This Lonely View


It's been a small while, I've been on a break, just stepped away from it all and I've had such a relaxing time, I've truly enjoyed it and I think I'm going to keep that part happening while blogging. Even though it's been an unsocial break, it's been so peaceful and a truly thoughtful one that's been long overdue.

I've kept busy the last three weeks. Let's see...

1. I've been redecorating the kitchen, which is nearly finished, brightened it up with a nice light lilac and been painting the cupboards, anyone who has come by since it's been done has said how good it looks, decorating is a messy job but it's sure relaxing for me but during that time I ended up with a horrid toothache and mouth ulcer, which left one half of my face looking like I was the elephant man's daughter - oh when it rains it pours.

2. Took a weekend out and decided to sort through a lot of my products, sure does piles up, really had to get rid of products that are associated with animal testing & have been unused, it's unfortunate that products don't get time to be revisited because I'm always moving onto the next so not to let them go to waste gave a lot to a few neighbours & church and there's still more to go - I didn't get rid of any make-up cos well you should all know how expensive those are to just be throwing those away but yet everyone has been grateful for some good quality freebies.

3. Finally got my Malm dressing table even though my Alex 9 drawer tower is still full it's a lot easier having most things in front of me than behind me. I might do a post on my dressing table, feeling now that my bedroom is piecing together a bit more to my liking, the dresser is smaller than the table I had before but it makes way for more room.

4. I won a giveaway on Stephanie's blog (nerd about town) a few months ago and bless her bottom dollar, she got a lil preoccupied and she sent me a little extra to say sorry for her delay - was ever so beyond but was a nice little spirit booster. We've had a few good personal chats as of late (hence "those" chocolates lmao) she's such a funny & sweet darl. Seriously if you haven't you should check out her blog, I wouldn't steer you in the wrong direction - Thanks once again Steph ♥

5. Talking of giveaways there was a delay in my announcing my Agese Oils giveaway but the three winners are : Bex Smith, Jessica Riley & Laura Chapman - there's no guarantee you'll get the exact oil that you wanted as each winner will get either the face, skin or hair oil but I will make sure to tell the Agese oils team on your preferred oil. Share the news that the giveaway has been announced.

6. I should have a few videos coming up over the weekend, Halloween is quickly approaching and there's a few looks I want to try & share and also I did promise to do a tutorial on my man brows lol, there's so much to do but I won't be stressing myself to do it but to make sure you know when a video is uploaded before it's up on the blog, subscribe to the YouTube channel if interested.

7. I completely switched off during my time away until my mum text me to tell me that her emails are rebounding, I go and investigate and my email address had been cancelled and all details wiped clean, luckily I use my Windows Live Mail for all my emails and it kept all my contacts and previous emails but I also had run out of space - ffs! It was a nightmare but I managed to reclaim the exact same email details but I know a few people have experienced problems and some won't receive emails when sent from my phone, pain in the ass. I had to go through 4,000+ emails deleting and sorting out, was such a headache but hey, it's done now.

8. O.k. so yes I was away and I'd say it'll probably be like that more so, my online presence I'm not sure will be so heavy, not that it was so much before but my Twitter for the meanwhile will more than likely be just for blog updates as you'll notice when I post anything on here or YouTube, to be honest the blogging environment is just too negative for me, I don't need to go into detail with what happens online cos a lot of us know, call me naive but I'd rather be in the dark and doing me. The tides of blogging can be strong and before you know it your swept away and losing yourself and introducing all different people into your life and it can be good but for me, 90% of the time it's not an ideal situation.

9. The blog turned 5 years old on October 13th without fanfare and of course Halloween is soon, a few people I know don't 'believe' in the whole Halloween thing, regard it as evil & whatever but pfft to me it's just light hearted fun, I'm not going out trick or treating but I'll be settling in with some DVDs and probably wetting my mum's bed but it's also my stepdad's birthday so it's a busy month.

How's October treating you?
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