Stella Limited Edition Print Collection EDT

Stella is the first fragrance that was released by Stella McCartney over 10 years ago, the packaging has been revamped for this LE bottle. Stella has taken inspiration from the Falabella bag from her SS13 collection. It comes in 3 different colours, nude, blue & yellow. I decided to go for the Yellow, quite different for myself but I'm happy with the choice, it gives it more of a true snake skin feel.
-Another great looking bottle for the table top.

Floral scent
Top Notes: Mandarin, Peony, Rose essence
Heart Notes: Rose
Base Notes: Amber

I don't normally do 'rose' scents but surprisingly this is a clean scent, I noticed that it doesn't change much after being sprayed, upon the first spray it's alluring and deep but as it begins to dry it gets lighter and the scent stays pretty much the same and this allows the fragrance to linger and stay true. It's truly a feminine fragrance, a tad powdery, the blend is done beautifully, it's almost calming / comforting, each note compliments one another. It's a very British scent, Spring & Summer will appreciate this, it's one I could imagine wearing and feeling very womanly and fresh. I noticed the past few days it's not a strong smell that when I walk past someone throughout the day that it's empowering but I do find it lingers a lot more if I spray it onto an item of clothing or when my skin has just been moisturised so the scent holds onto the skin longer.

It's one perfume I would put aside for intimate moments with someone, it holds that type of scent for me. Sensual, feminine, clean, modern and comforting. Stella, you're a winner!

-I featured this more so because like myself Stella is a vegetarian and against animal cruelty. I respect her for being a respected & reputable designer and keeping her ethics.

Stella Limited Edition Print Collection 30ml £38.00*
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  1. These mini pattern bottles are lovely! I'm a huge fan of the original Stella scent, these additions certainly make me want to buy another bottle of this.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

    1. It's absolutely gorgeous. Can't believe I've never smelt it before now xo

  2. Ah I've wanted this perfume for ages but just cannot justify another fragrance - I have so many. But V-Day is coming up, hint hint boyfriend. :P You have a beautiful blog! x

    Živa from Nothin' Fancy. Really.

    1. Aw thank you Živa !!

      LOL, Hint on to him, leave some notes laying around. It truly is one for the S/S you'll love it and I'm sure he'd love it on you xo