NEOM Refresh Organic Body Wash

This Sicilian Lemon & Fresh Basil body wash from NEOM, I looked forward to receiving. I really enjoy citrus scents but I felt that it didn't have too much of the lemon coming through as I'd love. More woody than citrus. Yet it's refreshing to have while in the bathroom especially in the morning as it can help to wake me up and feel relaxed.

Of course I like that my skin doesn't feel dry during or after use before I moisturise. Contains aloe leaf, chamomile flower & apricot fruit extract. I love aloe for the skin, these ingredients are soothing, shouldn't irritate and calm any irritations. It's a nice addition to the bathroom but I'm on the fence with purchasing, maybe if the price was a little lower. As I do go through body washes like a crazy lady. I don't have many cons besides the price and that I'd love more of a citrus scent.

Refresh Organic Body Wash - Sicilian Lemon & Fresh Basil 240ml £18.00*

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