L'Occitane Bonne Mère Gentle Milk Cream

The Bonne Mère range launched in August of this year with two different choices to choose from Bonne Mère with Honey or Bonne Mère with Milk, L'Occitane lovers are spoilt for choice. I'm going to share with you the Gentle Milk Cream
Just thinking about it you start feeling soothed... The soft and tender notes of cotton flower, followed by the powdery heart and final hint of milky smoothness, are impossible to resist

For the past two months, I've been using this as my hand cream. What I like about this packaging is the cap, instead of it being a flip lid or a screw off, it has an on - off lock mechanism. Unfortunately by the time I took this image, my on - off sticker had come off but I just like that, there's no danger of the lid, breaking off or coming flipping open in your bag. Less fuss than a screw off top!

Light - medium consistency it's smooth without any heaviness. I notice this absorbs quickly and your not left with any sticky residue but a nice soft, even powder like surface. The smell is very reminiscent of baby powder, which I do find sweet and comforting this leaves the hand hydrated without an obvious greasy appearance.

My only complaint would be the price £14.00 for 75ml, granted if like me you only use it for your hands then it will last as a litter goes a long way. The smell like I said is comforting and I think it will be a scent for more people, I'm not 100% keen on the scent of honey can take it or leave it but this scent just makes me want to take a 3pm nap and let my worries go....

I love L'Occitane products, unfortunately this is one of my last ones for awhile from them due to this whole China / Animal testing issue. Please read L'Occitane's Position on Animal Testing
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  1. I love L'Occitane products but I do feel sometimes that if I used their moisturisers for anything other than just my hands then I would get through them WAY too quickly to justify the price tag. My favourite product of theirs is their Almond Milk Concentrate and at £30+ I just don't think I could use it as a body moisturiser without finishing it too quickly :( x

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

    1. Yeah their products aren't always big enough for all the uses it says we can use them for. It's a shame but they do always smell lovely xo

  2. love love this brand

  3. Great review! I am interested in trying this one out. I also love the packaging. I find it less messy compared to other brands that I have used. A worth a try...


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