Sugar & Sin

Grace & I was walking towards Freemasons Hall on Saturday and we saw this sweet shop SugarSin and we had to go in and ask if we could take some pictures. This is a sweet tooth's haven! Beware lots of deliciousness instore. What I loved more was the fact they had stickers indicating what sweets were vegetarian. Amazing!

location : 
70 long acre 
wc2e 9js

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  1. These are amazing pictures. It reminds me of a sweet stall in Kingston that I used to pass by on my way home.

  2. oh how gorgeous, I have the biggest sweet tooth ever so this is my absolute heaven!!
    great photos :)


  3. omg omg omg!!!! I want to go there!!!

  4. Looove this place, looks right up my street! Will have to make a visit soon.

    Sara xx

  5. Awww I loveeeeee I got a very sweet tooth!

  6. everything looks so sweet and girly love it ! nice shots :D

  7. everything looks so sweet and girly ^^ nice shots!!

  8. The sweets look really familiar like the sweets you find in every Swedish candy shop :) I wonder if the owners are Swedish. Those liquorice rondos are amazing! :D


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