Halloween Look - Bride of Wildenstein - Lioness (Jocelyn Wildenstein) Tutorial

Ok I couldn't help myself with the Jocelyn Wildenstein reference but it does obviously resemble her, I mean who could have plastic surgery to please their husbands love for the big cats, ah well. The "Bride of Wildenstein" name comes from Steph from NerdAboutTown lol had did I never think of that (obvs not smart enough lol0 I had planned on doing these from the start of the month but well I explained in my last post what I ended up doing so rush, rush - slowly but surely. I posted a preview last night on my instagram & facebook so here is a look that's suitable for everyone who can adapt it into there own.

The contacts are from Eyesbright and I think really make the looks finished appearance, I've previously worn their contacts and these ones are of course the most creative. The best thing to do while wearing these lenses are to get the Max Optifresh Lubricating and Reweeting drops. Perfect for me as I always get dry eyes while wearing contacts.

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  1. Loved this ur so talented, pinned it, commented on Google plus, & youtube!! hahaha.. *stalker* xx

    1. Oh that's so sweet, thank you I appreciate it so much xo

  2. Love this! Very cool and makes me want to go all out for halloween (which I rarely do)
    What do you use to edit your vids lovely? x

    1. Same here on Halloween I will just be chilling out though, my face is going to need it after the beating it's receiving lately haha. I use Sony Vegas Pro honey xo