ElishaCoy Skin Repairing Snail Cream

Over a fortnight ago I received a Korean brand snail cream by Elisha Coy. I was generously invited to join a review panel for Wishtrend that is being organised by Donah of SweetjellyBean alongside other four other fabulous bloggers who I will list at the bottom of the post this is going to be our first product to review.

We didn't know at first what we was going to be reviewing but when I was told it was going to be a snail cream - hello, happy joy joy. If you've been reading my blog for a little while you might recall I fell in love with snail based products last year and swear by them. Unfortunately my usual brand is now discontinued.

I know for a lot of people the thought of using anything with snail written on the front may freak them out but these snail products don't contain a squished snail. It's the mucus/mucin that these products contain aka snail slime.

Did you know snail slime was used for medical purposes in from Ancient Greece to the Middle Ages internally to treat gastrointestinal ulcers and in syrups to soothe a cough.

As squishy as snails are haven't you ever wondered how they haven't been ripped to shreds when crawling over things? That's because the mucus acts as a protective layer underneath for the snail to carefully slide across and a coating covers the exposed soft parts of the body.

In cosmetics the snail slime stimulates the formation of elastin, collagen and dermal components that helps repair the signs of photoaging.

Might I add, my first experience with snail based products helped clear up my skin. I've been using this morning and night and so far love the soft feeling it gives my skin. Which I need during these nights...by the end of the month I will have a full review on this product. Let me introduce you to the other ladies on the panel
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