My Curlformers Experience

I've had these Curlformers for a little while now & nearly each month since having them I've tried & tried! I wasn't getting anywhere with these things, I felt like the biggest ra-tard known to man. Countless tutorials and even watching the dvd just wasn't helping me. I'm not sure as to why I struggled like I did with these. Either my hair dried too quickly (it is advised that you have a spray bottle handy) or the hair wouldn't pull through comfortably or well. Just left me annoyed and stressed out.

Not sure why today I decided to give it round - lost count. It was done within the hour, my hair was still damp when I had finished, the ends were drying partly but maybe cos my house wasn't as warm so the hair didn't dry out quickly but this time I also decided to not use any product in the hair while wet.
Hair was washed, conditioned and all that good stuff, I did think to mix and match as I have a few other sizes but I decided to use the Long & Wide, so I sat and feed the curlformers with the styling hook provided and my entire head had 48 curlformers in.
I decided to 'speed up' the drying process by sitting underneath the Softhood. On the lowest heat as the curlformers are plastic so the last thing you want is the to melt or worse, catch on fire. I think I sat underneath that for about an hour and a half, giving me the chance to paint my nails.

I didn't take them straight out, I think I left them for another couple of hours as I had things to do around the house, so once I took them out which was a lot easier than putting them in. I was left looking like an overgrown Shirley Temple. Honestly? Wasn't too keen on the curl outcome and I had read reviews that people said once you begin to separate your asking for frizz, well you know what - BRING IT ON! I moisturised my hands and got to just gently combing through before getting the afro pick and continuing to separate.
Boom! She did that!

I preferred the picked out look, it just continued to get bigger after I did the images but I was overall in love with the curls that I ended up with, just soft and flowing. To be honest, I wouldn't rush to do Curlformers all the time just because, my Lord, you need the patience to do it. Yet if I know I want a change of curls and something that won't do too much damage heat wise as these can just air dry, you don't need the softhood but it's advised if you want to kill time. Best thing about these, any hair type can use them, straight, wavy or of course curly.

Let me know if you've tried curlformers or interested?
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