Lauren's Way Dream Rollers

This is my second review of Lauren's Way products the first being that of the darker than dark tan at the beginning of the Summer. I've always had rollers in my hair box but Jesus, I hate sleeping in them, just like most of us it's something you either get use to or don't bother with.

The inside of the rollers have a sponge material with the velcro on the outside. Once you lay down on the rollers it gives a cushioning to your head which is what makes it easier for you to sleep!
My friend Simone said to me, how it was funny that other companies have done the sleep in rollers and Lauren puts her brand & face on it and it's something new! That being said I know there has been dispute between another brand and Lauren's way but that's neither here nor there. Generally it's a great concept for whoever.

20inches of 12 ounces of Bella Dream Hair might be too much for just 20 rollers to get an secure fit for the rollers. I didn't pin these because I didn't want any kinks. Therefore I would suggest either different sizes or another box.

I had a restful sleep unlike other times I've experienced with rollers. I just wrapped my hair as usual to keep them all secure. Sent my bestie Darrel a photo of my new look he said I looked like one of those abusive mothers from the US snapshot with my hair in rollers and scarf on. I don't know why I had to be all that but I did look like someone's grandma!

Taking them out the next morning....meh! I was slightly disappointed, yes my sleep was great, yes the roots to this wig was lifted and I had a swoop on my ends but it just looked frizzy once I brushed it out. May have to revisit this once I've replenished my own hair and see how it acts there. Probably here the hair is too thick and long for the 20 rollers.

Absolutely Fabulous!! concept but it's another retry.

Are you a vintage glamour bed rollers girl or a modern heated rollers girl? 
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  1. " I looked like one of those abusive mothers from the US snapshot with my hair in rollers and scarf on." - LMFAO This is what I first thought too haha!

    Aww its a shame it didn't work out for you. I don't even know how to put rollers in so I can't be bothered LMAO.

    1. LMAO, trust me, maybe I should of really made a snapshot photo. Yeah it's a shame it didn't give me what I really wanted but I will retry these once I've sorted out my hair and hopefully it will work out better - not ruling them out.

      The roller procedure can be long heated or normal that's for sure, I need some rods though xo

  2. I will have to try these!

    Sparkles and Shoes

    1. Please do tell me if these work for you xo

  3. I wonder if these would work in my hair. I have very fine hair that doesn't curl or wave at all, ugh. But I'm willing to try anything to get my hair to curl! Thanks for the post!

  4. I've got a review of the sleep-in rollers to put up this week, I do like them except for one thing - I can't sleep in them grrr! I still use them just not in bed, but I feel it defeats the whole point of them! x

  5. never tried bed rollers and I move around a lot at night so I wouldn't even attempt to ruin my sleep! Sleep is the best part of my life =)