I took Frank home the other night. Took him straight to the bathroom, no hesitation. Into the steamy room we went, where I got to work on my body.

Dampen your skin and shake some of this scrub into your palms and work it well onto the skin, really concentrating on the problem areas. I've started to use this on my legs and my face. Last month some medication was causing me to itch terribly in my sleep, leaving my legs bleeding and not Supermodel appealing. I'm trying to deal with any scarring and heck if it wants to work on the stretch marks on my backside and the cellulite on the back of my legs - fair play to you Frank, do your thing. Seeing as the original targets such things with the addition of skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, varicose veins, & acne. Yes it's safe and good to use on your face too!

Coffea Robusta Seed Powder (Coffee), Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Water (Aqua), Sodium Chloride (Salt), Sucrose (Brown Sugar), Citrus Aurantium Dulcis (Orange) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Fragrance (Parfum)* * Natural

- Coffee :- It's loaded with antioxidants, making it helpful to prevent premature skin ageing. It helps to temporarily minimize the appearance of cellulite (exercise and diet contribute). It exfoliates dry skin.

- Sea Salt :- Exfoliator. Detoxifier. Helps increase circulation.

- Sweet Almond Oil :- Moisturises. Helps deminish stretch marks.

- Brown Sugar :- Exfoliator. Moisturises.

- Orange Oil :- Helps circulation. Boosts Vitamin C absorption. Heals the skin.

- Vitamin E :- Helps to heal scars. Brown spots. Prevents premature ageing.

I'm going to take some before and after photos of my leg so when I'm finished with Frank we can see how well it's served me.

Have you tried any Frank products?

Frank Original Coffee Scrub

This month I've been going through huge transitions. I've noticed where my peace has been lying and where my anxiety has been building. I enjoy what I do but I'm thoroughly conflicted as of late. I'm not going to focus on this too much but it's definitely something I'm listening to, my friend circle has got even more smaller, I'm talking to people daily who have been inspiring and encouraging. I've started to drift into another world and it's awesome. Of course that leaves time to reflect.

Evolution. It's the on-going change of everything. Adapt to the change to survive.

Detox. A cleansing of toxic waste. Not only your body needs a detox.

Blogging is of course part of my life and that opens different avenues and of course introduces social media. This has been something over the weekend that led me to reflect.

Back Then And Now . . .

Flat lay photography is the new black! It's taken over Instagram & Blogs during 2014 and I don't see it slowing day quite yet. I myself started to get into flat lay photography and it's always developing & changing. It can vary from personal style and remember flat lay doesn't just end wit beauty products and clothes. Experiment, here's some tips.

Posterboards x Tack - These are the soundtrack to your photos. Aim for a white background (table/A1/A2 paper) to make the items pop or dark or light wooden floors, fluffy throws, rugs work for clothes and products too. While blue tack or double sided tape will help your rolling items stay put or if you want a change try different surfaces this website could give you ideas

Natural is Bliss - Set up by a window where you get a good source of natural light (or even outside if possible). Try stand facing the window when taking the images to avoid your body being a recent eclipse on your images.

In the Scheme of Things - Try stay with the similar colour scheme or compliment each other. It's more pleasing on the eye. When adding items stick to a theme - if you're posting about beach wear, why is a candle included?

Eye on the Hero! - Work around your main object. Then use other items that compliment the overall look that's generally smaller than your main object.

Arranging - Use the rule of thirds (the grid) to make sure that your main focus items are centred. Of course you don't have to keep it in the centre play around with different corner and positions. If you're using a smart phone, find the setting that allows you to shoot in a square.

Space is nice - Don't feel like you need to feel up every inch of your photo station. Having space is nice and clutter is distracting.

Shoot Birds Eye - Give your buns a workout with this. Stand on a stool or chair and shoot downwards if you are working on a high surface. If you're working on the floor of course stand up and do it. You'll need to experiment with this as not all items will look great from above.

Edit & Filter - You'll want to cut any unsightly corners plus you'd like it to look square and neat. There are some great apps if you're looking to post images to any online source (instagram/twitter/pinterest/tumblr) Camera360, Afterlight, VSCO, Snapseed and Square InstaPic. If you're working on the laptop I know that Photoscape is a good program that is free to download and you can edit images such as adjusting the contrast and brightness.

Find Flatlay inspiration at Flatlays on Instagram.

How To Take Flat Lay Photos

If your an adult of the MySpace generation, you should remember Jeffree Star. Flamboyant, tattooed, pink hair and fabulous. No matter how many or what MySpace profile I had, I followed Jeffree Star. When I saw he had a collection coming out I knew I had to have it. These arrived a couple of weeks ago and it's taken my sweet ass some time to get around to really showing some swatches. Great points to note gluten, paraben free & Vegan!

I'm Royalty.
A royal purple for any diva who wants to make a statement.

The perfect red: this matte cool toned red looks amazing on any skin tone.

Prom Night.
The brightest matte pink in the world! Barbie, eat your heart out!

Make sure your lips are dry but flake free and swipe on, leave to dry for at least 60 seconds. The large doe foot sponge applicator picks up a lot of product. It covers areas of the lips quicker but also you can control your lip shape with the applicator for an accurate application.

One swipe and the opacity and intensity is undeniable. You don't even need to think about going back into the tube to apply more.

This can last at least a good 6-8 hours. It begins to lose product near the inside of the lips, especially if I'm drinking and eating, after lunch it will need a touch up but elsewhere continues to look flawless. I'm Royalty I've noticed begins to feather and the outline turns from a purple to a red, it did stain once I removed and needed heavy duty removing.

I've had Stila, Makeup Revolution & Lime Crime velvet lip products and they all dry matte so I've got a good idea of various comfortability. It's wet on application, you can feel when it starts to dry and get more matte. I've had a few points in the day when I felt I needed to lick my lips, I had those Angelina Jolie type lips where you can see the plumpness and lip lines and I quite like that.
Rating 4.5 / 5

What are you waiting for. This is a brand to be watched!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Collection

I love juicing. Pain in the A to clean the juicer but all for a good cause - health. There are two recipes I continuously go to and I'm going to share them with you today. Apple wise I tend to either use golden delicious or pink lady. Pink lady is what I opt for when I'm doing the pink lemonade.

I'll juice what I'm going to have tomorrow, tonight so I'm ahead and prepared. I'll just store it in the fridge. You'll want to store it in a glass container as this will delay oxidisation. Leave as little air space as possible (I've been sipping mine in the images above) so that when you open it, it'll overspill slightly.

Citrus fruit tends to stay fresher longer than fruits such as apples. If you want you can freeze them and take them out in the morning to defrost and have later on too. (Freeze it in a plastic bottle but hunt for the right bottle e.g. stainless steel water bottle). I do prefer to drink my juices as soon as they are made and tend to not leave them refrigerated for more than 8 hours if possible. Some nutrients are lost but you still have a fresh and beneficial juice when stored too - just not as much.

Green Juice
Handful of Kale.
1 Apple.
1 Banana (pealed).
1 Pear.
3 Romaine Lettuce Leaves.
1/2 Lemon(pealed & sliced).

Pink Lemonade
2 Apples.
1/2 Lemon(pealed & sliced).
2 ice cubes (optional).

Apple - Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C.
Banana - Vitamins B,C, Beta-Carotene, folic acid.
Lemon - Vitamins C, Beta-Carotene.
Pear - Vitamins B6, C.
Kale - Vitamins B, C, K, Beta-Carotene, Folic Acid.
Romaine Lettuce - Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, K

Refreshing Juice Recipes

Bam Boo. My new little friends on my feet. These Moccis are one of many designs from the brain child of Anna Wetterlin. After growing up in Sweden and remembering how she use to wear moccasins and she's brought to the market more updated and fun wearing moccasins.
These have washable leathers so you don't have to worry about having to pop them in for a wash if they start to get a little dirty. The leather bottom allow you to have grip on slippery surfaces, a lot of homes now have laminated floorboards and for adults and especially kids it can be a danger zone. The leather allows to have grip without having the need for those unsightly bottom grips.

What I love about these are my feet don't get hot, they don't fall down at the ankles which is fabulous for me, nobody wants to have to keep pulling things up nor do you want anything tight. Anna has used fabric that is ethically produced but also the invisible elastic allows it to stretch and keep without stretching out in shape, ideal to just slouching around the house in some joggers and a cashmere sweater if we're being oh so fancy. Great for the kids who are forever running around the home.. These slippers still have the stitching you see on traditional moccasins that's still living on in these new designs bringing moccasins into a new generation.

With celebrity fans such as Victoria Beckham, Sienna Miller, Rita Ora and myself lol you'll be in good company. I've had nothing but compliments on mine Moccis. People slipping their feet into them and aww'ing. Yes you'll look at the price and call me insane - I know but if you live in slippers a lot and want to have a pair that last it's a great investment. I'm sure you'll find a design that will suit your personality or to gift someone else. Each collection is only available for a limited time so grab your favourite Moccis while you can!

Moccis Bam Boo

March 20th is when Spring officially begins. I want to get a head start I was browsing Google for websites that would help me start Minimalism.

Letting go of things we feel we need and can be replaced gives us room to focus on what is important that might not be given as much time of day.

Things I look to focus more energy into are :-

· Focus on health.
· Focus on relationships.
· Focus on self learning.
· Focus on career.
· Focus on hobbies.

Staring at my Ikea Alex tower, it's filled with hair, skincare products & make-up. How much of these 9 drawers do I really need to consume? Do I go into each drawer daily. No! Starting slowly it started with my nail polish drawer, one of my goals this year is to get my nails to a workable, strong length. Nice motivation is by clearing out all the old nail polishes and really focus on the colours I rotate and want to wear. One thing that's good with age is that knowing what colour palette is my favourite, nudes, greys, black, whites and the odd brights, purple, red and pinks are what I enjoy wearing on my nails. Some of these polishes have been unused and hidden for so long they've separated.
Throw away, keep, donate.
- Ideally I'd love to have some packing boxes and label them, quite like a packing party. As I'm starting slowly I'm doing it differently. Throw away, keep and donate - (definitely need a donate box).
I put all the nail polishes, I'd like to keep for the meanwhile in this box. Yup! It all fits in one box. Considering I had them in a drawer and the polishes filled up the drawer to the point I had polishes laying on top of them. Ridiculous. I threw so much out and I've got some that need shaking up and can be used to put into the donation box I'm going to start. I think overtime I will ideally like to get them down to staple nail colours. It's not about keeping up with others, it's all about what I like and my preferences.

It also feels good to have an empty drawer!

Spring Cleaning. Minimalism Begins.

When I first started this blog over 6 years ago, I was very open with my struggles it was a mix of beauty + personal life before it did take on more of a beauty aspect and it lost it's personal feel. The topic I was very open on was my newly found struggle of being diagnosed as a manic depressive, suffering with agoraphobia and social anxiety.

This blog was birthed after an ectopic pregnancy where I nearly lost my life, I was a couple hours away from my tube exploding and killing me if they didn't operate quick enough. After spending a month on bed rest and becoming severely depressed and lonely, the agoraphobia & anxiety began to creep in and my health took an even worse turn. I documented my time in a mental health hospital on my blog (many of these post were since deleted) I wanted to show people that you can hit such low moments in life and see them through even if you feel you can't. I get many of those days, I don't speak on them but I feel them and my body takes a hit that I need to hibernate away from life.

Many times I feel, "My God I've wasted my 20's allowing such a thing affect me and rule my days ", because unless people have been there, they can't understand, most days I myself can't comprehend or put into words my feelings & thoughts but that feeling of being worthless is there. I just want to sleep and I do, energy levels and motivation is low. It's hard to maintain an identity with so much else going on inside. Taking that day, one at a time. Not predicting what mood the next day will show. Difficult not just for myself but others around me. Family & friends try to help and do help where they can and the baby steps feel they've taken so long but on reflection it's become a step forward with a few step backs but progression is there. Honestly I feel the depression has been there since I was 13, I went through a traumatic time and I had to grow up quickly, I had to deal with a lot of heartache and readjust my life. I swept most of that under the rug after a year and a half and didn't deal with it.

I decided to go back on my medication in December. That was a rough month for me, it's why my blogging lacked and I withdrew socially, I nearly lost the battle. I couldn't cope and when that huge wave of depression sweeps over me, I don't have the best ways of dealing with it, people know now if I disappear off WhatsApp, things are deactivated, I'm going through bad times. I withdraw from everyone and everything. The inward battle is real. I've also looked at is as a blessing in disguise, people cannot handle something they can't understand it's easier for them to walk away and be around someone that's 'less complicated'. Those people, you don't need, that mentality and negativity. Love from family and friends is shown by those who stick with you during those fun & sad times. Opening up to friends and family it's not easy but it allows others to be your rock when you're feeling weak just to know you're loved and there's people who are willing to be that support.

Social anxiety in the past few years has seen a lot of people come out and say they too suffer with it. The last 6 years has been a battle health wise because for the majority of my youth I was very outgoing, outspoken and shy was the last word you would associate with me but combine anxiety with a phobia and a mental illness, it's crippling.

Living with agoraphobia / social anxiety makes me quite dependant on others. There's the fear panic attacks can happen, needing to have someone with me for piece of mind and comfort. Don't get me wrong I've made baby steps and managed to do a lot alone and jumped in feet first and survived. I rely on impulse because if I have to sit and let something marinate, the anxiety builds and I don't want to do it. It becomes harder, being around people, in that unknown crowd, how am I going to feel?

The biggest step to make is admitting you need help. There's nothing wrong with seeking help. You're not seeking attention or below anyone else or even weak for reaching out. You've made the biggest step of all with realising that you want to get better, understand and control whatever it is you are dealing with rather than it letting it control you. I wish it could be an overnight success, nearly 7 years on and I'm still working on myself with counselling.

I do suffer from low self-esteem with myself. I do wish there was that part of me who use to be out-going and could do whatever, whenever. Realistically I've got 3 years left until my 30's but I feel this was my path. The ideas I had at 19 vanished - the woman I was becoming began to change drastically and I've had to spend nearly 7 years getting to know who this new part of me is. Isn't that growth? Changing, adapting, knowing how to let that one mistake go but learn from it.

I believe our 20s are the hardest labour of them all. Getting to know who we are as adults. So much changes from our young adulthood, jobs change & end. Teenage sweethearts die or leave us for girls who use to be Charlie Sheen's goddesses. Our friend circles becoming smaller and we begin to value that word acquaintances. Some people are just lucky and can sail through it but that's not all of us. I've made progression as I've said, I can do little things alone (on impulse most times), I studied to be a make-up artist, taking myself to Soho daily. Made new friends. Kept blogging and just kept at life cause that's what I've got to do to proceed but it's still there, it's still apart of who I am but it's not all of me.

The biggest goal I've set is to love & understand myself. Once my mental strength is there I can be there for others who need it as I can give the best of me.

After all I've got to be me forever, right?!

Wasting My 20s (And I Feel Fine)

This reminds me of Inspector Gadget. What else can this thing do!? Well it can only do two things but it saves the time in needing to have multiple items to do different jobs on our faces. This here is a cleansing brush & an epilator.

Above is the epilator attachment, the 10 micro openings grab even the finest of hairs 0.02mm. I've used this on my chin and upper lip. I mostly get hairs in the corner of my mouth, I just twist my mouth to the opposite side so the skin is taut, I find that works best for me. There is two directional settings, right & left and whichever way the hair grows you've got to use the direction in the opposite direction get my drift?! We gotta get those sucker's out from the root. Honestly I cannot give you a pain rating, pain thresholds vary from person to person and mines highly tolerable. Yes, I'm noticing the hair regrowth is slowing down, I use this probably every other week as I want to always grab out those hairs as they start coming through. Got to keep on top of that 'tache. I do this before my night-time routine (if honest I don't get as much redness as I would of thought) on a clean, dry face, once I've finished which is a quick enough job I always clean the appliance after each use and then I apply a soothing gel before I continue with my face routine a few hours later giving the treated area time to cool if needed.
I've had a few cleansing brushes over time and I do like this brush. It's smaller than a few others I have but it makes for a more accurate cleanse around certain areas. My nose is one area I can suffer with dryness or very mild blackheads if it's not cleaned thoroughly. It works similar to most brushes except there isn't any different settings in the fact of, deep cleanse, sensitive skin etc it's one speed and you can change the brush direction to left or right.

It's battery operated by 1 AA battery (not included) you get a cleaning brush, a pouch and an illuminating light, I love this light there's also a timer on it, can't say how long but it does switch off which is helpful as God knows I could just shut the lid and be done away with it and leave it burning. I do wish the brush had a cover for it as it would make it more hygienic when storing. The epilator is very handy due to it being slim it's more precise for the upper lip / eyebrows / chin or forehead. I've tried it on my upper brows where the hair starts to join my hairline area and well who doesn't appreciate a smooth face after hair removal.

Here's an interview I did with Epilator Central where I mention the Braun Face

How do you keep your face hair free & smooth?

Braun Face RRP £89.99

Braun Face 831 Beauty Edition

I mentioned previously I had ordered something from December's TheVeganKind box. It was these Harpers Bizarre candles. These are 2 wick soya wax candles and whoa, do they smell, in the best way possible. They come in different categories to help you pick out a scent that you think will suit you such as fresh, floral, patisserie, interior, kitchen, retro..you get the drift.

There's also Charity Candles, they support Jerry Green Dog Rescue which I think is fantastic as my parents last and current dog have been beautiful rescue dogs. Giving back to a charity is important especially ones that are close to your heart.

Lemon Sherbert £8.00 / Little Black Cat £8.00 / Jingle Bells £8.00
3 for £20

Jingle Bells was a limited edition candle from the Christmas collection. Jingle Bells, I got for my friend's xmas box after she briefly smelled my miniature candle from the TheVeganKind box. The aroma it gives is a combination of Spiced wine, soft pears and oranges. Lemon Sherbert is amazingly lemony lol, just purely sugar lemon heaven scent (aha, see what I did there!) Little Black Cat was one of their 101 charity candles. £3 from every sale goes to Jerry Green Dog Rescue. The scent this spiced Autumn candle has is Autumn cider, ripe dark cherries and an undertone of cinammon. The combination is comforting and relaxing.

You don't have to pay out the ear for good smelling candles that last. My small one I've been burning on / off for about 3 weeks and it's just finished. They retail at £8 each or 3 for £20.

Harpers Bizarre Candles

They will possess you unless you change the number on your dial.
Armpit shot & no deodorant white marks but a lot of fun. Sweated out a good twist out but all in the name of good fun, hours on end. That's always something I think of due to me 95% of the time being in black, nobody wants to see those deodorant marks under the pits, especially if your arms spend most the time up in the air.
Me and my friend had the most fun playing on the wii the other day even if we was laughing most the time but the sweat beads were real and apart from me drinking all the water, laughter and moving your ass cheeks is the best way to feel good and lose some calories. Deciding to play Michael Jackson: The Experience, after playing this repeatedly and sweating my invisible balls off, I'm convinced Michael sweated that nose off.
Whenever I think of deodorant, a couple of things honestly come to mind, I don't need those white marks on my t-shirt and will it help to keep my underarms remotely dry while working out or just being highly active? If you know me, my wardrobe palette is mostly black, white, grey and pale pink but I'm mostly in black or grey daily and having those white marks after applying deodorant or exercising is unfortunate, boo! I was sent the Sure Crystal Invisible Black + White Diamond Deodorant* to try out. It's anti white and yellow stains protecting your clothes from any sweat or marks. Plus it's anti-sweat, big claim for me because when I say I sweat, I sweat from my scalp, chest, underarms, crotch the lot, I sweat. I still sweat but surprisingly it wasn't to the point sweat was running down my arm or uncomfortable but there was still sweat cos that was a sign of fat crying ha!

Sure Crystal Invisible Black + White Diamond Deodorant

Hi Darlings.
Taking a break from sniffling my nose, coughing out my lungs and my tickling cough. I've had a chance to delve through my January TheVeganKind box and trial some nibbles. I unfortunately couldn't get to do last months box (amongst other post) which was unfortunate as it was a nice box and I even ordered some stuff from that box for gifts and for myself. I will show you in a post at a later date.

Powder of....Superfoods Cereal Pots 65g/£2.29
Power of Red...Strawberry, goji and beetroot. 100% organic gluten free ingredients filled with antioxidants and phytonutrients. This is a quick and easy on the go breakfast, take this on your travels to work or into work for something that's ready within 20 seconds by adding hot or cold water, put the lid back on and wait 20 seconds and you've got a creamy oat cereal.

Greenfrog Soap Nuts 250g/£3.99
You should know I'm all for soap nuts by now but I never knew Greenfrog did them, very reasonably priced for something that can be used multiple times. Soap nuts are a natural and chemical free way to do your washing.

Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps Sea Salt & Black Pepper 35g/£1.00
Hectares Sweet Potato Crisps...I love sweet potato, well potatoes in general so any excuse, these are very nice, they have that mild spice with the peppers don't taste much of the salt. I find them a tad drying in the mouth but other than that they are moreish and have a good munch to them.

Creative Nature Tropical Treat Bar 38g/0.99p
Ginger, pineapple and coconut. You can really taste the coconut and it's delicious and a good snack in between meals or when your just feeling a bit pickish. My nan now pinched the rest of my Creative Nature Bar lol.

Pulsin Raspberry & Goji Raw Choc Brownie 50g/£1.79
It's very rich due to the raw chocolate. It's edible but for me in pieces, I don't mind chocolate but rich chocolate is too rich for my blood. I've found this to be same with most the Pulsin bars I have tried.

Clearspring 100% Organic Fruit on the Go - Pear 100g/0.89p
Purée always reminds me of baby food, can't lie. I read on the Clearspring website these can be used as toppings, snacks or even frozen to make a sorbet. While trying this Sweep made a show and enjoyed a lick of the purée. It's definitely 100% pears, I'm not sure I can get my head around the purée just yet but I suppose it's not much different to a smoothie.

Did you get TheVeganKind box this month?

Btw don't forget it's Veganuary.

TheVeganKind #15

LVHM (Moët Hennessy • Louis Vuitton), Unilever, Beiersdorf, Johnson & Johnson, Shiseido, Estée Lauder, L'Oréal and Procter & Gamble are some of the biggest parent companies that this world has. Each one of those brands own several of your favourite everyday brands, L'Oréal last year acquired NYX & Urban Decay, the latter I was complete shocked about as it seemed very under the radar and more shocking due to the 2012 small controversy. While Estee Lauder acquired Glam Glow which goes through at some point this month. From what I've read and noticed the brands below allow for some of their products when required by law to be tested on animals. Some brands like The Body Shop, Aveda, Bare Minerals, Urban Decay still refuse to test their products on animals contrary to what their parent companies beliefs are. It's a catch 22 because the money for the purchases goes back to the parent company who support animal testing but it's 100% up to you where you draw the line.

- I hope this helps some of you who are wondering who owns whom and their policy on animal testing. The list doesn't include EVERY brand but I did select the most popular and tried to stick to ones that are available in the UK & mostly worldwide. I'll probably update the list over time.

Note :- Coty also is the brand for celebrity fragrances such as Beyoncé, David Beckham, Enrique Iglesias, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry & Vera Wang.

Animal Testing Policy

L’Oréal has not used animals to test its finished products since 1989, except in the case where national legislation requires it. This is the case in certain countries where L’Oréal operates and in those locations regulations require testing using animals before substances can be registered for commercial use.

Unilever is committed to the elimination of animal testing. We are equally committed to consumer health and safety, and to the safety of our workforce and the environment. We do not test finished products on animals unless demanded by the regulatory authorities in the few countries where this is the law. In such cases, we try to convince the local authorities to change the law. Where some testing of ingredients is required by law or currently unavoidable, we aim to minimise the number of animals used.

Proctor & Gamble
P&G will only conduct research involving animals in the development and evaluation of our products as a last resort, when all reasonable alternatives have been exhausted. In those situations where such research is necessary (e.g., when required by law), we will ensure the humane treatment of all animals and will meet or exceed all legal requirements regarding animal welfare.

Coty, INC
Coty voluntarily ceased testing finished cosmetic products on animals in 1991, long before the official European ban on such testing in 2004. Coty has been actively involved for many years in the research and development of alternatives to animal testing... We do not perform, nor do we ever commission any third parties on our behalf to perform, animal testing on our products or ingredients. Our safety assessment of cosmetic ingredients is based on the use of recognized alternatives to animal testing, the use of existing safety data and, increasingly, the sharing of such data from and with other industries.

Estee Lauder
The Estée Lauder Companies Inc. is committed to the elimination of animal testing… We do not conduct animal testing on our products or ingredients, nor ask others to test on our behalf, except when required by law. We evaluate our finished products in clinical tests on volunteer panels.

If all alternative methods to animal testing were completed to confirm the safety of cosmetic ingredients, no animal testing would be required. However, at the current scientific level, not all alternative methods have been established or authorized, and in order to guarantee customer safety and security, there are now cases in which safety tests involving animal testing are necessary according to either the law or product safety assurances.

[The] various brands of the LVMH Perfumes and Cosmetics business group no longer use animal testing to evaluate the safety of cosmetic products

Johnson & Johnson
JOHNSON'S® products are not tested on animals. We also follow the EU animal testing ban worldwide and do not test cosmetic ingredients on animals, except for cases where testing is required by law or government authorities.
As a company, we're committed to both supporting work to eliminate the use of animal testing, and developing alternative, non-animal research methods.

Beiersdorf does not conduct tests on animals for cosmetic products. We believe that the development of cosmetic products must avoid the utilization of animal tests. This policy not only meets the wishes of many consumers, but also reflects the progress of scientific research and the corresponding legal requirements. For 20 years, Beiersdorf has been successfully developing 'in vitro' alternatives to tests on animals. This work has been conducted in part with manufacturer associations and expert bodies. Beiersdorf is one of the world's leading, best known and accepted research companies in this area.

Are you surprised by some of the brands?

Who-Owns-Whom - Beauty

Curly hair can be fuss free for me but I also find it expensive. I'm always looking for alternative cheaper products which in retrospect ends up being costly and sometimes unnecessary. I was watching a video by NaturalNeiicey and noticed the salon was using a lot of Creme of Nature products, a brand I've not used before so I decided to give it a go as the products are quite budget friendly. After doing a little searching online I noticed that some review were saying that those who could benefit from the Creme of Nature line are those with frequently and heavily relaxed, curled, or coloured, extensively damaged, particularly course so hoping onto Pak Cosmetics, I placed an order in October.

Creme of Nature - Argan Oil Review

Mineral Oil. Petroleum.

Being in this beauty blogging community you hear & see those words and warning signs, skulls, exclamation marks are throwing up in front of your eyes. Steer clear!! They don't help the skin it coats what it touches and don't allow anything to breathe. One of the biggest person I heard mentioning mineral oils was Caroline Hirons and the points she brings up are true, it is cheap and it's normally put into products as a filler and also because it doesn't oxidize your products can have a longer shelf life. It's also colourless and fragrance free making it a top option to put into products. Mineral Oil also known as soft paraffin, is the liquid form of petrolatum.

Where does mineral oil come from?

Mineral oil comes from crude oil, this is true but that does not mean it possesses the same properties or even similar that you'll find in petrol. "Crude oil is formed when biological material (from algae and plankton) gets buried under the sea. Over millions of years, the pressure transforms the carbon-containing compounds in the once-living tissue into the carbon-containing compounds which make up crude oil."

Paraffin wax which you'll find in most candles come from mineral oil but we all know that petrol and flammable components do not mix.  Just because it comes from the same original source doesn't mean it's act, look or be the same. Cosmetic grade mineral oil isn't comedogenic, industrial mineral oil on the other hand is comedogenic.

"John Hopkins University named mineral oil in cosmetics and moisturisers as the number two cause of aging (first being direct exposure to sun). It may also cause allergic reactions and dryness, as well as promote acne and other skin disorders."

According to this study in 2005 we shouldn't look for products that say they are 'mineral oil free' but 'non comedogenic' (doesn't block the pores). Mineral oil doesn't cause breakouts as once thought. Like a lot of statements to come out of the 70's such as sunbathing in baby oil, we shouldn't be quick to follow blindly ones views. Mineral oil does sit on the skin but it also moisturises, if you suffer from dry skin your not going to get much benefit from mineral oil because your skin lacks water to begin with so there's not much to retain. Our skin does not breathe, we are not amphibians but our skin does absorb such things as vitamins and some oxygen. Our skin is there as a cover to protect our organs from harmful toxins & the environment.
-Marilyn Monroe was known to smoother her face in petroleum jelly & even layer her powder on top.

Man-made vs Natural

There are labs around the world that are developing these new marketing ploys that help wrinkles, fight anti-aging, trying to source that fountain of youth in a chemical. I was looking at the Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream ingredients and noticed she has an Swiss patented bio-nymph peptide ingredient, made in a Swiss laboratory. Researching this ingredient it's derived from the South American tobacco plant (which is the parent plant of the plant that tobacco is sourced from). Let's not forget that chemistry is everywhere in ingredients, natural ingredients don't come with a list of ingredients but what if they did this post was interesting and backed up the fact that even natural ingredients are essentially a chemical too. Don't get me wrong, I love to use natural products on my skin but I've also used products that have told me they help spots / acne and broke me out even more! Our own skin reacts differently to someone else. Follow with caution and find out what's best for you. I'm not saying everyone needs to now go ahead and use mineral oil but why is it that such things as mineral oil that is man-made is automatically labelled toxic? Some essential oils are labelled toxic even Parsley in high doses can be abortive in pregnant women. Dosages for essential oils have to be taken note of! Man-made - natural. It's all a chemical! Is there scaremongering tactics by companies and the media?

Dispelling The Myth!

I'm just trying to dispel myths for my own sake, Natural products work well for me but I wouldn't 100% snub a product that has mineral oil in. Sometimes I feel we've got people who have become name brand & price tag snobs and will look upon others who use budget products as less than. I've seen it and it happens. Everyone loves to see luxury and god forbid if you use Nivea instead of Crème de la Mer (even though one of the highest ingredients is Petroleum) it costs no more to make it's just a fancy name brand. I look at it is when I was younger I was bathed and moisturised in products with mineral oils of cosmetic variations and I never suffered with acne or any skin problems.

I just stress to DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH before firmly saying it's this and that because a few people said so and it's worked for them, look for yourself if you're so concerned, look at how your skin reacts and judge from your own point of view. You might just be saying it's the mineral oil in the product that broke you out, instead of the combination of the ingredients as a whole. Note:- I used a natural facial toner and I was burned by it, the company was helpful and did tests and did say that it could of been the combination of other products I used with it that gave it that reaction (read more here). Every industry man-made / tested on animals / organic would love you to think theirs is the better option, that's how money is made. This depends on how deeply you want to look into this and the trust you have in companies. I've heard mineral oil has been linked to cancer and it's very divided We never know what they could be putting into our skin products (medicines, food etc.) it's just our own trust and opinions on these things - after research.

Dispelling The Myth - Mineral Oil