Winter Footcare

We think about our face, body and hands but sometimes forget the feet. We hide them away all day, make sure they are cosy and warm during the Autumn / Winter. Get home, pop on our slippers or slipper socks and continue beating away on them, bathe or shower - dry and cream them - repeat next day. Our feet need more attention than just a routine, if you treat yourself to a weekly pedicure, they get the attention then but during the days before and after we need to still prevent things.

I was sent the Scholl Express Pedi* and I think it's worth the investment, it's a lot quicker than a pumice stone to make sure any dead, dry & hard skin is eliminated from the feet. Leaving such a smooth appearance to look and touch. Thankfully I don't suffer from hard skin but I spend a lot of time in water, which isn't good. Therefore I make sure I prevent anything before having to find cures for different ailments.

I make sure my feet are clean before starting, so I will wash over them with a cloth and make sure I clean in between my toes and the soles of my feet before drying them so I can begin to remove any dead skin using the Express Pedi. You don't need to use hard pressure while using the Express Pedi, you need light to medium pressure and gently roll over the problem areas, you'll need to put a towel down because you will see the dust begin to shed (ew!) now if this is all too much to take and your not seeing results as quickly as you'd like you can try foot masks!
I got one last month and it got 'lost' in the house ( like a lot of stuff ) and while hunting for it I couldn't find it and decided to buy another one - different brand and what happened a few days later I find the previous one - damn it. So I've applied the original on Friday which has Papaya & Chamomile extract and of course I was interrupted with the doorbell ringing and then my neighbour popped over so I wasn't relaxing as I was meant to so I was unsure if this was going to work. I stepped out of the bath on Sunday and the feet were just peeling slightly but looking at it by Tuesday (below) it's going pretty well!

Whenever I wash the feet I make sure to keep them soft and moisturised because I still want the new skin to be treated well. So I  use either the Tul├ęcos Tonifying Oil that has organic peppermint oil in the ingredients - When I first received this and didn't read the box I thought it was for the face until I went to try it and read before hand - phew! Or The Body Shop Hemp Foot Protector with my moisture socks to soak in a lot of the moisture and have really soft feet in the morning.

How do you keep your feet soft & in good condition?

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