Sleek MakeUP Primer Palette Test

Yesterday I decided to start testing out the Sleek MakeUP Primer Palette that was released on the 16th February.

Using my Sunset & Storm palette I applied it onto of the primer called Calypso so from around 8am that was the time my make-up was starting it's day along with me. (My liquid eyeliner is running out (GRR) awaiting my AVON order from Tuesday so I'm battling life with no liquid eyeliner)

All images were taken using flash.

As you can see roughly 5hrs into my day my make-up was also creasing already. Not too impressed by that !!

12hrs later and everything has worn off, creased eyeshadow, mascara has whittled away and my liquid eyeliner has cracked and rubbed in the crease.

To be honest cream eyeshadows don't agree with so I don't see why a cream textured primer would of benefited me anymore.

I'm honestly trying to like this but I don't think it's going to happen soon unfortunately. I'm going to do another test run this weekend while I'm indoors all day as the primer didn't seem to last with me being outdoors & busy all day.

Has anyone purchased this !?! or having a better time with it than I am ?

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  1. Anonymous18/2/11

    I really wanna pick this up but after seeing alot of reviews they are not good :(

  2. Anonymous18/2/11

    it creases like a biatch it seems :/

  3. Oh gosh!! I am sorry this didnt work out for you. TBH why does one need an entire palette of primers anyway? Just one that WORKS will do no?

  4. @Steph xox
    Honestly I'm hugely disappointed as not many of Sleek's products are a let down.

    Most def, cream & me don't mix.

    @Old Cow
    Well that's what I was saying when I purchased it, I think if you want primers to bring out colours then get primary colours in NYX pencils but then this beats on price but what happened to good ol' fashioned white?

  5. Def don't know if i'd be buying this now! Thanks for this post! Exactly what I was looking for!! xxx

  6. my lids are just like yours so Im guessing I aint gonna like this at all. Havent purchased it yet,may pass it coz creasing eyeshadows are a no no for me. Let me stick to my UDPP&other primers.Thanks for sharing ur thoughts honey,u really save us money

  7. can see why everyone hates this !!