QVC SS13 Press Day

I met up with Grace from All That Slap and we made our way over to the QVC S/S 13 press day, well after a little department store nose around of course.

A stone throws away from Selfridges, the press day was located in a very lovely penthouse. Made you not want to move.

LuLu & Kelly Hoppen
When I mentioned LuLu to my nan, she stopped me and said 'Wait you met, LuLu?!' I said no and she looked disappointed lool, she said oh yeah LuLu back in the day when she use to be up there, singing and shaking her boobies -lmao, yeah the conversations in this house. So in my mind, any time later, find LuLu for my nan and do a good deed. She does look fabulous for her age though!

We was walked through the extended Liz Earle Make-up range for next year and I decided to be lavished on and there was some colours that she had been dying to use and she thought I was perfect, the lip pencil, lipstick and blush name all escape my mind - so sorry. The collection looks lovely. We was also told about a new hair product by Liz Earle that is being released, smells gorgeous, really was divine in the hair.

We cannot forget the custom cakes, lethal. I was being so good until the shortbread with icing! Then it turned everything upside down as I could of had those all night and get even more bigger. Grace and I got our nails done by the nails inc girls, who were lovely.

Anna Griffin Page Flags - Hairfix - LuLu's Time Bomb ( QVC chocolate lolly ) 

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  1. That little GVC lolly is so cute! Looks like it was a great event :) xo

  2. Everything looks nice,gr8 pics hun&u look lovely x

  3. Looks like a lovely day. Id love to try LuLu's time bomb oil

  4. Looking glamourous dah-ling :) Enjoying seeing the blog continue to change and your growing success! xx


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