Monday Morning Blues : The Negative Vibes Blogging Brings !!

This may lose me some followers but to be honest let me vent this.

To Anonymous I state you as that because isn't that how you liked it to be known, not brave enough to use an account of sorts to allow me &/or others to know the yellow belly!?!

With everything good we have to take the bad that comes a long with it & hate is a big form of the bad.

So bad & negative it has got me to the point of contemplating deleting my blog. Highly unlikely that I will but I just have to get all this off my chest.

To the negative comments I have received and things I have viewed recently.

1. You will not make it in beauty blogging unless you are white

This comment was left to me by an anonymous commenter, I didn't know ethnicity was still such a big issue for some people. Honestly I cannot tolerate such hate. Does it help if someone is the same skin colour as you - possible so. Is it necessary - absolutely not. Honestly I believe if you have good content, polite and helpful it never matters. Fair enough some things will look different on me to another but racism isn't needed at any-time! Beauty blogging can be varied subjects from make-up looks, product reviews to personal well-being even the odd fashion posts!

2. Conventional beauties succeed quicker than others

What is this conventional beauty in others eyes ? I've always believed that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Not every ones attraction is the next person's cup of tea. Therefore to say people who are classically beautiful will succeed faster than others could be debatable. Could it be easier ? Mmm maybe but I believe those who work hard on a passion / hobby also succeed.

3. I am a bitch for not corresponding with all bloggers, just a selective few

Let's clarify this, I do not walk on 4 legs therefore I am not a bitch having more of a bond or common interest with others doesn't make you a 'bitch' ... you cannot be friends with the world. Some you bond with others you do not. That doesn't mean you don't have a mutual respect for each others work & occasionally talk. I don't " fit " into a lot of "cliques" but I'm fine with that because I'm not a "clique" type person but it doesn't mean I won't correspond with others who I don't speak to daily.

4. You will never please everyone who comes across your blog

As in life, there will always be something that someone wants to disagree about. No-one is perfect but our imperfections make us perfect in the eyes of others. I decided to do an OOTD as I had requests to do so by some loyal readers and I get anon comments regarding my body. - * I could lose some lbs. -* My thighs are fat. -*My shape is not OOTD viewable. Well that's me! You win some you lose some. Thanks to the lovely women who left me positive comments.

I enjoy blogging don't get me wrong its just as of late the negative vibes haven't been sitting well with me, I have since deleted my twitter, youtube and facebook as I need to withdraw slightly.

Of course I still have my blog up as this is something that is mine and I feel I've worked hard to keep it. Some of you may disagree with me doing this type of post "Monday Morning Blues" but to me it had to be done because some of these comments I will not tolerate. It's petty and unnecessary.

Peace & Love
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