Ultradex Oral Hygiene

Ultradex is a vegan friendly brand which is why I use it & support the brand. I was first introduced to Ultradex last year and since then continued to use the Ultradex Low Abrasion Toothpaste £6.10 I've continued using this since I reviewed it here. Seeing as I've had no issues with any odours or change in my teeth for the worse, I'm continuing for 2014 & I think I'm going to try the UltraDex Recalcifying & Whitening Toothpaste next.

When I was offered to try the UltraDEX Recalcifying & Whitening Daily Oral Rinse £7.50* I agreed as it would be nice to see how in conjunction how well products work. Upon pouring it out, it's colour is noticeable as it's not clear but it's more having a droplet of white powder into water and you get that faint colour - this is that. The smell also isn't one that is over-powering strong and the taste isn't as minty as I am use to. Yet the adjustment was easier being that I was use to it from the toothpaste.

My opinion with these products are that it's un-doing what you've been use too, it can be difficult, if you associate clean & fresh breath with that overpowering, tingling minty sensation then it's going to be an adjustment and I admit for me it was at first with the toothpaste but I'm on my second tube now and I'm happy enough.

While I was browsing through my weekly shop in Sainsbury's I came across the UltraDex Fresh Breath Oral Spray 9ml £3.05, I've never used a oral spray before *sniggers* but I thought this could aid me with my snacking issues, which I've got mostly under control but have you ever heard the suggestions if you brush your teeth after you eat, you won't want to eat?! Yeah well this is my 'toothbrush' on the go. Once again it has a slight minty freshness but nothing "ow, my tongue & throat are burning!!!* Approx 100 sprays from this little guy before you need another spray but so far so good, I've only had it less than a month & he's still serving me.

Ultradex are good for daily use and killing the bacteria we don't need that causes gum problems, tooth decay and plaque. They say they keep the breath fresh for 12 hours but is it just me but once I've eaten most my morning, that freshness feeling goes -regardless of the brand?! Gotta top up that freshness but I do find since using this, morning breath isn't too much of a problem...Yeah sexy morning breath, I went there.
Key points - you can get the toothpaste in fluoride free version +  It's free from SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) & foaming free.

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