The Zenuary Diaries #NeomHappy100 Week 3

So now I'm on my last Neom Happy week womp womp wommmmmp but here's a brief recap of last week.
15th - 21st February.

15 · 02 · 16
Okay I kind of already started my to-do list last week but continuing this week. 3 things to complete this week? Donating more clothes & products, that's right, more! Clothes are thing we really hang onto through the years, for whatever reason sentimental, cost, forgotten about but they sure take up a lot of room and can be a headache and overwhelming but there are a few techniques & ways for getting rid of clothes. Last January I downsized my nail polish collection - & it's only got smaller. Always feels good to get rid of things that aren't loved or wanted anymore! I had only got rid of things at Christmas. Ticking off this to-do list like a G!

16 · 02 · 16
As I've been sleeping funny, right on my shoulder & sleeping corpse like, it's highly uncomfortable but this morning yoga routine helped really stretch out that tightness I had. I've felt my mood really start to uplift today. Positive. Later on, I meditated and had a new mantra.

"Just Breathe"

17 · 02 · 16
Finances, finances, finances. Ugh! The thing I don't like to do but surprisingly keep on top of regularly. Mid month is bill time for me, paying out, create & send out invoices for paying in. I use Debitoor for that. I've also not been to the gym in a couple months - uh - that's money being wasted so I'm going to freeze payment for the month and see if I get on better at home. Was good to have an actual day assigned to the task, I think that's something I will do regularly.

18 · 02 · 16
Today it's about giving 10 minutes of time, if helping bring in and unpack the shopping includes in that, I gave more than 10 minutes but also I have previously signed up for volunteering work which I'm waiting to hear back from, if it goes through, this'll be very rewarding in terms of volunteering. Ugh, I've also seen the backlash of the MAC instagram over a black woman's lips. Can say this is the first thing to irritate me and bring a lot of things home in this beauty world.

19 · 02 · 16
Friday!! All about making time for myself. I seem to be a master of that if honest. My time was spent searching for my epilator and laser hair removal device so I could get rid of my patchy leg hairs.

20 · 02 · 16
Today was all about getting clever in the kitchen, I cannot stand cooking lol. It's my least favourite thing to do so and now I'm back on the juicing wagon, it was easier to give food a miss today.

21 · 02 · 16
Switching off the technology. Oh believe at times today it was needed. I don't walk around with my phone in the house if possible, I normally leave it in my room and it's 99% spent on silent. I'm continuing to get through my book so disconnecting from technology isn't a bad thing at this point.

This week went fast but felt slow, I know, how? But I felt relaxed and content in just doing what I needed and wanted to do. Reminding myself to just breathe and not rush through things just have some balance! My tiredness has ceased and it was down to lack of iron, so since I've been back on my vitamins, I've felt more alert and lively and productive. Go figure.

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