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Remember me lol ?,

So the months nearly over for one of my 4 challenges and the first review up is on my nails. Since I began to grow my nails in 2007 they've always suffered with being brittle and will easily split, especially when I'm washing my hair I'll always end up with a strand of hair slicing my tips.

I've tried quite a lot of different hardeners and none of them have worked 100% to the promise of the product.

OPI Nail Envy has been one that has been in the middle when I have read reviews but I thought what harm can it do in trying. Seeing as I'm taking multi vitamins daily maybe it could help it along a little.

Every night I applied it ( it does say every other day ) but me being me - every night and on a Tuesday I normally will take it off the 7 days worth of nail envy and soak my nails etc let them breathe for a while and re-do.

Within 7 - 14 my nails were already starting to make a difference in strength, being that every weekend I'm outside cleaning rabbit hutches you can imagine that my hands are used for dirty tasks and this is where they would normally break. - Not one breakage.

Washing my hair ? - Not one breakage.

Safe to say in nearly a month not one breakage and I've seen a difference in length and strength.

* Image top row is my right hand before and after. Bottom row being that of my left hand before and after *

Money well spent, I'd say so. There was no disappointments, being that it dries fast & clear is an added bonus - 10/10 from me.
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  1. That color is really gorgeous!

  2. Yay Im so glad you're back :D The difference in length is amazing! It's so hard to keep your nails healthy and strong, this looks like the solution to that problem.

  3. @Dollface_0023 thanks for the comment

    @Ninya awww =) thanks sweetie. Yeah I'm quite surprised too. Just the fact they haven't broken not once. I even trimmed them in the 4 wk period too.

  4. color? lol. sounds like my nails. i just keep them short to avoid split. so you apply the product everyday? i got confused.

  5. @Celia no clue lol.

    Yeah you just apply over the last application and then after 7days you take it off and re-apply. It says you can use it as a base too and still wear polish :o)

  6. I'm glad you had such good results, nothing is more frustrating than weak nails when you're after length.