At Home Facial Steam

I get quite a lot of comments regarding my skin and not in a negative way but in a positive light which makes me really beam and continue on with my skin routine that I do. Mostly the basis of my skin routine is all basic and can be done at home with mostly everyday items.

Today I want to share with you the facial steam treat I give my face. Depending how my face is I may do this twice a week but it's rare too much heats never good.

I got the routine from a book Essence - Beauty Basics & Beyond I'd purchased this while I was in Jamaica in late 2009 and all last year this was my only facial steam treatment.

I do this twice a month just to give it a good clean. Today I was due for that.

You'll Need :
A Large Bowl
Hot water
2 Tablespoons of salt
7 drops of peppermint essential oil - ( to be honest I don't recommend having that much, first time I put that much into the bowl, I could not breathe and my eyes didn't dare open) I recommend one drop (two at the most - might be pushing it.)
A towel
Facial mask

Pour your salt & your drop of peppermint oil into the hot water and of course put your head over the bowl with the towel making a tent.

Steam your face for two minutes and then give yourself a two minute break . Repeat this up to five times.

Then rinse your face with lukewarm water and this is the optional time to use a facial mask to reap the benefits of having the facial steam and opening those pores so slap on your current favourite lover face mask

Mine for quite a while has been Good Things - Five Minute Facial Face Mask - AMAZING!

Then after I had rinsed that off I decided to just do my Oil Cleansing Method as my skin seemed to need some repair.

Do you do at home spa treatments or do you go all out and go professional ?!

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