Bioderma - Worth the Hype?

Bioderma*, it's a brand I've heard about for nearly two years now. When it was first introduced to me it wasn't available within the U.K. for purchase it didn't stop bloggers finding stock on eBay or while travelling abroad stocking up at a French pharmacy. Being told it's the most important thing to have in your make-up kit, make-up artist drummed it into my head that, it's a must have for you & clients, I never seemed that eagar to purchase it, it hit that cult status, people flocked and held it in HG status and I wondered, is it really that fabulous? I'm yet to hear a bad word.

It's not so much the brand as it is, micellar water - What is micellar water?

A micelle is a microscopic cluster of surfactant molecules which has two ends, the head surrounds all around the outside of the molecule, the head likes water and the tails which are pointing inwards are hydrophobic (hates water) & likes oils and these molecules are basically hanging around in soft water.

Short & sweet, use micellar water as a cleanser. One that of course doesn't feel like a cleanser. It should be simple & effective enough to remove all the dirt & make-up without leaving skin irritated and suffering from break outs, you don't need to rinse it off.

Now honestly, there's only one cleanser I use when it comes to removing make-up, LUSH Ultrabland - you'll always read/hear me say that cos it's true, it removes the most stubborn make-up -instantly.

How I use it is by soaking the bioderma pad and starting on my eyes where I've noticed that liquid eyeliner and waterproof mascara's take a little longer but you never want to rub your eyes, just press gently onto your eyes carefully not allowing the bioderma to seep in and gently coax the products off. Foundation easily removes off, almost slips.

Being that this particular Bioderma (S├ębum) is aimed at those with oily/prone skin it should be welcomed to my skin. I'm on the fence, it's a product I like to keep handy and have my own use for it as it's effective and gentle but I just don't like how my skin feels afterwards.

I see the point of my make-up tutors telling me it's great to have for the kit, if we need to remove anything, clean up, yeah great. I couldn't use it and continue with the rest of the night routine, (skipping the cleansing) there's still more to be done in my opinion. It can be used as a pre-cleanser but for me? I enjoy a product that can take off my make-up and continue to clean my face so I can go ahead & moisturise.

Do you love Bioderma?
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  1. Hi! I love your blog, always found interesting posts here! Anyway I love Bioderma micellar water! As you said, I use it as a pre-cleanser. I have very very sensitive eyes and I prefer to remove mascara and eyeliner with micellar water then I move to proper cleanse my face (currently using Herbalism and I love it!). I tried to use just Herbalism but I had a hard time removing eye makeup and the more I tried to remove eye makeup the more my eyes got red so I went back to my beloved micellar water!
    Plus I tried both the range (the one for oily skin and the one for sensitive skin) and as far as I'm concerned (I got combination skin) both are fine for my eyes and that's incredibly rare!
    I know this sounds like an ode to Bioderma micellar water! :)

    1. Aw thank you Jennifer.

      That's good that you've made it work for you in a routine, I've had previous pre-cleansers and I just feel a cleanser should do all of that but some aren't good at taking off stubborn eye make-up, that's why I love Ultrabland :) xo

  2. Meh, I'm not a huge fan of Bioderma. I get that it's handy for something to be so quick and easy, but everytime I use it my skin goes bright red and just feels so stripped. I keep it for quick make-up brush cleans now.

    Catherine, xo // Lady Liquor Vintage

    1. Yes totally agree, my skin doesn't feel stripped but it has an odd feeling afterwards that I can't explain, I just don't like it. It's a nice clear up item xo

  3. Anonymous8/1/14

    Do think Bioderma is over hyped. I always used to buy it in Paris as a "must buy". Every model and makeup artist went on for years about how great it is because backstage where there's no running water it is ideal. However most of us have bathrooms. I'm over it!

  4. I think Bioderma Micellar water ir wonderful product, but, honestly, I'll reach for more budget friendly stuff that works perfectly, there are lots of them by L'Oreal or .Eveline. In terms of removing makeup I like soapfree gel foamy products - they don't irritate my eyes like most eye makeup removers do and I don't have to rub my eyes with a pad.

  5. I do love it but I only ever get tit when I go to France so use it rarely like for late night makeup removal. However I don't think its as amazing as some people make out.

  6. I haven't tried Bioderma but really want to as I feel I have to scrub more and more at my eyes to get my mascara off, which is boring and has made them sore a couple of times. I always take off my makeup then cleanse afterwards so if there's a little residue I don't mind, but it would be great to take off the black without scrubbing! x