ElishaCoy Snail Cream Review

ElishaCoy Repairing Snail Cream*

Earlier this month I mentioned the Wishtrend  panel that was organised by Donah of SweetjellyBean which had other selected bloggers reviewing a product from the Wishtrend website. Please refer back to that post to read my initial thoughts and explanation of this cream.

This 91% snail extract skin repairing cream has 5 features :
  • Snail Slime Extract enhances skin elasticity and flexibility and forms skin's moisture barrier, leaving it vibrant and lively.
  • Adenosine and Peptides improve elasticity and luster and make skin feel soft and smooth
  • Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera Leaf Extract and Tea Complex made of 12 teas make dry and tight soft skin supple and smooth by nourishing and moisturising it. 
  • Phyto-TF, a substance of vegetable complex extract, protects and comfortably calms your tired skin, keeping it vibrant. 
  • KFDA-approved anti-wrinkle cosmetic.
As you may know, I'm already a snail product user, so I was very interested in using this as my normal snail gel helps to keep my acne at bay and also dried to a nice matte feel and with little use. So I am comparing this to the one I already have and also how my skin has reacted. 

This cream is light and almost watery in texture, very cooling . Within the first few weeks my skin was adjusting it wasn't so bad, at night I did feel I needed to put more on because during the night my skin does get drier. So I do like my cream to keep me hydrated to at least the morning. I didn't find this did that, I felt within 2 hours of putting this on at night I needed to put more on and then I felt I was overindulging my skin with cream. 

Another thing that I didn't like, my T-Zone got more oily with the use of this. Which started to put me off this and I had to revert back to my no make-up and normal skin cream to get my skin back to an okay state. 

I did like that once I had cleansed and toned my skin that this did make my skin feel soft and healthy but it seemed my skin liked to absorb this clean away. Unfortunately I didn't get on with this as well as I had hoped too.

Rating : 2.5 / 5 
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