OOTD : Studded Neckline Dress

I've had a few comments on the studded neckline outfit I've worn previously and a few ladies have asked that they'd want to see some OOTD's.

I like to keep my readers happy..but I must say be warned with my outfits -- in time you'll see haha.

This dress I purchased last month in Primark for £15

I did have to rummage for a dress that was in my size and that didn't have any of the studs falling off, I don't understand why they bother to put faulty dresses on the rack but any time I go in there for a quick pick up it's never quick as I have to examine each item carefully.

I typically wear this dress with leggings or tights but I have to wear something on the bottom as the back is a lot shorter because of my backside.

So here is my first kind of OOTD...

peace & love

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  1. Anonymous19/2/11

    I love that dress! It does not look like it's from Primark at all!
    You have a lovely figure :) xxx

  2. Love the dress, i am a black lover anyway !:P

  3. @Sriya It's quite warm too. Thanks babes xoxo

    @EllysMakeupbag Me too! I think most my wardrobe is black with spots of colour dashed in between lol =)

  4. u look super hot honey,love that dress on u its fab,cant believe its from Primark at all,they have stepped up their game lately havent they uuuhhhhmmmmmmm better go check them soon

  5. That dress is hot!

  6. The dress looks more nicely because of your sexy body =). Thumbs up!

  7. Loving the dress. Very sexy!

  8. @Sher lol foreal Primark has the few odds and bits that are good buys it's just finding them..half the time I feel I'm in TKMAXX when I vist there lol

    @EveryDay Makeup blog thanks lovely.

    @Jennifer aww for sure honey

    @Mz. More *hugs* thanks honey

    @Princess Feef ty :o)