All Hallows' Eve!

It's Halloween *ooooo*!! This evening I've snuggled into my bed under my faux fur throw and I'm having a scary movie marathon. Some of my favourite movies, Nightmare on Elm Street, The Shining & The Silence of the Lambs. Guess it's safe to say I'm in the fun spirit of it all lol, just an excuse to stuff my face & live by candlelight, tonight I have the NEOM Real Luxury Candle* burning. I think it's safe to say NEOM candles are my favourite, especially the three wick editions.
They last, they have such a strong but soothing aroma and if there's anything you need to put you to sleep after a gore fest besides their Sleep Kit (which I wrote about here)it's these to give a cosy, relaxing atmosphere. Infused with Lavender, Jasmine and Brazilian Rosewood - this has kept the ambiance more soothing than horror tonight.
I've even had some fun carving pumpkins. It's been my first time and instead of doing scary faces, I've done one of the BEST faces EVER! If you know me, I'm a South Park addict, Butters is my FAVOURITE! Ooo how I could squeeze & tickle that little guy for hours on end, move over Elmo. That's who I've carved engraved into my pumpkin. So currently I'm watching Nightmare on Elm Street - that and Silence of the Lambs were the first two horror films I watched as a child, yes I know lol!

I found this first via Fashionicide's (Halima) instagram and was so intrigued I had to find my own:
Attending a 'tea picnic' hosted by Russian spies you suspect foul play after they spike your drink with polonium-210. Collapsing, you gasp for air and accidentally suck a bee off a daisy. In defence it stings you on the tongue which, combined with the radioactive power, turns you into BEE MAN! Weeks later, fighting your first crime, you sting an escaping mugger and tear your own arse out. Slowly bleeding to death on the pavement you crawl around in circles saying “bzzzzzzzzz” with your human mouth, wishing there was a boot big enough to finish you off, although realistically you were going to die off in winter anyway.

What are you doing?

Neom Luxury Organics Real Luxury Candle £39.50

*pr sample
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