The Zenuary Diaries #NeomHappy100 Week 2 + D.I.Y Natural Massage Oil Blend

Zenuary Diary
Onto week 2, I'm hoping for a productive and energising week, not just from the programme but overall. I'm needing space, energy and a creativity boost.
8th - 14th February.
08 · 02 · 16
Today we're boosting that brain power, I decided to try a new language, I love Italy, I love Italian men, Pizza has my heart so duh! Italian was the obvious language, being directed to one app that allows you to do this daily it's been interesting and quite fun that I went past the 6 minutes as I continued it throughout the day.

I decided to adapt more to not giving unsolicited advice or help, most people don't appreciate it. I've found some of us can complain about situations but we never do anything so when advice is given it's unwelcome because those people don't want to change, I've got to let people just get on with life as I am mine. I know I've done it, bitch & complain to people and when they come up with a suggestion or help I've dismissed it because I'd rather just complain. Have to be open to sacrifice

09 · 02 · 16
Mantras. What is a mantra?
(originally in Hinduism and Buddhism) a word or sound repeated to aid concentration in meditation.
A statement or slogan repeated frequently.

Today it's about finding that mantra to chant repeatedly. "I am.", is one that is simple, add on positive words as I have done above and chant some positivity.

10 · 02 · 16
Hello cycle! I've had such a headache today along with backache, wow it's so intense, so repeating this from last week was perfect! I just laid back for 15 minutes and listened to a meditation track on YouTube and lighted candles all around. I also continued my Italian, you're meant to do it daily, I keep getting reminders and it doesn't take long and this app doesn't let up until you get it correct!

11 · 02 · 16
I had a peaceful sleep last night after that bath and meditation, my niggling headache has gone.
Smoothie Bowl? Okay I can't put something in a bowl, that I would typically drink - just a mental thing. I'm not huge on Blueberries although I had them in my juicing detox, there not my favourite so I decided to switch it up and had a juice, not sure if it was a mental boost juice but I felt super good for the juicing that I've been doing again lately.

12 · 02 · 16
Rise and shine 10 minutes earlier? I ended up being up nearly a half hour earlier, not by choice just because of noisy neighbours but all the same was up earlier so I took that time to meditate and think what I needed to start today, I had a few things that needed doing throughout the day, sorting papers out, wash my hair, cook vegan burgers it was going to really occupy my day. My papers are strewn everywhere and I've got a blog post about organising coming up regarding that, also I continued to downsize my beauty drawers and boxes - ugh when can I just be minimal and practical! My hair got a deep condition, not as thorough as I use to do it but it got a shower cap steam and into the kitchen to prep these vegan sweet potatoes and quinoa burgers! Productive day.

13 · 02 · 16
I woke up from a dream about the Apocalypse last night to fall back asleep roughly 15 - 20 minutes later, straight back into this dream, which signalled something to me, I very rarely if ever fall back into any dream. It prompted me this morning to see what it means.
"When a person dreams of the apocalypse, it surprisingly has a pretty benign definition most of the time. This usually relates to change."
The past couple weeks have been leading up to change, having more space to think and not feel frustrated or negative around / with people gives me a clearer outlook.
"Of course it usually relates to big changes that may even be life altering, but the apocalypse dream does not say one way or the other what the outcome will be, whether positive or negative. It simply says that a big change will occur. Usually this is indicative of something that you already know."
Meant to have a date night, okay well that was out the window.

14 · 02 · 16
Time for a massage, I often massage my scalp when I've just greased it,every other day to help stimulate, so throw that head over and for a couple minutes soothe the scalp. I even put together a blend above (larger here) that will be good for the body and senses. Today I also managed to get a head start on next week's to-do list - bonus.

This week I can't deny I felt quite lethargic but it's most likely my cycle more than anything that has dragged me down physically & mentally. I've been quite clear mind wise besides the odd deep thoughtful days. I hope this lethargic feeling passes, I need a huge pick me up as I'm sleeping well and I'm not getting too much or too little but I still have very little energy. My skin hasn't acted up during my cycle as I've probably felt less stressed out and started to eat more clean, now to tackle that problem *yawns*. I've definitely got more stuff done this week, always a bonus but when is my clear-out going to end!?

The less you respond to negativity, the more peaceful your life becomes.

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