Urban Decay Stoned Vibes Palette

I got this last year October when it was released, it was a 'do I need another palette?' but working around make-up every day it's so tempting. Plus the palette is a beauty to look at - especially when you can pair the shimmers on-top of other eyeshadows to give more of a sparkle. The compliments I recieved made me feel it wasn't a bad purchase - or was it? I feel I actually have mixed feelings with this palette.

Urban Decay said of this palette: "A vegan eyeshadow palette packed with 12 all-new mood-shifting shimmery shades infused with genuine tourmaline to block bad energy and elevate your look. Get a restorative glow with an ultra-creamy, velvety texture without the fallout."

Okay let me just address that boled part, I understand that Urban Decay are or were looked at as a very alternative, stand out brand but the whole crystal-manifestation-positive energy part there seems more bandwagon than inavative.

Row 1: Good Karma (semi-matte), Jade, Opal Aura, Tiger's Eye, Vibes, Antidote (matte).
Row 2: Hexed (matte), Bloodstone, Ojo, Raw Energy, Meditate, Third Eye (satin).

There are 8 shades that are more of a 'marbled' texture with two different colours 'marbled' together which I have seen a few other brands do or marbleized shimmers as UD calls them. Although I do find some of the other shade to be a lot more drier than the smooth, buttery texture that you are used to with their previous eyeshadow textures. Plus there is a bit of fall-out.

How To Use:

Build up color payoff by applying the marbleized shimmer shades with your finger.
Start your look with the matte shades to create allover colour, contour, and shape.
Pro tip: Mist your brush with All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray before dipping into shadow for a foiled, wet-look finish.
Use the fluffy end of the brush to diffuse and blend matte shades for a seamless application.
Use the corresponding Stoned Vibes 24/7 Eye Pencils as a shadow base for ultra-vibrant finishes.

Marblized shimmers are to be used with your fingers more than anything to get more colour pay off - which is probably the best if you want to get the most out of those shades. Going back to what I said previously above, I paired the marbleized shimmer with other eyeshadows with a pat on method using a firm flat eyeshadow brush to utilize the shimmer but like I said best way is using your fingers (they are soft and bouncy to touch) as it gives a wet, glossed look so it does give a new look to what could just be another sparkled eye.

In hindsight, could it of been a palette I skipped - Yes. Which is heartbreaking as I said it's a stunner to look at but the whole crystal part it decided to spew - erm no. It's not one I reached for much unless I wanted a 'specific' look and the marbleized shimmer would probably be used best for the inner corners, halo eye and as an eyeshadow topper.

Purchase: Stoned Vibes Palette

Do you have this palette?
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  1. It is a shame that it isn't one you reach for regularly but understandably why. The packaging is absolutely stunning though!

  2. I did not know they did vegan palettes but thats is so lovely, I do love this colour palette

  3. I can see why you were tempted, that is a gorgrous platte and the heather shimmer kind of one would be my favourite. Mich x

  4. Oh my word, these colours are beautiful... I don't wear a great deal of makeup but these are just the colours I would go for. :)

  5. Jess Howliston10/2/21

    What a beautiful palette to look at, such a shame it didn't turn out to be one you reach for regularly but at least you tried it out so you aren't left wondering. I can never seem to get shimmers to look right on me but these colours look very pretty.

  6. Ah that's a shame as it looks so lovely in the packaging. Saying that I don't think I could carry off sparkle!