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Who doesn't like accessories? It can take a simple outfit into something fabulous but also it can be an expression of who you are. I'm a person who loves to wear a lot of rings but I don't. I love the whole bohemian vibe it can give but it's also finding a place to get jewellery that is me - all the time. Upon being contacted by Rings & Tings*, I decided to give them a go and review a few personally chosen rings that they kindly sent.
I've loved above knuckle rings for the longest time, for me, it's a style that will just not fade. Reminds me of Phoebe Buffay (Friends) she wore a lot of rings and also above knuckle rings. I chose two different sets of these Above Knuckle Rings £4.50 & Minimal Ring Set £5.50. I tend to mix and match both sets and wear them however and what fits best on what finger. Overall with these I'm super happy and like a little bit of costume jewellery to wear near enough daily.

The other one I got was this Precious Stone Ring £5.50, it's a replica of the YSL ring that was quite popular a little while back, soooo unfortunately it didn't fit ( take note of the diameters given in descriptions ) it fits like a midi ring - of course it's not meant too but it's a lovely replica that unfortunately my sausage fingers, say no too! It can fit on my baby finger but I don't like to wear pieces like that on there sooo...I guess I will have to give it away, anyone that's lucky enough to have a 1.7cm diameter finger, you could be in luck!

Hit or Miss the knuckles?

Love xo
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  1. Cute sets, I really like them together. It's a shame about the Precious Stone Ring! x

  2. These are gorgeous ring sets. I really want some over the knuckle rings but I can't seem to find any that I think work for me. I will be checking out Rings & Tings now, hopefully they'll end my search. xo

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