Tans for WOC | St. Moriz Dark Bronzing Powder

St. Moriz Dark Bronzing Powder 9g*

The end is now here for us all with the #TFWOC project it's been over a month since it all started thank you to all the ladies who participated & Annie, I enjoyed working with you (:

My last product is St. Moriz Dark Bronzing Powder ( one of two shades the other one being light ). I was scared to finally use this. I had a few ladies saying it was too dark or too shimmery which had me feeling like oh no I'm going to look like a dirty disco ball. Swatching this it looked more of a rose gold on my finger. This will make a good eyeshadow as an alternative.

It's very pigmented and it's not as bad as I thought it would be. For some I could see this being too dark or shimmery. I found I needed to use a light sweep but it's better off used for those summery months. I found that if I used anymore than a first application it got too dark & then started to look dirty. My nan said to me 'Oh your face looks very bronzed' - not sure if that's a good or bad thing but she didn't keep glaring at me so must of been a positive.

I took the above photos one with flash and the other just with normal lighting so you can see the two different effects. It's nothing too overbearing for me, I can't lie - once I got it to work for me, I wasn't phased. One of the lucky ones?

You can find this cheaper online from £2 if you are interested in purchasing this. 

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