Castor Oil Detox

First time I read about the castor oil pack was in 2014, I'd been meaning to try it but never got round to it. Last month I decided to give it a try while I was doing my Champneys Detox. Using castor oil to detox the body isn't a new age practice. Taken internally it's a great laxative, my nan told me how she used it growing up in Jamaica - alongside another laxative treatment they were given in school!! There's a couple of ways to do this castor oil detox but let me explain to you why, it's a good thing to try.

"Castor oil packs are an economical and efficient help the body detox. When used properly, castor oil packs stimulate liver detoxification. “The castor oil pack is specific for non-cancerous uterine fibroids and ovarian cysts. Other conditions which seem to respond well include headaches, liver disorders, constipation, intestinal disorders, gallbladder inflammation or stones, conditions with poor elimination, night time urinary frequency, and inflamed joints. It is not to be used during pregnancy, heavy menstrual flow, or the presence of internal bleeding.” Biodynamic Wellness.

The main aim for this castor oil detox is our liver and why? Our liver is what keeps everything junk-free & clean. It'll help to digest fats, detoxes our blood, stores energy, regulates hormones and also this pack will help to release any suppressed anger. We will benefit by having well balanced hormones and blood sugar levels, better digested and improved immune system and cleaner bowels. Ideally this is done before bed and 2 hours after your dinner. Something that you've got to make time for!

I felt a lot better after the pack, I had a stimulating bath and a good night's sleep. The next day my body got rid of everything and anything bad. There's a reason also why I choose to do method #2 because who has black castor oil to pour out over towels like that? If I was to do method #1 I'd use the cold pressed castor oil that I have, it seems to be the one most people use. Method #2 I heated the black castor oil and applied it to my stomach instead but read on and you'll see what method you'll prefer to try.

Method One
Castor Oil (Jamaican Black Castor Oil or Cold Pressed)
A sheet of plastic (a black bag is ideal)
36" x 18" piece of cotton flannel
Old towel
Heating Pad or Hot Water Bottle

‣ Warm the castor oil up - the way I always do it, is to boil a kettle and put the water into a bowl and place the castor oil bottle in there to warm it up.
‣ Lay your plastic sheet wherever you're deciding to lay down for the next 45 - 60 minutes.
‣ Fold the cotton flannel into 3 and place it into a tray and pour the warm castor oil over the flannel until saturated.
‣ Lay down and place the saturated flannel over your abdomen and liver - located underneath the chest on the right hand side - your stomach is on your left.
‣ Place the old towel over that flannel.
‣ Put your heating pat / hot water bottle on top.
‣ Lay back, pillows helping to prop you up and keep comfortable. Stay there for ideally up to an hour.
‣ Wash off in a warm shower or bath.

Method Two
Castor Oil (Jamaican Black Castor Oil or Cold Pressed)
Cling film or Body Wrap
Heating Pad or Hot Water Bottle

‣ Warm up the castor oil.
‣ Apply all over liver and abdomen.
‣ Wrap stomach with cling film or body wrap.
‣ Apply heating source.
‣ Relax after about 60 minutes wash off.

This can be done up to 3 times a week or however regularly you like & remember with any detox keep hydrated! Water or herbal teas only.
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