My Problem with Agese Oils

Last year I did a giveaway for Agese Oils, I gained no financial or freebies gain for hosting this. I wanted to support a company, a company owned by a black woman. It was refreshing to see someone as young as Emma being able to research and follow a passion and start a company. Being that it was new and I enjoyed their products. I wanted to be able to give three others the chance to experience the brand & with even my small media presence give them a platform.

Three women were lucky to win the oil of their choice, once details were gathered, I sent it off in an email and 31/10 was the last time I heard from the PR company, who told me that they would sort out the products and get them sent off, I asked the winners to inform me of the arrivals but within a few weeks I was contacted and being told that they've yet to receive anything.

Ignored - ignored - ignored!! I even emailed their main email and CC the PR involved & still nothing. In November's Glossybox they received vial samples of Agese Oils, so they must be corresponding with companies? I was beginning to feel this was just me, turns out it happened to another giveaway host. Therefore, why are our emails being ignored, did they want more exposure for the company? The turn out isn't going to be a positive one.

I feel that it's unfair for everyone involved. Considering no winners got their prize, it's safe to say - they were never sent out in the first place.

The Company
It's a new company, coming into it's first year. It doesn't want a bad reputation for not following through on agreements. It's not professional and the trust personally with the company has fallen dramatically. Maybe it's not the owner herself but her team might need reviewing. Knowing it just wasn't me this happened to, was it just a ploy for more FB likes?

The Blogger
Readers have faith & trust in me, I ran a giveaway and have now been made a scapegoat, the winners have been sweet but it still doesn't stop me from feeling bad, I've been put in this situation and it makes myself & my blog look unprofessional. I did this with no personal gain but just to help and support.

The Winners
Even though the winners have been very compassionate & understanding with the situation, they won fair & square. They participated in the hopes of winning and being able to try these out. Some left comments saying they would gift it to a parent or they suffer from skin problems during the colder months etc. It was an chance for them to discover a new company and products that now haven't happened.

I have nothing to lose writing this blog post and I'm sad that it even had to get to this point but my emails are not being responded too - maybe this post will at least allow the winners to get their prizes eventually. What a way to start the year off!
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  1. thats a shame hun , to build a business they need to have trust if they dont do that they will not get good custom :)
    you did your best :)
    Melissa x
    The inked blonde

  2. Completely understand why you feel bad, it would be hard not to despite the situation being totally out of your control. It's bizarre that a company would ever think this deception is a good will only end by bringing them bad publicity!

    Sorry you had such a rubbish experience with them and thanks for sharing it with us so noone else is fooled by them!

    Raffles Bizarre Blog

  3. How frustrated you must feel Hun x
    Beautyqueenuk xx

  4. Well done for writing this blog post, most of the time bloggers let PRs and brands get away with bad practice but they need to realise that we might be 'just' bloggers but we have some influence in the industry and your blog especially, reaches out to lots of readers... this isn't the kind of exposure they want and you'd hope that they'll see this and do something about it!!

    Beauty Butterfly

  5. I hate when PR companies dont send my readers gifts off on a timely manner. Its just good business. sorry that happened.

  6. You go girl! These companies need to be named and shamed. Even if they are relatively new.

    I won a competition that was being hosted by Mesmereyez. I was supposed to receive a pair of contacts but they didn't bother sending it out and ignored all my e-mails.

    If you want to maintain a good reputation, then stop fucking lying to us. It's funny how they take the absolute piss with bloggers, what the fuck do they think we are? I even get e-mails from from brands asking to advertise on my blog for a sachet sample of facial cream, I'm not going to clutter up my blog for more plastic than product. Get the fuck lost!