Love Me Beauty October Box

Last month saw the change of what use to be Beauteco Box to Love Me Beauty. For Octobers box I decided on Menu 3 (I'm sure I always get menu 3?) Anyway it's about a week late but none the less you can still grab your chosen menu after reading my quick feature.

Lord & Berry Smudgeproof Eyeliner £7.50 & Lord & Berry Scuba Mascara £10.00 - Full Size
Let's start off with the eyeliner it's in the shade 'Smoke' it's has a Taupe Grey look to it so it's not fully bang on ashy smokey grey but here was my issue - the pencil I received seemed damaged already I had to sharpen it start using it. Then using it on my lids, seemed like an issue it's quite a dry formula which I didn't like I could apply the pressure on the back of my hand to get the colour to show but I wouldn't want to be dragging the skin around on my eyes. I even tried to heat it up to soften the pencil and apply easily - nope didn't happen. I managed to get it on with a back and forth motion until the colour formed - too much hassle for something that should be easy. Yet it didn't budge much and especially on my hand I had to really scrub it off.

The mascara I like, it doesn't load up on the brush and it doesn't seem to clump up the lashes neither - win - win. It's  a lengthening & thickening mascara & also a waterproof one and boy, is it stubborn to remove. I did like the overall look this mascara gave my lashes as it kept them looking natural and  full.

Balm Balm Indulge Bath & Shower 5ml £6 Full Size
Bath oils, I'm always down. Love the feeling and look of oils on wet skin - can you say shiny sexy! Ha! So I've used this and I really like this oil..I'm bias as I like oils but being that it's natural and not tested on animals it's right up there for me. More I say. A little pricey at £6.00 but I always remind myself it's organic - paying for good skincare!

Weleda MILLET Nourishing Shampoo 18ml Sample Size RRP £8.95 190ml
My poor nan is my guinea with all my hair products as of late - especially as I'm really trying to keep a regime going with my products and haircare but this one has been voted as the 2013 Best New Natural Haircare Range - so it cannot be all that bad. It has grapefruit and peppermint extract (oh em gee peppermint on the scalp, such a beautiful feeling) Also contains macadamia nut oil so this shampoo has a nice conditioning feeling to it - unlike other shampoos that strip the hair - ew.

Amie Skincare Bright Eyes £4.95
Where does the majority of my make-up lie? On my eye area, concealer, primer, eyeshadows, mascara, liner ....the odd glitter perhaps. This is the thing, we all want something that takes off our make-up, doesn't dry the delicate thin skin around our eyes and also doesn't irritate, am I right!? It makes the point of not drenching the cotton pad because that in my younger days was a huge mistake for me. I'd be OTT with the remover on the pad and it would seep into my eye area causing me to run around like Homer Simpson screaming and waving my arms around like a buffoon. So of course I tested this out once I was taking off the Lord & Berry mascara & eyeliner and let me tell you, the liner it removed itself some what well but the waterproof mascara - nope! Wouldn't budge and I also found my eye area feeling quite dry afterwards and I didn't want to rub at it but it was making it impossible to even budge the mascara. A little let down I must say.

Love Me Beauty

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