / looks things of that nature.
* I myself have a vote poll in my sidebar cos it keeps me knowing what you guys want...

My motto "You don't know, until you try" and over the last 3 years I've dabbled if it wasn't  regular guest post by  New York & New Orleans Celebrity Makeup Artist Brandy Gomez-Duplessis, YouTube videos, Outfit of the Day or Blog giveaways/competitions...

General / Personal Posts : Not everyone is a fan of this, I don't do many 'personal' posts myself but that's because I highly doubt people are really that interested in my daily activities lol but it's nice to view others cos you get more of a feel who they are as a person keep in mind even if people don't do these type of posts I'm not saying you can't get a feel for them cos I bet if you followed them on twitter you'd find out a lot more about your fav blogger.

Help Posts : It's always nice when a fellow blogger doesn't mind to share 'tips' on their insiders view on blogger such as PR companies, Photography, How to Improve, What Works for Them etc. because to begin with blogging is all about sharing especially beauty, fashion, lifestyle, food blogging it's all about sharing it is a community and when a blogger is selfless *thumbs up*

I think that's all I can think of at the moment (:

Please keep this in mind this isn't aimed at anyone this is just my personal blogging reading preference sometimes. I'm no blogging guru lol

I'd love to know what keeps you in love with blogs & going back ?

Keeping Me In Love With Blogs

Missguided was a company I have been introducted to twice and both times by Cosmopolitan Magazine. First when they had Missguided's black/gold specked nail splash and again with a  Lipsplash. 

Missled has become such a favourite lipsplash of mine to pair up also with AVON Pale pink Glazewear Extreme. I go quite crazy when I don't find it .. most time it slips through a hole in my bag *noted*

I now have had the pleasure to try out a few others colours Missfortune* Lipsplash & Missunderstood* nail splash.

Aw reds, LaaLaa does love her some reds.

I also have purchased clothing from them which I have yet to wear properly.
 I am in love with their Vivien Leather Contrast Dress - in black  & Zalia Aztec Cardigan 

Have you ever purchased from Missguided ? 

Missguided Beauty Products

November's GlossyBox is out & this pre-Christmas box comes along with an GlossyBox update to let us into what's new and how they are trying to provide us with the most content....

GlossyBox for Men will be launching in December. It'll be quarterly and every 3 months they will receive 7 travel sized products. Read more...

Refer A Friend scheme. For every friend that subscribes they reward 200 GlossyDots. When you reach 1000 GlossyDots you receive a free GlossyBox.

GlossyBox will be making subscription bundles available for 3months, 6months & 12 months - with 12 months being discounted.

GlossyBox are also working hard to create daily content and run exciting competitions that they think their subscribers and my blog readers will love. Check out their brand new blog : www.blog.glossybox.co.uk or their YouTube www.youtube.com/theglossyboxuk

Inside this months GlossyBox 

NAIL ROCK Designer Nail Wraps £6.65 per pack full size
ILLAMASQUA Freak Eau De Parfum £59.00 - 75ml full size
DEAD SEA SPA MAGIK Gentle Cleansing Facial Wash £8.80 full size
PHILIP KINGSLEY Elasticizer £52.10 - 500ml full size
ARBONNE FC5 Cooling Foot Créme £19.00 - 118ml full size 

I have a pack of Nail Rock designer nail wraps, never used as of yet so I cannot comment just yet on either packets I own.

I love the smell of this new Illamasqua Freak perfume, I can see why this scent is quite popular, it has nice floral kick when first applied and once it settles it's quite dark and alluring.
Top Notes : Black Davana, Opium Flower and Belladonna
Heart Notes : Poison Hemlock, Datura and Queen of the Night
Base Notes : Frankincense, Oud and Myrrh

To me the Dead Sea Spa Magik facial wash couldn't of come at a better time. I'm starting to get little under the skin bumps on my forehead. Invisible but still a pain.

Philip Kingsley Elasticizer this is a pre-shampoo treatment, reminding us that to have healthy hair we also must treat and take care of our scalp to maintain that. I'm on my natural journey still and reading through the ingredients so far it doesn't seem to have products that would harm us natural ladies but I'm going to do a little bit more research before include this into my hair routine.

Foot cram is a all around great thing to have and when you find one that is all you need it's perfect. I'm still on that journey so to get a chance to try Arbonne FC5 cooling foot créme is helpful this month.

I'm quite liking this months box ... it's more of a box that I would find useful.

Visit www.GlossyBOX.co.uk to find out how to apply for your own GlossyBox and more information.

Disclaimer : These products have been sent to me to feature/review. I have not been paid for this post nor am I affiliated with the company. All Laa (:

Glossybox - November 2011


Alright so you've no doubt seen this about on other blogs but I'm still putting my two scents in. This month Sleek MakeUP will be launching a limited edition collection "Berry Collection"

This 3 piece edition included Fenberry Blush, Cranberry True Colour Lipstick and Mossberry Kohl Pencil - these are full sized products and there in the vampy but wearable shades for this season Berry (:

All three berry shades are a matte texture. The Cranberry lipstick is a pink-toned deep berry shade, Mossberry as you can see I used under the lower lash smudged into my lower lashes and Fenberry blush on the hollows of my cheek. I found it quite simple to wear these various shades in one look.

Berry Collection launches 23rd Novemeber 2011
Available at Superdrug stores & online at www.sleekmakeup.com 
RRP £9.99

Sleek Berry Collection

Another day, another post (:

Today meet the Toni&Guy Touch Control Creative Curler 

Tuesday I trimmed my hair (more like chopped to me) so when this was delivered to me on Wednesday I was a little eek cos I even though I'm going natural I rarely wear my down in curls mostly it's in a bun or on lazy not doing nothing days I'll have it in two French plaits.

So I washed my hair doing my usual routine and used Shielo leave in protectant using Toni&Guy afro dryer to make sure I leave in enough moisture as possible during this heat process my hair dried fast enough.

This is how my hair is when dried - completely straight at the ends...it's getting back to it's natural curly straight it's kind of reminding me if I relaxed my hair I'm just growing out all the damage that over a decade of constant straightening has done.

Sectioning off my hair I started and what I noticed was this can give various curls when you fiddle about, my hair ended up with some defined curls and some waves lol

The proofs in the pudding as people say, you can see my hair hasn't dried out, it's retained it's shine and it was unbelievably bouncy. Now I'm not sure if that's to do with the products used as well but I was loving walking down the stairs --boing--

I loosened up the curls and viola slap some lipstick on and you've got yourself a look;

Let's get to the nitty gritty of the appliance itself :

It uses a side switch that you slide to switch on/off now I prefer this cos you know you have some hair appliances that your twisting about and you sometimes can switch it off without noticing cos it's too near where you put your fingers.

This curler has no clamp ... sometimes I hate curlers with clamps cos they tend to be quite heavy and extra work as you don't want to put the clamp down and have to hold the hair *extra work*

This has a LCD screen that once switched on will appear :

Now this is where the touch control comes into play ....
There are 5 temperature settings 150ºc - 230ºc and 5 function buttons let me walk you through them :

Touch Control Up( ··· ) Adjust temperature upwards
Touch Control Down ( · ) Adjust temperature downwards
Touch Control ( - ) Ion decrease
Touch Control ( + ) Ion increase
Depress Ion Button - Turn function on / off

If you wanted to lock the temperature on the curler hold down Touch Control Up( ··· ) for two seconds until a padlock appears :

 To unlock just repeat the steps as above.

Auto switch off function that activates after 1hr just in case you've forgotten to switch it off.

The only thing I didn't like was that there's no glove to use. Which annoys me cos to hold the hair at the ends and trying not to burn yourself is a pain. I did this twice before remembering I had a glove from another hair appliance. That would be my only con ...

The ion function I like as my hair doesn't dry out and it keeps the moisture in instead of taking it away.

IONIC Technology : Negative ions generated by the joystick curler help to lock in the nature moisture of your hair and reduce static, leaving you with softer, shinier and more manageable hair. 

Purchase at Argos & all good electrical retailers
Price : £34.99

Disclaimer : These products have been sent to me to feature/review. I have not been paid for this post nor am I affiliated with the company. All Laa (:

Toni&Guy Touch Control Creative Curler

Some of you may know that I'm going on the AOFM foundation & advanced combined course in January. Excited!!

I won their book "Makeup Is Art" on twitter a little while ago.

It's a beautiful book to look through for inspiration, tips and it's got some guides to certain topics such as face masks, foundation, concealer, face shapes etc

Contents include :
Skincare, The Face, The Eyes, The Lips, Men, Iconic Eras, Red Carpet, Editorial, Beauty Editorial  Advertising, Conceptual, Body Art, Collaborating, Underwater, Adornment, Tools, Catwalk & Backstage, Q&A & Sources & Suppliers.

Such a beautiful book.

You can buy it directly from AOFM at the AOFM site price of £14.95 here

AOFM Make Up is Art

You all know I'm on my natural hair journey. Tough but I'm getting use to trying to get my curls back. I even purchased a book to help me but that's for a different post.

Even before I started tampering with heated hair appliances hair dryers were never used on my hair besides the first time I got it blown out. Yet I decided to try this as it's aimed at afro hair and it's also to lock in that moisture that we often lose when using heat on our hair.


By using Variable IONIC TECHNOLOGY.

Which is ?

Variable IONIC TECHNOLOGY allows the level of ions emitted by the appliance to be reduced or increased according to your type.

There is three different hair types : Fine, Normal & Thick
Fine hair will require minimum ions while thicker hair will require a higher level of ions.
With this dryer you can also reduce the level of ions to help styled curls last longer or increase the ions for a sleek finish.

Variable IONIC Dial

You can adjust this dial onto three different settings according to the instructions here is the dial colour reference :

Hair Type               Ion Setting                       Colour Indicator 
Fine                   Low                             Orange
Normal                   Medium                              Black
Thick                   High                              Silver

You have 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings

Cool shot button ( set your hair style ) & Turbo Button ( extra power for faster drying )

Included within the box is also a concentrated nozzle and a wide tooth pik 

My views on it it dried my hair pretty quickly I had my hair in two side French braids (unless I braid my hair I won't get the curls all over as my hair's still on it's journey of growing out the straightening damage). Yet when I took the braids out my hair was dry all the way through and it was incredibly soft to touch.

Buy From Toni&Guy online shop Here
Price : £39.99

Is it important for you that your hairdryer helps you retain as much moisture in your hair as possible with drying? 

Disclaimer : These products have been sent to me to feature/review. I have not been paid for this post nor am I affiliated with the company. All Laa (:

Toni&Guy Afro IONIC Moisture Lock Dryer

When I saw that this little bunny last month was up for sale how could I the owner of 11 bunnies possibly not make this a special #12.

The Worshipblues Emporium is such a beautiful place to get delicate "shiny fings" ...these are pieces you won't find once they are gone. I reviewed this web shop when it was first up and running and I'm not failed every time I visit to see new items.

Upon purchase I got a lovely email thanking me and letting me know I was now an owner of a shiny fing from the Emporium with the lovely descriptive words that you often see throughout her personal blog it gives it that all important touch.

When it was delivered the packaging so beautiful and personal with a letter to instruct you on what your shiny fing do's & don't are.

My bunny Jude <3 he's a little delicate piece that sits so well on my neck, he may be small but he has a big personality.

The Little Bunny That Did

A solitary bunny, fearless and adventurous.
Look for him by sun down, watch for him at sunset. This is the little bunny that DID for he is not just a dreamer!

Update:- Website no longer available.

The Little Bunny That Did ....

44 days until Christmas
*readers shoot me virtually
(that's due to all the Call Of Duty I've witnessed)

Anyway Christmas is rapidly upon us whether we are going to admit it or not.
Traditionally I normally do my shopping 6months prior.
Not this year.

While browsing what to get Tom, Dick & Harry.
I started to make a 'Wishlist' or as my lot call it
'Dream On List'

I'm thinking of just doing posts of what I'd like to unwrap 
or even just to give you guys gift ideas for yourself or loved ones (:

Some things are affordable - I could go out tomorrow buy myself,
Others are an investment
While some are more 
" Have I really been a good girl for Santa this year...? "

1. Clarisonic Classic £155
I think we've seen reviews up to our eyeballs and beyond regarding the Clarisonic products and I for one have been pretty sold on this deep cleansing brush. It seems no matter how much we really do look after our skin. After seeing the reviews on these...it's not as clean as it appears and I would love one please Santa. 

2. Braun Silk-épil 7 Dual Epilator £84.99
Asking for a torture weapon for Christmas may seem a little odd. I say torture but seeing some reviews on epilator's it's not enjoyable depending on some people's pain threshold.
It's something that gets easy over time. I chose this ones because it can be used wet or dry and I'd rather have my pores opened trying this than using it dry until I've got use to the pain. 

3. Models Own "Beetlejuice Collection" £20
When I first saw these I thought it was in regards to my favourite film 'Beetlejuice' but reading some established fashion/beauty blogs I believe it's been based upon the iridescent colours of a beetle bug's wings? Correct me if I am wrong but regardless of what it's been based, I would like Fab Fingertips has done some swatches if your interested.

4. Models Own " Pink Fizz" £5
I see this on Holly Arabella's blog and was like WHAT! ..Where has this shade been? I would love you more Santa lol. It's such a lovely shade. I don't actually own any models own polishes but they do look gorgeous and this one is no exception. Alongside Peacock Green, Purple Haze, Magenta DivineChampagne & Purple Grey.  
Buy Here

5. Soap & Glory " Sugar Crush" £8
I've seen a few reviews on this and I've seen nothing but positive things. I'd love to give this a try (:
I always like to have more than one scrub in my stash.
Buy Here

6. Soap & Glory " Scrub' em & Leave 'em" £7.40
Another I'd love to try it's got mandarin & jojoba oil the latter of which I use in my face routine. I could imagine that it's a nice body buff to give the skin a nice boost and feel.
Buy Here

7. Soap & Glory " Flake Away" £6.64
I've been using this for the duration of the year in rotation with the FCUK Body Polish. I adore it so much it's so easy to use and smells divine. Sometimes the grains can be a little stubborn to rinse off for me but it does the job
Buy Here

8. Canon" 600d" £445+
Now if my relatives or friends are reading this they are no doubt saying out loud "This girl's lost her mind this year" lol I probably have. I love & enjoy photography, I already have a good digital camera but come next year I'm looking to take things a step further. This could be a little helper (:
Shop Around Here

9. Stratusphere Yoga Kit $39.99 CAD or $49.99
If you follow my fitness blog you may or may not have noticed I'm quite obsessed with Trish Stratus and her fitness body. I've followed her career and still do and I'm a lover of yoga and she shows that it's not time consuming and you can build up your muscles and tone up. I think this present is more in the pipeline as I've been dropping hints all the time lol.
Buy Here or Here

10. Vivienne Westwood Naughty Alice 30ml £37
Gorgeous bottle, lil charm bracelet to boot ... A smell that's guaranteed to make you feel sexy and comfortable strutting in it.
Buy Here 

11. Hugo Boss Deep Red 30ml £27
All time favourite of mine. I LOVE it! I think I bathed in the stuff well I did kind of as I purchased a gift set for myself back in xmas 2007. Everytime I wore it people would constantly ask me what it was. Now that's a fragrance.
Buy Here 

12. Chanel Coco Mademoiselle 35ml £45.00
Oh how I dream for a bottle. Chanel where do you go wrong ?
( well there's a few places but that's for another post )
So beautiful, I want to carry this around with me everywhere.
Buy Here 

13. Chanel No5 35ml £45
It's a classic, my mother has this perfume. Because it's pure it's quite strong, not a daily wear I would say but definitely one for the collection for special occasions. I've come across a good few who don't like the strong smell but I adore it ...
Buy Here 

Do you still write up "wishlists" for yourself ?


All I Want For Christmas....