LAQA & CO. Nail Pens & Lip Pencil

LAQA & CO.* is a company first introduced to me by a new company called Sparkling or Still Limited, that have a range of fantastic brands and products to browse through. This is just some of the products I was sent that I have fallen in love with. Firstly the packaging is eye-catching beautiful. The designs are individual to each box, they have some gorgeous colour schemes running through them.

Nail Polish Pen :- Incestuous & Tweedledee
I have never used a nail polish pen before so this was new to me and I must be honest, I prefer these to normal nail polish. You have to give it a little shake, then pump the coloured end where you can see the polish at least 7-8 times and once you begin to see it coming through the bristles, start to apply otherwise it will just drop. (if you have ever used a click pen lip gloss it's the same routine)

Finish is glossy and streak free with practice. Incestous is my current pedicure colour, I just love these pastel, fun colours. It's amazing the pick me up just a colour can do. The drying time is quite good, I'd give it between 5-8 minutes.

Price : £10.50 each
Available From : Sparkling or Still
* I must get Birthday Suit - looks so innocent *

 The passion for red has come back with a vengeance. LAQA & CO. Fat lip pencil in Ring of Fire is indeed how it's described, buttery, glossy and quite moisturising. It's not drying and I love that.
Easy to apply, the finish it beautiful. This pencil also never needs sharpening, simply twist the bottom to get more. This intense red has just swooped me back to my reds - how I love you ring of fire.

Price : £12.50
Available From : Sparkling & Still

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  1. Never heard of either sites before, but i do love the look of the nail polish pens because I've never even thought of using something like that before

  2. I love their packaging it's really pretty. Tempted to get one of their fat lip pencils now. The colour looks lovely on you. :)

  3. I prefer the way the lip pencil performs to the way the nail pens perform.

    I wouldn't use them for my usual mani needs, but they might be good for french tips/nail art with thick lines.

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