Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap

Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap 18-in-1 Hemp Grean Tea 59ml* & Hemp Rose 237ml *

The 18-in-1 use soap. Soap with 18 uses? It's labeled on the bottle but the uses that are on there which have been kept intact since Bronner's passing in 1997 are listed on Dr. Bronners FAQs  with the original version and the paraphrased version.

Sorry but when I hear the word, soap. It's something that I don't want to put inside my mouth which is suggested for mouthwash / toothbrushing just because I've watched children had their mouth washed out with soap and yes not nice. Yet there has been noted uses more so than the ones listed above. Washing make-up brushes is also one. Which I am going to put to the test.

I have the Rose and travel sized Green Tea pure castile soap, I'm going to use the rose to clean my brushes and see how well they clean and feel once dry! Poor brushes need a good deep clean. Normally I clean them after each use using alcohol in a spray bottle and give them a rub on a paper towel but once a week they need a deep clean my normal weapon of choice is baby shampoo.

I must say Dr. Bronner's soap cleans my brushes very well and quickly. I find with baby shampoo I do  tend to sit on the edge of the bath for longer cleaning them. It does help cleaning them after every use but I didn't bother after the last use as they were due for a deep clean. I'm not keen on washing my face with the soap, it left it a bit dry afterwards and that's not ideal for me. On my body it's not as bad. So I will stick to my normal cleanser for my face, instead of this. The liquid soaps consistency is thin - more watery than what you would associate a liquid soap so be careful as these can be wasted. Lathers up brilliantly even from a small amount. The scents of the two I have are not overbearing, gentle and thankfully none are lavender (:  If you do ever want to travel light and need something multi-purpose, this is brilliant to have - they come in various sizes and scents so there is something for everyone.

Have you tried / used Dr. Bronner's soap? 
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