Monday Morning Blues : The Negative Vibes Blogging Brings !!

This may lose me some followers but to be honest let me vent this.

To Anonymous I state you as that because isn't that how you liked it to be known, not brave enough to use an account of sorts to allow me &/or others to know the yellow belly!?!

With everything good we have to take the bad that comes a long with it & hate is a big form of the bad.

So bad & negative it has got me to the point of contemplating deleting my blog. Highly unlikely that I will but I just have to get all this off my chest.

To the negative comments I have received and things I have viewed recently.

1. You will not make it in beauty blogging unless you are white

This comment was left to me by an anonymous commenter, I didn't know ethnicity was still such a big issue for some people. Honestly I cannot tolerate such hate. Does it help if someone is the same skin colour as you - possible so. Is it necessary - absolutely not. Honestly I believe if you have good content, polite and helpful it never matters. Fair enough some things will look different on me to another but racism isn't needed at any-time! Beauty blogging can be varied subjects from make-up looks, product reviews to personal well-being even the odd fashion posts!

2. Conventional beauties succeed quicker than others

What is this conventional beauty in others eyes ? I've always believed that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not every ones attraction is the next person's cup of tea. Therefore to say people who are classically beautiful will succeed faster than others could be debatable. Could it be easier ? Mmm maybe but I believe those who work hard on a passion / hobby also succeed.

3. I am a bitch for not corresponding with all bloggers, just a selective few

Let's clarify this, I do not walk on 4 legs therefore I am not a bitch having more of a bond or common interest with others doesn't make you a 'bitch' ... you cannot be friends with the world. Some you bond with others you do not. That doesn't mean you don't have a mutual respect for each others work & occasionally talk. I don't " fit " into a lot of "cliques" but I'm fine with that because I'm not a "clique" type person but it doesn't mean I won't correspond with others who I don't speak to daily.

4. You will never please everyone who comes across your blog

As in life, there will always be something that someone wants to disagree about. No-one is perfect but our imperfections make us perfect in the eyes of others. I decided to do an OOTD as I had requests to do so by some loyal readers and I get anon comments regarding my body. - * I could lose some lbs. -* My thighs are fat. -*My shape is not OOTD viewable. Well that's me! You win some you lose some. Thanks to the lovely women who left me positive comments.

I enjoy blogging don't get me wrong its just as of late the negative vibes haven't been sitting well with me, I have since deleted my twitter, youtube and facebook as I need to withdraw slightly.

Of course I still have my blog up as this is something that is mine and I feel I've worked hard to keep it. Some of you may disagree with me doing this type of post "Monday Morning Blues" but to me it had to be done because some of these comments I will not tolerate. It's petty and unnecessary.

Peace & Love

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  1. Your blog was one of the first I came across before I started my own and is one that I still read today - the same can't be said for a few others that I found roughly the same time.

    Ignore the BS - that first statement is ludicrous! In fact excuse me while I just laugh hysterically over it.

    Just do you, blog about what you WANT to blog about and so long as you're happy with the end result, the rest doesn't matter xx

  2. I cannot believe someone said something so stupid to you as "You will not make it in beauty blogging unless you are white" since when has blogging been about colour! What a load of shit.

    I hope to god babe you dont let these kind of comments and the jealous hate stop you blogging babe and I hope to see you back on twitter soon.


  3. I appreciate the comments ladies, I didn't want to come across all bitching and moany but these comments have just rubbed me up the wrong way as of late.

    @VexintheCity & @Jo It's absolutely disgusting. It's not the first time I have had remarks like that but one can only take so much. It's vile, I hesitated doing this post because it's letting them know such comments infuriate me but I just wanted to let people who do read my blog know what's been happening! There are so many wonderful women of colour doing blogging and successful in their own right. I won't let it stop me, for a second I did think why should I bother but then again I work hard at this, I enjoy it and I'm here for those who enjoy to read my content.

    I'm still here but sometimes damn these things can upset you as people's ignorance is upsetting.

    Thanks for the comments ladies xoxoxo

  4. I've just come across your blog in the past couple of days and as a woman of mixed race I'm actually disgusted your race was used against you in this context. I didnt know an interest with beauty was racially specific, you just have to feel sorry for people who are this narrow minded. I recently put up a post about this constant need to spread negativity its so digusting. Personally I love your blog, its very rare that I stumble upon one n keep tracking back through older posts as much as I have with yours. Your clearly intelligent and above the stupidity and negativity of an ignorant minority.

    Hold your head up high beautiful lady you have nothing to retreat from, your blog is great! xxx

  5. omg babe,so disgusting comments!
    to be honest with you i have had a lot of grief from a girl that was leaving nasty comments on every post i was posting and i was just going to delete my blog,but then i realised thats whats these stupid sad people want.
    i have now blocked anonymous users from leaving a comment which i did not want to do.
    i was going to do a post just like this lol,good on you girl xx

  6. Someone actually said #1? Stupid.

    I'm over people anonymously talking shit, I don't call them haters - but it's just pointless and sad. Everyone has their own blog aesthetic, don't like it then keep it pushing.

    But whatever I still love ya, boo ;)

  7. People can be very mean, especially when they have the anonymity of the web to keep them safe. :(

    Do what you want, girl. Its your blog after all! :)

  8. I dont understnd how some pple can be so mean& disgusting Those pple are pprobably jealous of u in some way. However ignore them bitces dont worry about them honey In life not eveyone wil love you and you cannot please the whole world.U can only do your best even if some pple cant see it.

    Im surprised these pple have the guts to talk shit,be racist and talk aboutyour weight blah blah blah.Wonder what they look like,wtf has ur weight got2do with anyone??? What you talk about,post and review is ur business.if they dont like it dont read&comment lol

    I personally love ur blog&personality,find you very fun,cool and inspiring with your FOTD&OOTD coz u r just amazing.I hink yu should keep doing your thing babe coz U totally rock!!!!Sad that u hav deleted ur other accounts but anyhoo keep ur chin up,ignore thm haters,keep smiling&bringing us more posts of whatever you want to share with us. Lots love&hugs,,,xoxo

  9. I chose to disable Anon comments when I started my blog. Thankful I did seeing some of the things people say behind the cover of Anonimity. Thanks for sharing though, it's important for people to know what's going on behind the scenes. There are some spiteful people out there. xx

  10. Your blog is amazing.... bottom line!!! Just keep doing your thing and try to not let these "anonymous" people project there negativity onto you. I can guarantee that the people that are being rude and closed minded just wish that they could have the talent and success that you have.

  11. I think some people are just arrogant and have their own close minded opinions, which is incredibly unfortunate. But sometimes all you can do is give them a look of pity and move on.

    I'm glad your the bigger person and doesn't let this all affect you.

  12. Just keep doing your thing, girl! Obviously you are doing something right to get somebody's panties in a twist that they get so worked up to leave you such comments. In this day and age, I can't believe race is still an issue! Like, seriously now...keep doing you =)

  13. Keep doing your thing mama. It is too much hate and nonsense going on in the blogosphere. Don't let it deter you. I love your blog and will continue to read it. Brush the dirt off your shoulders and tell the haters to kick rocks!

  14. Anonymous22/2/11

    Hi. I read your blog, but never comment. I felt compelled to throw a little public love your way to counteract the haters. Chin up and thank you for sharing what you love with all of us. I know it's a lot of work, but most of us appreciate it :o)

  15. This is hilarious and ridonkulous in equal measures! I have only just discovered your blog and it is amazeballs. Who gives a monkey's bottom what 'anons' think? Fudge them I say. And disable anonymous comments so they have to grow some balls.

    You know, I often read blogs and my thoughts aren't always that positive but I prefer to keep my negative thoughts to myself cos we don't all like the same things dagnabbit!

    Keep doing what you do love xx

  16. Wow! I can not believe the nerve of people sometimes. I have been reading your blog for a while and though I don't comment like I should (bad me) , I say keep on doing you. The comments you discussed above are sickening and ridiculous. "You will not make it in beauty blogging unless you are white" WTH type of crap is that to say, people and makeup come in all shades. I'm still in shock by that comment.

    I know that comments can really rub you a certain way but please keep up the great work and shake the haters off.

  17. sorry to hear your having such a hard time with the negativity. i just wanted to say on the race issue that it's so important to have a variety of blogs out there. i'm starting out my career as a make up artist and i'm personally a pasty white person, so it's great to have a reference to see what differnent colour combos suit other skin tones, since i'm obviously more familiar with what suits my own skin tones. i hope that doesn't come accross wierdly, i just think that there isn't enough reference points in magazines here in ireland, so it's great to have good quality blogs available online to fill that gap for thanks.

  18. Unfortunately there are people out there that are this ignorant, and also chicken shit. Anonymous commenters are exactly that "NOBODYs". You have over 800 followers for a reason, you're a beautiful intelligent woman and you don't have to fit everyones preference, that's what set you apart and makes me and a lot others like you and your blog! <3

    So for you "Chicken shit" (aka anonymous commenters)... Go jump off a very tall building! You wont be missed around here.

  19. ohhh girl!!
    Don't get me started.. blogging is all politics but I enjoy your blog <3
    Why did you leave twitter? I miss our little chats.

  20. @BeautyStalker Thanks so much for your comment. I read your post today and I whole heartedly agree w/ what you wrote.
    It's astonishing to me that people still react in this way. It's never great to feel negative energy but you just got to take it and turn it into your own positivity.
    Thank you for you support. xoxo

    @sabina I am so sorry to read that you yourself have been getting such negative comments from a silly girl. It's true they
    do want to break you because that's the only way their negative energy will get any result in my eyes. I was going to completely disable comments but why when
    I enjoy the feedback & positive criticism. lol it's good to vent sometimes I do get weary as I don't want to seem like some cry baby etc but it's nice to let others know
    what's on your mind or what's going on. Thanks so much honey xoxo

    @Celia I know right !?! I mean positive criticism is welcome, when your doing beauty blogging your sharing, learning and networking
    a mutual comment but when it starts getting bitchy and unnecessary, I'm just like really? What did you gain from that ? xoxo

  21. @The Kikay Girl Yeah that's the downside. I'd rather if someone's going to be bitchy or negative put your face to your opinion.

    @Sher That's exactly it. One thing we do have to remember is we cannot please everyone but there will be the ones who do love or appreciate
    what you are doing and they are the ones who matter. Yet when you feel so many bad vibes it can knock you back for awhile.

    I'm quite use to people talking crap, it happens but it can only happen for so long before you bite. Right that's it..
    they read and keep coming back if it's the same person or a group to comment anonymously ... If they put so much energy into being so negative who
    knows what their positive energy could achieve.

    I appreciate that Sher, I really do. Bless you for that...much love to you too xoxo

    @Sparklz and Shine U wish I did that from the get go. Yet I had left it open for friends who didn't have a google account & people abusing that
    has left me with no option but to disable it. Thank you honey for seeing this post as helpful. In life there is spiteful people everywhere but like I've previously stated .. the negativity can only
    be tolerated for so long xoxo

  22. Hey @Sarah Ashley thank you !! Aww that comment is way too sweet. I appreciate it!
    Negativity doesn't bring success or happiness...maybe one day they will realise that.

    @Arezu Goodness how people who are close minded just get to me like nails down a chalk board.
    People cannot open up and see and appreciate different people. Thanks honey.

    @glitteryeyesxx I will honey :o) yeah it's so bitter ... It's not the first time in my life I've been
    targeted or had my origin used against me etc but how it can get very very VERY annoying and just like it's more frustrating that it's anonymous
    I think that's what gets to me more.

    @Mz. More love your response sweetheart. Thanks a lot, I appreciate it I really do! You've been a cool reader.
    Not to mention blogger yourself :o)

    @aceyourfaceuk Hey .. thanks a lot. That's so nice of you. Awww bless you :o) <3

    @betwixt beauty love the vocab sweetheart. That's it, I'm exactly the same your never going to agree with everyone
    if you do in my eyes ... grow an opinion on something but if it's not positive criticism ...go home. It's true they do need to learn to grow balls now. Took your advice. Thanks babes.

  23. @Silver Lips Yeah thanks for understanding love. It can be very off putting but yeah that is what they want at the end of the day. It can be discouraging but passion overrides everything. Thanks for the comment honey :o)

    The nerve of them to even think and say it is unbeleivable but hiding behind anon .. ahh come on

    @sparklicous Thank you. It's true, it's the most resourceful way for make-up artists on the up rise to learn about other skin tones etc it's such a wonderful point that you have made. I'm truly grateful and happy that I can be one of many who can help you out with that. Thanks for the comment!

    Wooo @Ninya too right. It's never cool to be so ignorant, narrow minded and negative. Such a miserable life.
    Ahh thanks babes so much for your comment. Loveee it xo

    @Jennifer ahh you know the blogging world right now is evolving ... into something better ? Could be debatable but it's just messed up.
    I just had to detach myself from things. It's like hmm you get a bit weary of the goings on. I'll no doubt be back soon enough honey.

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