The Zenuary Diaries #NeomHappy100


Last year several bloggers (100 I believe?) were asked if they wanted to participate in the Neom Happiness Programme, being one of them I felt immense gratitude because I love the Neom Organics brand but more importantly it's a time to be reminded daily to take care of mind, body and soul and while using Neom products to help aide this and a monthly calendar with tips and tricks daily. These days can be swapped to accommodate plans / lifestyle so the daily Zenuary has started. I dubbed this month Zenuary as that's what I'm practicing and looking to reach. The end of January I was really bummed out, anxiety on high, I spent 3 days in bed as I had a very low period of depression, I felt very alone but I decided to start to gradually limit contact with people, I tend to work and feel better with less conversations of negativity surrounding me.

Zenuary Diary
1st - 7th February.
01 · 02 · 16
Starting off everyday with the Great Day Body & Hand Wash, there's a generous lather, beautiful smell - having pleasant smells in the bathroom to start the day is the best way. I tried the NEOM Great Day scrub today & woah, you've now become a favourite of mine. The uplifting smell, the effective sugar scrub is dope, the oils that are within the scrub leave the skin feel extremely soft and hydrated and this was before my leg shave day. I didn't feel that I had to cream afterwards, I still did of course, I used jojoba oil on my skin as it's light enough. I didn't go for a walk, I wasn't feeling to battle that cold and wet today if honest. I did my boost on the mat. The Neom Mood Lifting Mist is so nice, it's powerful but gentle, I can spray this before I go in the shower in the morning and come back and still have the scent settling in my room.

02 · 02 · 16
Pretty much a calm day, I had a good stretch out with a morning yoga routine, I'm probably going to need to do that daily and find a mantra. Soaking in the bath with the candles, is one of my favourite things to do, I do a DIY bath soak that includes epsom salts and bath milk mixed with essential oils and use my Headspace app to tune out for 10 minutes.

03 · 02 · 16
While soaking in the bath, one thing I've really noticed is that the start to my days are the most important, how I start the day is how my day will lead on but one good thing is. It's like they say if you wake up and think today's going to be a bad day, it most likely is going to be one. Gotta have that positive mental attitude - right? I got back to juicing today - wahey!!

04 · 02 · 16
I can't work out why I feel so tense in my neck, shoulders and arms. I did yoga this week, in the morning & I would have a stretch out at night, I felt pretty tense in my lower back and shoulders the first couple of days and when I'd awake in the morning - tense. I swapped day 5 and 4's to-do as tomorrow it's my mum's birthday & she's asked me to go shopping with her so what better way to do the Get in Touch. So today as I sit with my protein hair mask on under the hooded dryer, I'm compiling my Power Playlist. I'm no doubt going to always be amending this playlist. My mood normally reflects what I'm listening too and sometimes everything is one big mash-up party for the ears. My taste is very eclectic and it's always been that way a school friend's mum use to say to my friend how I was very eclectic in my taste and eccentric in my behaviour - don't think that's changed much and it's definitely not a bad thing although others may say different but who are others?

05 · 02 · 16
I took my mum out for her birthday, well I accompanied her shopping and we had such a good laugh and talk today. Was so nice, me and her aren't big shoppers, we're more the type of know what we want and go for it, I don't like to aimlessly wander. One thing that didn't occur much was me having to take my phone out, it found it's way to the bottom of my bag and stayed there unless I needed to look at the time. I think that's one habit we have, having to capture each moment or talk to others on our phones while out and looking at it, it's pretty rude. The conversation is still going to be there later. No photos were taken from my day today because I just enjoyed being in that present moment with who I was with and creating a moment.

06 · 02 · 16
Today should of been a brunch day with some mood boosting foods, avocado and eggs but I ended up with some guacamole and breadsticks as a snack and for the rest of the day, I decided to watch some documentaries on meditation, The Hare Krishna's and started a mind provoking conversation with a friend of mine about growth, consciousness & meditation. At the end of the day I'm just thinking a lot more about the present life.

07 · 02 · 16
Trying to still finish 'Beautiful Bad Girl' but certainly a lot further in the book than if I did just leave it on the shelf. Whilst continuing my conversation from the day before and realising having to really just be me and distance myself from those who seem to dampen that with their jealousy & insecurity & this is where I am failing because I'm not being true to myself which is limiting my happiness. At the end of the 7 days I'm left in a place of feeling lighter but conflicted.

Sometimes the smallest step in the right direction ends up being the biggest step of your life. Tip toe if you must, but take the step.

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