The Natural Box

It's the end of the month and last week I received my GLOSSYBOX for the month. April was Earth month and GLOSSYBOX decided to do their part and decided to support brands who believe and help the environment by using natural ingredients and packaging - even this months GLOSSYBOX was 100% biodegradable.

Something different...

So what was included in my box this month :

Glossybox - April 2012 The Natural Box

I quite like Kimora, she knows what she wants and she goes out and does it. While being a mother, wife, model, entrepreneur, author, fashion designer oh my the list could go ON....

"As a little girl, I watched in wonder as my mother and grandmother stood at the mirror paying meticulous attention to their skin. As a woman, I'm proud to take those traditions and combine them with clinically proven science to create an ultra luxurious skincare line for all women. I am humbled to be able to bring this hybrid of ancient and modern skincare to women of all complexions and cultures."

Kimora is a life long skin enthusist and while her Grandmother taught her everything she knows about skin care she also admires her Grandmothers strict regime for luminous skin - which is held very tightly - has allowed her to develop this skincare line.

The secret lies in OMEGAPEARL-18®, an exclusive, clinically proven anti-aging complex formulated from Pearl Powder, Wakame Kelp and Beta-Glucan Mushroom to combat one of the most problematic concerns of pre-mature aging – skin inflammation. Shinto Clinical is packed with anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory ingredients that have been fused into state-of-the-art delivery systems to rejuvenate and nourish skin.

The line debuts with 8 products in total :

  • Wash Away The Years® Anti-Aging Peptide Cleanser 
  • Watch Your Tone® Anti-Aging Peptide Toner 
  • Micro Manage Instant Microdermabrasion Cream
  • Wrinkle Shrink® Instant Wrinkle Eraser 
  • Pore It Out® Instant Pore Concealer & Treatment 
  • All Evens Out Skin Lightening Treatment 
  • @Lash® Eyelash Growth Enhancer 
  • Smooth Answer Anti-Wrinkle & Moisture Boost Cream

Prices range from $32 - $68 
Currently only being sold in the United States at  Nordstrom

Kimora Lee Simmons Skincare Range

I haven't worn nail polish in FOREVER! Just because my nails have been in the worst - nothing is working I may need vitamins but enough about my nails well being.

Let me introduce to you Orly Purple Crush.

Very first introduction into Orly polish. I've heard various things good and bad but you'll never know what side of the fence you're on until you try it yourself.

Under various lights the colour of the polish looks well purple but on the fingers after two coats it looks more of a neon/hot pink.

It does dry matte and a top coat is needed if you don't want that look or just to keep it from peeling / chipping.

Price : £5.00
Purchase : Orly is available at Boots or visit their official OrlyBeauty website

· c/o sample

Orly Purple Crush

Are you mad for mattes? Then if this is true, you'll love the two palettes Sleek has to offer.

I'm hearing through the Beauty grapevine that Sleek MakeUP are launching two matte palettes next month.
Ultra Matte i-Divines will be in two versions :

  • Darks
  • Brights 
I believe brights is v.1 while darks is v.2
They'll be a palette for everyone. Sleek are known for their super pigmented palettes & products in general. While we know that mattes can be flakey and quite chalky what can we expect from the Ultra Matte i-Divines apparently a creamy and blendable texture.

These two will be the first eyeshadow releases from Sleek this year [ if memory serves correctly ]. Available from 9th May 2012.

Sleek MakeUP to Launch Ultra Matte i-Divines?

I prefer prostitute red but I can flow with any colour.

Up until 2008 I never really wore lipstick it was lipgloss that was my thing. Pushing another lipstick into the lipstick drawer I realised I had more than I use but can a girl ever have too much?


My MAC lipstick collection is small, I do have this love / hate relationship with MAC lipsticks, some I fall in love with some I pass on.

LADY DANGER : Matte finish, bright red with coral/orange undertones.
I'm guilty when it comes to my reds, Lady Danger is a stand out shade, very bright for a first time wearer of reds - even for me it was whoa! It's on the warmer end of the shades scale and it's nice for a pin-up look I believe or every day if your like me.

MORANGE : Amplified finish, opaque neon orange.
I've lusted over Morange for awhile - orange. It seems 'different' yes I may wear reds that contain orange undertones but something that's purely orange is something daring. On my skin tone it didn't appear too overbearing and workable 'shock horror' orange workable.

FLESHLIGHT : Lustre finish, perfect nude.
This brown shade is perfect for my lips to give a nude look without looking as if I've wiped my lips off with concealer. Referring to Barry M 101.

LAVENDER WHIP : Cremesheen finish, opaque purple.
After wanting to really venture into purples and after my berry craze, Lavender Whip had to be a must in my lipstick drawer. It is lovely for the brown skin honey's (even if I do look pale sometimes) it's a colour that can be built up it swipes on nicely and if you find a perfect lipgloss the combination is *thumbs up*

STRAYIN* : Frost finish, mid tone pink not as hot as it looks.
Popping the top, you may think "This is a bright one" but once on the lips it's not. It's easy to tone up and down with lip gloss but even on it's on it can work for me. With anything that can be built up, you don't want it to be too much - use less.


Don't sleep on Sleek lipsticks. The pigmentation is ridiculous for the purse friendly price, I don't find them drying and some of the colours can be shocking.

Peaches and Cream : Sheen finish, for when your feeling peachy.
This shade has a light peach undertone that is suitable for anyone who wants to first start off with peach shades. It's not overbearing and can be worn as an optional nude for some skintones.

Barely There : Sheen finish, pink undertone nude.
Barely there, barely where. On me this is a perfect shade for a rockstar nude lip look. It can be built up but I prefer 1-2 layers no more.

Heartbreaker : Matte finish, bright pink.
Hot pink loving with Heartbreaker, if your not into reds I would suggest Heartbreaker for that pin-up twist. It's bright and paired with a lipgloss can give a playful look.

Candy Cane : Sheen finish.
In the tube Candy Cane looks to be the sister of Heartbreaker but more deeper in colour. On my lips they do look similar with different finishes it's just a tad darker.

Cranberry* : Mattee finish, deep wine.
During the Berry craze came Cranberry, it had this nice deep wine shade to it that it wasn't bordering onto deep purple/black. Yet notice in the photograph that when I had this shade on my lips the colour of my skin lightened.

Coral Reef : Sheen finish, pink coral undertone.
I first saw this colour on Sharon's blog, automatically fell in love and purchased within the week of seeing it. The colour was like no other. Upon putting it on I was shocked the colour is shockingly bright and rich and at first I was taken back by how bright it was but it's one of those ' getting use to ' shades and if you don't apply it like a crayola it was fine to wear - it's a winner.

Being honest - I hate Barry M lipsticks the texture is too drying. The pigmentation is good but the drying feeling isn't pleasing and satisfying for me. Maybe it's the shades I have I'm not sure but it wouldn't be a first to go to purchase.

101 Marshmellow
Horrible! Horrible! Horrible! Why I still have it in my lipstick box I don't know but for some it may suit but for me it's a no no, it has this pale lilac undertone but it's not for me [shudders looking at it]

121 Pillar Box Red
Love reds and this colour is gorgeous but the texture is very drying. After a while my lips are crying out for moisture.

62 Vibrant Pink
I don't wear this much either it's purple undertone and vibrancy doesn't suit me once again. I think I should melt these down and make my own shades.

That concludes part one *phew* my poor lips.

Lipstick Collection Part One Swatches

It may be grey weather at the moment but how about getting a little spring and summer sexy with your hair!?

Remember last month I shared with you my love for the John Frieda Full Repair collection. If you haven't read my review click [here]!! There's some fantastic step by step videos that John Frieda's YouTube channel have to share using the collection.

I just love those beach waves - I wish I could get my hair like this but after chopping it - beach waves will have to wait....

Now this bun I may be able to achieve it's so beautiful.

-& as for me personally - posting should resume asap :)

John Frieda Full Repair How To Hair Videos

Is my armpit on fire?

I told you last Sunday about my consultation at sk:n and Wednesday I went back and experienced my first experience on Laser Hair Removal.....!

Arriving feeling flustered from rushing from the shopping centre I checked in and made my way up to the first floor to be met by Martha who was going to be doing my procedure [ that word sounds as if I was undergoing surgery ] for the first time.

Being led back into the same room as Saturday she went over a few check list questions and asked if everything went well after my test patch, I mentioned to her that I didn't feel anything and that I was more nervous Saturday as I didn't know what to expect but Martha explained that I possibly may feel it slightly today as it's actually going to be targeting my hair roots - if I wasn't bursting into sweat before from rushing I was now - but with all things - how bad could it be? Everyone's pain threshold is different.

Apologising for my perspiration and after cleaning the underarm Martha got to work, she said to me that if I want more cold air do say and if I want a break we can pause, catch a breather.

I felt it. ONLY ... in the middle of my underarm that's where I experienced this 'elastic band flicking' now to me it was bare able especially once I knew what I was expecting ... for some reason I didn't think of the smell that would come along with it.

Burning hair, burning hair...I thought this smell is not luxurious.

Of course there's going to be burning of the hair - laser + hair ... duh Laa!

Martha was wonderful, kept asking me if I was feeling alright and if I need a break .. very attentive - I'd be worried if she wasn't lol.

The smell doesn't last but it began to linger when I got into the open air I wondered it my armpit was on fire ( of course it wasn't ) I just had the smell in my nose.

The procedure was very quick didn't even last 10 minutes. I did ask do I shave as normal? Yes, shave as often as I need too, just nothing that pulls from the roots. I didn't need to shave until today ( Saturday ) I'm a next day or two need to shave girl. It's like my hair's grow back within 6 hours of my initial shaving.

Within 6 hours after shaving I feel like Julia did here. 

This week I could push it to 3 days and that was just with the hairs starting to peek through.

I was told that I could experience shedding or I might not and reminded if in the sun SPF 30 those pits.

My two biggest wants from this treatment  :

  • Rid dark underarms
  • Less hair 

I may in the meantime try home remedies for brightening the underarms - no bleach -

My next update won't be until further down into the treatments and I'm seeing a difference.

What's your favourite hair removal method ? 
Have you tried Laser Hair Removal? 

· c/o review

First Experience Of Laser Hair Removal

I can sing a rainbow, sing a rainbow....

Sleek MakeUP are set to launch their new range of 20 highly pigmented waterproof and smudge-proof liners.

Creamy, soft and bursting with colour these darlings can be used on your eyes, brows and lips and at £3.99 each it may be all we need!

Sleek MakeUP Eau La La Liners

I'm going hair free crazy!

Yesterday I went to Milton Keynes to visit SK:N! Maybe you have heard of the clinic they specialize in skincare, laser hair removal, tattoo removal & much more. They have over 20 years experience and 36 clinics in the UK.

I went for a laser hair removal consultation, I decided to go with my armpits( lurvely ) only because I hate when I do shave under there and I'm left with the dark marks afterwards it's not all one colour. Are you with me?!

First time I saw someone getting Laser Hair Removal was Kimora Lee Simmons on her Life in the Fab Lane show :

Yeah even the screen capture shows her expression to the laser.

That's Kimora's exprience...Let me tell you mine.


Previously talking to my friend Sorrel about the upcoming procedure she said it feels like an elastic band pinging over the skin. Having had tattoo's it couldn't compare to much even though I've never felt much when getting inked.

Off me and my camera man Darrel went to Milton Keynes, the clinic was easy to locate not far from the shopping centre.

I was greeted by Faye, lovely bubbly blonde who asked me to fill out some forms which are procedure when going for a consultation.

We was then led upstairs via their lift which you had to continue to hold the button to use it otherwise it'll stop. The clinic has a serene vibe!  While going up to the first floor I mentioned to her about the 'pinging' sensation that occurs and Faye agreed but said it's hard to really describe. Different people have different pain thresholds.

Entering a bright white room with a bed, two machines and two chairs [no padded walls], Faye went over the procedure with me while filling out some more forms.


Laser hair works by targeting the hair follicles with a beam to disable and stop it from growing. When you go for each treatment you and your therapist will notice the regrowth rate. Not all hair grows at the same rate so this is why you need more than one treatment.

It's advised to leave about 6 weeks between each treatment. If your on holiday during that time you should apply an SPF 30 to the area.

I was told that the next time I come to have shaved under arms and for it to work ideally it needs to be at a certain stage of its growth cycle. "Active Growing Phase" or Anagen - this is where the hair is connected to the base of the hair follicle.


This gives you an insight into what is to come. I'm laid down onto a bed, arm up, goggles on...highly anticipating the reaction of the treatment.

There's two machine that are used during the procedure :

Cold Air Machine
Laser Hair Machine
The area is cleaned of any deodorant &/or creams, I begin to feel cold air over my skin and this is to relieve your skin of any discomfort you may feel. Three settings were used with a break in between each one:

  • First Setting - Felt Nothing
  • Second Setting - Still nothing
  • Third Setting - ....Really still nothing!
After the patch test was finished the area was sprayed with cooling Avene Thermal Water and Aloe Vera Gel was applied. I was informed that if I was to get any reactions to let them know immediately but during and after the procedure I've felt just as I did when I entered. 

As I was leaving I was given a bag with 3 products that can be used throughout my time of getting this treatment.

It's not a cheap option but hopefully it's a permanent one!

I'll be back on Wednesday to get my first treatment.

-- Imagine hair free underarms.

To read more about sk:n and what treatments they provide visit
Free essential aftercare package.


SK:N Laser Hair Removal Consultation

I can no longer walk around looking like Oscar the Grouch's missing eyebrows have been located above my brown eyes. 8 days early I've ended my challenge!Why did I decide to end my challenge early I hear you cry! I just couldn't handle it much longer mainly because when I found childhood photos of myself I noticed my eyebrows have gotten a lot thicker and are going to constantly grow until God knows when. Me growing them that extra week for me would of been pointless as I've got quite a lot of hair happening.


I can honestly say my eyebrows have thickened and filled out. I won't lie - I was sceptical, wouldn't you be? How many products claim to do something and we are left *sighing* and feeling as if we've been haggled into a con? These eyebrows have left a lot of people in shock and in a state of wondering as to where my mind state has been.

Can I agree on the claim that within 8 weeks your sure to have fuller brows...I can say for me it did work - remember I did 8 weeks with natural oils to help regrowth last year....

...... I didn't get the same full on effect.


I wasn't sure what I was going to do in the end with my brows, I didn't feel to get HD Brows done again so I decided to wax the majority of the scraggly hairs and thread the rest and pluck out a few stubborn hairs with tweezers.

I wouldn't say this is my new shape 100% I honestly just needed to get that excess hair away but I also didn't want to take too much off. In total it's been 9 weeks regrowing them [ feels longer than at it being just over 2months ] so if I made a mistake and took too much off I'd feel gutted. I may end up finding a salon to shape them for me as they could do with a few more lines probably being cleared but I'm quite happy with how well this product worked.


Every morning and evening after I had done my face routine I would brush through my eyebrows with a brow brush and brush them into the correct direction and then go over with the RapidBrow wand.

The clear serum reminds me of clear mascara! I apply little pressure while brushing it through to get a nice even coverage.

Someone asked me on my first post if I think I would need more than one tube over the 8 week course. There does seem to be some product left but the one thing that does annoy me slightly is that you can't see into the tube so your not sure how much product your left to work with. I wouldn't recommend getting more than one tube because it's like any product it might work for some and not others - one does seem to do well for 8 weeks.

I'm going to continue to brush it through my brows to keep the fullness until it's empty!

Boy, do I feel NORMAL!

Purchase : RapidBrow
Price : £37.00

Shop The Post

· c/o sample

RapidBrow - Challenge Ended!

It's the start of the Easter weekend, so why not smoother your face with chocolate like me.

It was the time to carry back my 5 Lush pots to get a fresh mask.
Really I have nearly 10 empty pots but what takes me so long to take them back is .... I honestly cannot stand the smells that a lot of these face masks carry. There is just ONE scent that lingers around & it does put me off purchasing these masks and sometimes I just can't make my way through the entire pot. [Do you know what I mean? What's the scent?!]

Reading the Lush Times I decided to try Cupcake it was one of 2 left that I have yet to try and being Easter 'n' all...let's get in the spirit.

Lush blurbs :

We invented this mask for younger skins and for those who are new to face masks and want to use something that’s cheerful and cheeky but still effective and good at its job.
The serious side of this mask has linseed infusion to nourish and soften the skin, fresh mint for toning, cocoa butter to moisturise and rhassoul mud to absorb grease and give a deep cleanse
The lighthearted side of this mask has cocoa powder, vanilla absolute and spearmint oil - because we wanted this to bring all the comfort of a chocolate bar.  Well, a chocolate bar that doesn’t cause spots, of course!

I'll give them this my skin did feel quite smooth after application. Now this does have the smell that I keep talking about but not as strong and it's bearable for me -whaaat!!- so that keeps me happy.

Pulling my best Steffy Baby Boo! Mask Face !! She always pulls the best faces when reviewing face masks » look!

It's quite thick in constancy but it's easy to smooth over the face and get a nice cover. I left it on for about 5 minutes.

I think I'm going to use this one for when my skin is a little oily and dry - combination skin - who needs it.

Try not to lick :)

Price : £5.75
Purchase : Lush

Cupcake Face Mask

Chick Knot-Wrap, Fluffy Egg, The Carrot

All lush but no chocolate!!

LUSH is a favourite store of mine, Babyface {discontinued}, Ultra Bland & Ocean Salt - all time favs of mine. The company are very active with being against animal testing and promote that their products are cruelty & vegan free!!


Easter is upon us and as always LUSH have an Easter range and one product I'm very eager to use is the new reusable carrot bubble bar. I was sent a few products to try :)

The chick knot wrap
Is so freaking adorable. It's made out of recycled plastic bottles it's just a sweet addition to purchase to wrap up your Easter bath bombs but it's also recycled :)


The fluffy egg bath bomb.

The smell for this bath bomb is quite sweet. Lush say that the scent that comes from the bath bomb is that of Candy Fluff dusting powder which is a discontinued product. It's such a shame cos the candy fluff scent is that of a spring fresh scent.

I always have this " oh no it's so greedy to put the whole of it in the bath" and it takes me a while as I'm acting as a child [what's new?!] not wanting to do something but I relented and drop it in and automatically it starts to bubble and fizz like they all do .....

I had a PINK BATH :) so pretty - candy fluffy pink waters! It was divine. Think I'm going to stock up on these before Easter is over with!

I think anyone would enjoy these for an Easter weekend treat.

£2.95 each

The Carrot reusable bubble bar
Not edible and it certainly doesn't smell like your veg.

This bubble bars scent consist of essentials oils of buchu together with lemon and bergamont.
It doesn't smell like your traditional carrot.

If you've never used these before they last a fair amount of washes - look upon them like soap.
The colour changed slightly orange but I also found it it quite exfoliating and left my skin soft.


Look upon them as something you have to slice- you have to slice them and put them in your bath. - my bad.
£4.95 each


My baby Sparrow hasn't been well this week, took him to the vets on Tuesday and he unfortunately went in for an operation yesterday as his back teeth aren't aligned and are cutting into his tongue so he needs dental care. Sparrow's been giving me a scare [think I've aged about 50...years] as he hasn't been eating or drinking but Mummy Laa forced fed him water which I was told was the best thing to do - 24hrs with no food/water & their digestive system shuts down and they will die so thankfully got him treatment before that *phew* So my posts and life have been slightly hectic lol.

· c/o sample

Easter at LUSH