"Tea Latte" This colour has become a favourite of mine, next to black. It was the first product I used last month out of the new collection, you might be able to tell due to the nail length difference. I believe I did two coats just to be sure but SUQQU say that these nail colors are good for clearing nail dullness and reducing discolouration. They also contain a moisturising botanical squalane to keep the nails moisturised. I found that there is a slight shimmer that runs through the shade, it doesn't look too one dimensional.
SUQQU Nail Polish £18.00

SUQQU Tea Latte

This can be a simple gift but also full of love, you can give this to a family member and/or friends but it's one that I'm sure the receiver will really love and admire the time and thought put into this. All you need is a jar, paper, a pen and your heart.
Simply write on strips of paper adjectives, short poems, reasons why you love or admire this recipient. Tear these off or you can make different shapes for the papers beforehand such as hearts, stars, jagged edges anything you want. Pop these papers into the jar, if your lucky or if they're lucky, it'll fill to the top!

It'll give them something to read through, any time they are feeling a bit glum & in need of a pick me up, they can always reach for this jar and be reminded all the positive things that they bring to someone who loves them.

Jar of Love.

I really do adore perfumes. They can say and reflect a lot about a person, I think I've always been drawn to certain notes. My love affair with perfume has been one from early childhood, I would sneak into my nan's room and dab her perfume onto my neck. I use to dowse my school jumper in Calvin Klein Eternity.

As I've got older, I've developed my own 'trademark notes'. Woody, floral, fruity are my favourites that can be hidden within the top heart or base. More often when I see certain names, I'm automatically drawn to them, Ylang Ylang, is one.
M. Micallef Ylang in Gold, could I say no? Of course not, a full sized 100ml bottle is quite an expensive bottle. When this was released in 2012 as part of the Collection Jewel the notes of this fragrance were kept secret until the launch.

Tangerine, geranium, sage, rosemary, artemisia,
Ylang Ylang, sandalwood, lily of the valley, magnolia, mint, coconut, vanilla, musk, moss.

The scent isn't daring, it's alluring in the sense that it's soft and easy to wear. Vanilla & Ylang Ylang come through very prominently. The actual EDP comes in two different types. You can have Ylang in Gold that is infused with a 24k gold powder which leaves a sheer, subtle gold shimmer onto your skin where you've sprayed. That might not be for everyone. There's the second bottled called Ylang not in Gold, which leaves the shimmer out but the bottles are still the same, decorated with Rhinestones and a gold top.

The worst part about this, I cannot find anywhere that stocks this fragrance or prices. A price I have seen floating around was $265 for 100ml.

M.MICALLEF - Le Parfum Denis Durand Couture

That little black spray bottle on the right is the Denis Durand Couture. Upon first spritz, I get this strong musky aroma, it was enough to make me move back. As I let it sit on the skin, it settles in.
Head Notes: Ceylon cinnamon, Italian tangerine
Heart Notes: Bulgarian rose, orange blossom, honey and animalis
Base Notes: sandalwood, patchouli, amber and white musk.

M. Micallef Ylang in Gold EDP

If your going shopping for a last minute Mother's Day present how about something from Rituals...?
With some products that can be viewed at being for the lady of the manor such as:

Pure Rose Fragrance Sticks £24.50
This diffuser will release a gorgeous rose & cedar wood aroma
allowing her to relax and unwind within a room in the home.

Rose Wisdom Tea Tin £13.00
Rituals also do Rose tea that you could pop into this
tea tin that your mother will sure appreciate the beautiful
floral design and a soothing cuppa at the end of the day.

Serenity Hand Lotion £15.00
Ahh washing up, always seems like mum's duty, huh?
With these items the washing will look not so grim.
Once she's washed up, she can soothe her hands with
some added TLC.

Under a Fig Tree Scented Candle £19.50
This candle burns for up to 50 hours, so it'll last a long while,
Fresh Gig & Copaiba oil will give her a balance of relaxation and well-being.  

Available from Ritual's stores, selected House of Fraser and John Lewis stores.

Mother's Day with Rituals...

My favourite products aren't cruelty-free
I've been in this position, when the Chinese law came into effect, I was left in a position of, great! I've accumulated all this make-up and now it's going to waste & I can't repurchase my favourites. I've stated previously that I'm using what I have left as money cannot just be thrown away but what I do is Google dupes. You'll be surprised how many dupes are out there for nail polish, make-up and skincare products.

I can't find brands that are cruelty-free
This is hard, terminology can be a little tricky as they begin to look like a legal form and who understands those? I wrote a guideline previously about understand the Bunny Logos. Research, research, research! That's what it boils down to, compile a list of companies that you find to help you out, TheVeganKind is a box that introduces you monthly to products, from household, skincare and food. The Leaping Bunny has a list you can search through for approved brands. Plus there are plenty of cruelty-free blogs around the internet that can help you.

One more person won't make a difference
Ah, the common myth that needs busting. 100% rubbish, one more person makes all the difference, it leads to your education of knowledge in the subject, discussing it with acquaintances, friends & family. It might not change someones views overnight but over given time, they may be more receptive and begin to change their views. Since I've become vegetarian and now started to practice being a vegan, my grandmother is always looking for household products that are cruelty free. My mum also asks me if certain brands test and I remember she was surprised when I told her Dove test on animals. A close friend of mine has started to be more aware of products and told me I've got her looking out for products that aren't tested on animals.
The more companies are being supported with their unethical views, they will not think twice about changing their ways because they are still getting a substantial income from consumers.

Fashion isn't cruelty-free
Fashion can be a tricky one but such keywords as, faux, pleather and vegan when searching for clothes/shoes online is a help. I live in faux leather trousers - absolutely live in them. You can find alternatives, it's about reading labels and knowing about where you are supporting in re to child labour laws (check your smart phone!).

We all have excuses for things or live to wait on laws to change to make it easier but if you truly want to make a difference, self education & research costs you nothing. The excuses and waiting will be no more. I truly believe it's a learning curve and not something that is done overnight but making that step, is a step towards a change.

Top 4 Myths For Not Going Cruelty-Free

The worst month so far this year was definitely this month for me. I was on a low, depressed, stressed and just at that point of do I even care anymore?! Girl, is my skin not telling the story of that? Now I'm paying the price and having to try and reverse the dry, dull and tired skin that is also breaking out like a Baboons backside. I've mentioned multiple times I suffer from pigmentation therefore spots are a dreaded thing for me cos I know the outcome and I'm dealing now with a few more dark spots around my mouth *scowls*

I have to get hold of my Dr. Lewinn's Even Tone cream, I'm running low, it works a treat but stinks and that's down to the turmeric, so what did I do? Headed to the kitchen and mixed up a mask of my own :

Rid Acne & Dark Spots
1tbs Turmeric
1tbs Natural Yoghurt

Mixed it together and apply using a brush, I have a foundation brush I never used from a kit that I use to apply all my mud masks, I left it on for roughly 15 minutes and washed it off using tepid water and a flannel, use a flannel you don't mind getting stained as Turmeric is known for its staining properties (I washed mine as soon as I was done to minimise this). Careful your skin might have a tint to it, I did wipe over my face with a cotton pad & sweet almond oil afterwards and continued to notice the yellow rubbing off. Thankfully I was mulling around the home not feeling well so looking as if I had jaundice didn't bother me, it's probably best to do it near bedtime or when you've nowhere to go. I'm aiming to do this twice a week.

Another way to encourage brighter skin is by making a natural juice drink for yourself, admittedly I was apprehensive with this green drink, green juices for me hold no appeal, surprisingly it tasted ah-ma-zin-gly great.

All Clear
Few slices or chunks of pineapple
1/2 cucumber
1/2 apple

Throw it in a juicer or blender and pour onto ice if you wish and enjoy! It's great for daily consumption. Apple and cucumber help the skin by boosting hydration and alkalinity while the pineapple's enzyme 'Bromelain' helps your digestion system & good skin, all 3 of these together calm inflammation.

Is there anything that works for you to tackle spots?

Clear Skin Inside & Out

I've never seen my grandmother go to Bingo but when I asked her she told me that she has played it, a lot. In my 26 years I've yet to see her go, she's obviously sneaking out like a teenager going to an underground rave. Gala Bingo have a promo to celebrate Mother's Day but instead of me playing Gala Bingo, I've listed on a bingo card above (click it to enlarge) 25 reasons why I love my nan.

I've done it in the format that same of the numbers represent the amount of times she has done something for me - albeit a rough estimate and the other numbers are just there cos it's a bingo card.

Thought it would be a different spin on Mother's Day, as she is still a mother but she's definitely like a second mother to me more than a grandmother. She has been told, this is her Mother's Day gift! - of course it's not but who would I be without a little wind up.

Have you got anything planned or purchased for the special mother in your life?

25 Reasons Why I Love My Grandmama

I just decided to mix some lilac.

Using Sleek MakeUP Pout Paints I chose Mauve Over as my base colour & dropped in some Cloud 9 to continue to lighten until desired colour appears!

So what do you think should I go lilac/lavender or not on my hair ?

Blowing Lilac Lips

Spring has officially broken this week and The Body Shop have a collection soon to be released that will have us all reminded that a lot of things will be grown, smelling fresh and gardens looking like a colour war. I have a body scrub & body butter here, the body scrub reminds me of Jam, it's texture and appearance scream, raspberry jam!! The scent of this body scrub lingers on the skin after I've exfoliated, softened and brightened up my skin. Just the look of this makes me want to eat it and I don't even do jam.

I read a post this week that had alerted me that the body shop butters & moisturisers contain parabens within the ingredients list. Quite disappointing to say the least, I checked a miniature body butter I had got and lo and behold! It had the ingredients Proylparaben & Methylparaben. I did check the ingredients for this latest body butter and there isn't any parabens but there is dimethicone for future reference. If your not sure about the Bens, when in doubt, leave it out & of course just check the ingredients list before purchase, it's what the peel back is for.
Body Butter 200ml £13.00
Body Scrub 200ml £12.50

Other items within the collection you can select from are Body Lotion 250ml £8
Shower Gel 250ml £4.00
Eau De Toilette 30ml £8.50 - seriously will have to pick up the EDT, not that my perfume holder can take anymore but what the hey!

The 5 piece collection will be available at The Body Shop from 15th April 2014

The Body Shop Early-Harvest Raspberry Collection

My hair is a lot like my skin, confused and combined. It's either too dry or too greasy but an occurring problem are tangles! Probably down to my curls and even though I'm lucky that when my hair is wet & gathered gathered , it stretches out to a wave to an almost straight pattern to give me an easier time to run the wide tooth comb throughout my hair but once it starts to dry, the curls form and scrunch upwards, the tangles appear and I'm all of a sudden tender headed.

Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment can be used on dry & wet hair with 10 effects that it targets & helps.

1. Repair for dry and damaged hair.
2. Shine and frizz control.
3. Heat protection.
4. Silkiness and smoothness.
5. Hair colour protection/with UVA and UVB filters.
6. Easier brushing and ironing.
7. Incredible detangling.
8. Long-lasting hairstyle.
9. Split ends prevention.
10. Adds body.

The texture inside the bottle reminds me of - have any of you ladies made your own leave in conditioner or daily spray from conditioner and water? - well it's quite similar to that, just a tad thicker but it's not a problem when it sprays out, it flows. Also the scent..is a glorious...tropical...shell clanking..scrumptious coconut. I found it hard to find a good leave-in conditioner, I finally got one before getting this but it works ok as a leave-in and it's great for detangling my next day curls. I don't drench my hair how I've found it works for me is by sectioning my hair into four and spraying each section and detangle as I work my way to the top of my head. Uniq One advises:

Wet hair : Apply at a 20cm distance from the hair & use 6-8 sprays in short hair, 7-12 in medium hair and 10-15 in long hair, then comb through. Dry hair : Apply on the palm of your hand. Use 2-3 sprays in short hair, 3-5 in medium hair and 4-6 in long hair. Apply an appropriate amount of product to the palm of the hand and distribute over the hair from half-length down to the ends.

Reading the ingredients the first two ingredients are Aqua (Water) (Eau),lCetearyl Alcohol - which is a fatty (ok) alcohol. This alcohol is actually derived from coconut & palm oils and is a very soft & moisturising ingredient. Yet it contains Isopropyl alcohol which is a 'short chain' meaning it has very few carbon backbones and I have read isn't a good alcohol for our type of hair as it can be very drying and actually dissolve our natural hair oils. I haven't found anything to be too drying for my hair but I don't need to detangle each day. I've been using my other purchased leave in conditioner as I do prefer this as an  every other day detangler or when need be.

Price ranges from £10 - £14 depending on where you purchase it.

Have you tried anything from Uniq One or Share with me your favourite leave-in/detangler!

Uniq One All in One Hair Treatment Coconut

Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment Coconut

Strolling along Boots, it's my ultimate drug store paradise, not only because the points rack up but there's always something to pick up and tempt. On this particular day it was the Rita Ora X Rimmel London collaboration. They only had 5 of the 12 shades in stock *boo!* So I picked up 3 - the other two I left behind (for now) was Don't Be Shy & White Hot Love.

Lose Your Lingerie, Breakfast in Bed and Orgasm.

I'm loving my pastel colours as of late but I threw in Orgasm cos 1. the name & 2. I don't think I have an orange in my collection - I'm probably incorrect.
What gives these nail polishes the different edge is the pop art stamp on the lid, the background & image of Rita Ora's fingertips on each stamp is in a similar tone of the nail polish itself. This gives it it's own look to separate it to the other 60 Seconds polishes.

Has anyone else picked any of these up?

Boots £3.69 each

Rimmel London x Rita Ora Nail Polish

Can you believe TVK is on it's fifth box already, damn! It's still going strong and I'm still happy to share with all you lovelies. This box has a variety as always, household to snacks to spices. As I'm typing, I'm snacking on the chickpeas - yeah I know *boo healthy* but healthy fun lol.

I'm a lover of coconut scents never been too keen on coconut itself but I've found as I've grown older I don't mind the taste as much. These four dome shaped coconut treats by SAF Express come in a mixture of plain, mint and berry coconut flavour. Even though they are quite hard and I had to use a knife to cut pieces of, I liked about these are the varied taste and you could take them to work as part of a packed lunch or just as an everyday snack. The Green Frog washing up liquid is part of the family of the disinfectant that I have & continue to use, free from SLS and with a lemon scent - perfect. I have been snacking on these while writing up this post, according to the description it's a Jamaican jerk flavoured fiery chickpeas, honestly while munching them I didn't identify any jerk but it is definitely packed with flavour with a sudden after taste of spice. I'm not good with raisins so unfortunately did pass on this brownie, it's filled with anti-oxidant raw rich cacao, almonds, raisins along with vanilla and cashew. New powder to cook with? Yup, this Harrisa powder is included in this book and it's good to use on grilled mushrooms and char-grilled vegetables but what I'm looking forward to doing is to use it as a spice for homemade pizza or bean burgers.

There we have it, this months Vegan Kind, spicy and island flavoured.

TheVeganKind #5

Being that my favourite colour is pink, yes that's correct. My favourite colour is pink, I decided to try NV Peekaboo, there's something about the colour that made me want to see it in person and I adore it. This creme polish with a glossy finish is lovely. I did two coats but my nails were inconsistent with streaks, so I did three that covered well and gave a good look for the photo too. It's girlie and reminds me of bubblegum - perfect!
I don't mind polishes that have a bulky handle, as I know for some it can be a hassle but I never seem to notice from thin to thick, go figure but what I did notice, is the colour name isn't included anywhere on the bottle, that could be an issue if I built up a collection and wanted to know the shade. Apart from that, for £3.50 I'm sure to check out more of the collection.

Peekaboo Nail Varnish 14ml £3.50

NV Peekaboo Nail Varnish

Everyone is Irish on March 17th

I decided to finally use the Lime Crime Zodiac Glitters I have laying around in my drawer. I love glitter, are you ever too old for glitter? So I threw some glitter dust and got to work, Guinness in hand. I quite like these glitters, of course you have to be safe with glitter around the eye area, it's a pest to get off and it's even more annoying when it falls and might get into the eyeballs.

If you're celebrating or have been celebrating, have a good one, today we're all Irish and throwing it back & YES my Guinness foam is actually green, whaaaat! Mama Laa taught me that one.

St. Patrick's Day Make-Up

Let me start off by saying, The Body Shop, Why?! This collection smells absolutely divine. I'm obsessed, I think I sprayed everything I owned. That being said, yes I went a little stir crazy for the scent. The entire range has four items including a shower gel. The fragrance mist I keep in the bathroom, after I've bathed and moisturised I will spray this onto my skin straight away so it hangs onto my cream and smell longer throughout the day. If I'm going out I'll use the EDT and spray onto my neck, back of leg and wrists. It's delicate, feminine and I'm upset that it's limited edition as it's such a gorgeous scent to have for the upcoming Spring months. You can purchase these online and in-store for the next three months, get Spring covered for less.

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.

The Body Shop | English Dawn White Gardenia Collection

Maybe it's the sin of vanity that's inside of me but how far have you ever thought of going when it comes to treating your skin due to acne problems, I've thought about laser acne treatment?

I've documented several times that I suffer from pigmentation, any time I see a spot appear on my face, I dread the aftermath because it doesn't matter what I do, I end up with a dark mark when it goes down. I've often thought about getting a more intense treatments such as peels. Thankfully I don't get things such as ice pick scars but a lot of people do and it can be a result of the body doing what it does best and naturally repairing the wound and with the excess of collagen build up, it may stay in place permanently creating the scar we see that creates the pits in the skin.

So what causes hyperpigmentation, if you have more melanin in your skin, pigmentation is more likely to occur more. The actual word for it is Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation. It happens when a wound, spot or rash that has caused skin inflammation triggers the skin to produce too much melanin. The excess melanin discolours and darkens the area after the area has healed.

There are ways to deal with these, I know SK:N clinics have acne treatment & can help these issues with a course of 1-6 treatments, I've often wanted to get a skin peel, get the even skin tone quicker than having to wait at least 6-9 months for my skin to completely even out using milder drug store products - I'm too impatient and I have read peoples previously recommending it and read through articles.

Has anyone had any sort of acne laser treatment before?

Acne Treatment*

I haven't had a Love Me Beauty box for a couple of months now? Just nothing struck me enough so I didn't bother but I quite liked the look of this months options. I opted for menu one which contained 3 full size & 3 sample sized products. There is four products that I wanted to try so this is why I decided on it. Here's a run down of the contents.
Deep Steep - Moisture Stick in Lavender Chamomile ( full size ) £3.60, this smells very much like lavender, so if it's not your scent, I wouldn't suggest it. This is good for those with any dry skin, this moisture stick will target that one area and allow the heat from your body to melt the moisturiser within your skin to banish it.

I adore bath salts, always have to have them or oils (mainly both at the same time) Quintessentially English Bath Salts in English ( sample size ) Rose £4.25 is one of the reasons I wanted this box. Ahh as soon as I opened the concealed plastic packaging there was a whiffed of soothing rose, delicate and relaxing.

The Murad Sheer Lustre Day Moisturiser with SPF15 ( sample size ) £64.00 will allow you to have deeply hydrated skin when used daily, the spf factor will help your skin be protected against any harmful UV rays while minimising lines and giving a natural dewy glow.

I'm suffering badly from dark circles, getting darker by the days so this Nip+Fab CC Eye Fix in Light ( full size ) £6.00 will come in handy, I'm unsure if light will be correct for me, might be too light but I'll see, if I like I will see if there are more shades. It has light diffusing pigments to help brighten and lift the appearance of the eye area, while the beeswax helps to protect and care for the delicate area. It's an eye cream and concealer in one.

Blanx White Shock Toothpaste ( sample size ) £7.50, I use to use Blanx quite a bit before switching to my vegan toothpaste. I like the results with Blank to be fair. This is the only toothpaste to contain ActiluX which is a non abrasive peroxide free formula that will whiten teeth. Throughout the day the toothpaste continues to work by reacting to light to whiten teeth naturally. Definitely looking forward to this.

I'm not too keen on the The Vintage Cosmetic Company False Lashes in Gracie ( full size ) £6.50, it's not my favourite type of lashes as I do have quite a preference to my lashes.

What do you think of the contents of this box? Did you get a box this month?

Purchase for £10 + p&p

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.

Love Me Beauty | March Edition Box One

Maybe it's the sunshine we've been getting or the daffodils that my Grandmama placed in my bedroom the other day but it just makes me want to lessen the make-up (from what I do wear) and do something that makes me look alive and warm at the same time. I was sent last month makeup from Living Nature. The brand itself is 27 years old this year, made in New Zealand and the brain child of Suzanne Hall, nothing is tested on animals, nothing is synthetic even the packaging is friendly to the environment.

The Tinted Moisturiser has ingredients such as macadamia oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil, shea butter, grapeseed extract, manuka honey, geranium oil, vitamin E and tea tree oil, it has a lot of goodness and I was a little unsure with what colour to choose being there was only three shades, I did get the darker shade and it's a good fit, be great IF my skin does get any darker during the warmer months but it doesn't feel heavy or have I got a bad reaction from it. Thickening Mascara, I wouldn't say it gives me thicker lashes it allows my lashes to be coated twice without clumping and keep my eyes looking subtle for a daily look. Luminous Pressed Powder, I went for medium in this shade, I'm thinking I should of chosen dark but I believe it allows me to get a gradual build if necessary. I quite like this it might be my favourite next to the tinted moisturiser because of the subtle glow it allows me to achieve.

Some of these products may have been sent to me for review. For more information, see my disclaimer.

Spring No MakeUp - MakeUp | Living Nature Review + Video

Of course Boots have another 3 for 2 promotion running throughout their stores & online, I love, I can forever count on Boots. I decided "I'm bored & my hair needs a change!" so what else does this one do, colour, colour, colour. Not sure what I wanted but I've been eyeing going pale pink or lilac for a while now. To do that, I'm going to have to lighten up my hair. Decided to get the Bleach London range so here is what I picked up: Bleach DIY Dip Dye Kit (£7.00), Bleach Silver Conditioner (£5.00) & Bleach Reincarnation Mask (£6.00)

My main concern was the last time I went blonde, the excessive treatment that my hair had to endure over the period of 6 months was horrendous to the point I had to get a cut. With that in mind, I knew that I had to be prepared. I've kept my hair in some what of good condition but regardless, bleach is going to mess with that. I had read about the Reincarnation mask that is provided in the DIY Dip Dye Kit and everyone has raved and held in a HG way, I decided to risk and get the full tube before I'd even used it (oh, the dangers of reading).

I started to apply as instructed and what I found pretty cool is the blending lotion within the kit. You apply this before the bleach so it helps the dye blend into your natural hair colour, no harsh lines. It's instructed to apply the front two sections before the back first, I think doing this was a wrong move for me, it would of been easier to do, back to front in terms of development time, the front lightened up a lot more quicker, ah so it goes.

I rinsed it out and it was quite brassy but I put the Reincarnation mask on (heaven in a tube) my hair felt just like it did before this procedure started, loved it. I still had the brassiness to combat so I consulted my unicorn Halima on what to do but I decided I needed to just calm it down instantly as I had a funeral the next day and I had a medium ash blonde laying around so I slapped that on as it had natural highlights and tones running through it and help combat any brass in hair. Which yes it did - to a degree, the brass part isn't bad in the light but in the dark it seems a little red to me? I used the silver conditioner, maybe in hope that I can tone down that brown/red tint I'm seeing. Next month I may go over it again but I'm pleased, I got compliments about the 'colours running through' well you can't not spot me, the loud mouth with curly hair smacking her in her face. (of course the image below is not a reference to that!)

BLEACH London Review

If you read my tips for nail growth post, you might of noticed I mentioned Silidyn.

It contains stabilised Ortho silicic Acid but what is Orthosilicic Acid? It's naturally found in seaweed and drinking water and is a dietary form of silicon, which is a mineral involved in the formation of collagen and bone. As it's also available in supplement form, it gives us a number of health benefits. Such as hair, bone & joint health.

Silidyn Rejuvenate helps you with nutritional support for:
Skin, hair and nails
Connective tissue
Immune System
Antioxidant effect
Cell regeneration
Maintenance of strong bones

Whenever I think of supplements that go into my drinks, I immediately think "Ew, it's going to taste weird!" Except there is no scent or taste when I put the 8-10 drops into my warm lemon water (as this is the first drink I have for the day), I noticed the supplement is a faint purple that disappears once it goes into the water. The most noticeable improvement I have seen so far is my nail growth, I find my nails are not just longer but stronger *bonus*. My skin also has been quite tame and looks alive but my skin can have bouts depending on my overall mental health. My hair (once wet) has definitely looked to of grown but until I straighten it I won't have a greater knowledge, ah curly sue strikes. I have found my nails have always benefited when supplements are involved, it happened the first time I started to grow them a few years back, it's always worth a try!

Silidyn Rejuvenate £19.95

Silidyn Rejuvenate

NIVEA say that this is a light textured cream, that absorbs quickly and easily spreads onto the skin for soft & supple skin all day. I did give this to my nan to try at first just because at the time I was using something and she was liking this cream a lot, when I unexpectedly ran out of my cream, I reached for her tub to use this and I was surprised at how soft and light this really is. Didn't leave me greasy or feeling that my skin needed more. Now if you read the ingredients they may cause a stir for some and the fact that NIVEA do test on animals was also one of the reasons I gave it to my nan to use. Yes you may spot the Jojoba & Vitamin E but the Petrolatum & mineral oil may be a huge no-no for some. For myself the testing and the mineral oil etc up & down knowledge can also weigh against it.

Has anyone tried this cream? 

Water, Myristyl Alcohol, Mineral Oil (Paraffinum Liquidum), Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Alcohol Denatured, Stearic Acid, Petrolatum, Myristyl Myristate, Glyceryl Stearate, Hydrogenated Coco Glycerides, Dimethicone, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil (Jojoba), Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Polyglyceryl 2 Caprate, Phenoxyethanol, Lanolin Alcohol, Fragrance, Carbomer, Sodium Hydroxide, Cetyl Phosphate, Methylparaben, Ethylparaben, Propylparaben, Butylparaben, Isobutylparaben.

Purchase £6.02

NIVEA Soft Moisturising Cream

I've had an obsession with freckles for the longest time and like anything they can be faked and of course this pencil from & Other Stories didn't escape me.

It's double ended pencil in dark brown or should I say 'Veiling Fawn' two different shades of brown to give your faux freckles a more diverse look. Pretty simple and quick thing to add to your face for a change. Oh what is next to fake huh!?

What do we think?
Purchase £7.00

Faux Freckles