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What I love about this industry is there are always new brands to discover. When I was contacted by SWATI Cosmetics, I had a browse around the website as well as Instagram and YouTube and decided the best way to know is to try for myself. I opted to try a couple of lashes and SWATI 1 month and 6 month coloured lenses. I have to admit, I'm pretty excited to try these out. I've tried quite a few brands in the past and they've worked for me well enough, although some can feel more irritating than others or drying.


SWATI Cosmetics is a combination of love, beauty and confidence. Vishal Nanda is an experienced Swedish entrepreneur, Swati a well-known Indian makeup artist – they meet, fall in love but Vishal enamored by her beauty notices how her appearance changes every mood, every occasion. Natural beauty to Bollywood star but regardless still comfortable and confident. Her eyes even change to alter those moods and when he asks “coloured lenses?”, Swati replies with a smile. After 2 years of research and development, SWATI Cosmetics was born with the promise of coloured contact lenses that compliment every skin-tone and with the option of lenses lasting 1 month – 6 months. The website is extremely helpful in terms of seeing how each of their coloured lenses look on various skin-tones.


With a range of coloured lenses from dark brown, hazel, blue & green available. There are stunning shades for everyone:
Aquamarine: described as a Blue
Sapphire: described as a Deep-sea blue
Turquoise: described as a Blue green
Bronze: described as a Dark brown
Honey: described as a warm hazel brown
Sandstone: described as a Light brown
Jade: described as a Green
Pearl: described as a Grey
1 month box includes:
2 Blister packs
(1 pair of lenses)
Instruction manual.
6 month box includes:
2 Vials (1 pair of lenses)
Soft Tip Tweezers
Lens case
The Details
Layered Lens Technology
Lenses Designed for Comfort
Natural Looking Coloured Lenses

Layered Lens Technology: - Keeps the colour design sandwiched between two layers of the lens material to better preserve the colours and to get the pigment from touching your cornea directly.
Lenses Designed for Comfort: - These lenses have a tear rotation edge structure, helping to keep your eyes naturally hydrated by letting your tears pass through behind the lens.
Natural Looking Coloured Lenses: - Lenses are designed in Sweden, designs are made to flawlessly blend and work with your existing eye colour and create a natural shade unique to you.

What I think is amazing with the coloured lenses is how they not only cater for those without an optical prescription but for those with them, so everyone’s eyes can be bright, colourful and noticed. I had to tell my mum immediately as she is a glasses wearer but loves to wear coloured contacts but finding brands that do coloured prescription contact lenses, now she's 100% interested especially when I told her the cost and how much with the exclusive discount code that you'll find further along in this review.
Purchase: Coloured Contact Lenses from £26
Another pro point to note is that these are vegan cosmetics.


6 false eyelashes from natural, fluffy to intense styles available. I chose Crystal & Tanzanite as they have 2 different density.
Tanzanite: Rounded shape, medium density, 9-14mm in length & vegan faux mink. Crystal: Rounded shape, intense density, 11-16mm & vegan faux mink.
Purchase: Crystal £14
Purchase: Tanzanite £14


This eyeliner allows you to eliminate the need for lash adhesive cos you’ve got a 2-in-1, liquid eyeliner and lash adhesive. Now I know lash adhesive liquid liner has been on the market for a little while now but I've stuck with the classic DUO brush on glue. This could save a little bit of waiting for lash glue to get tacky.
- High precision felt tip – making it easier to control and get a thin to thick line.
- Long-lasting wear of 12 hours.
- Waterproof - Which is amazing cos how many times have you been caught outside or the eyes have become moist (my personal problem) or even moments of crying have happened and that glue lifts up – no more issues like that.
- Wind-proof so don’t worry about those gale force winds hitting your face.
- Re-stickable – how many times have you hated the placement of your lashes? Simply just re-apply with no fuss!
- Latex free formula – free from allergens and suitable for even sensitive skin types.

Purchase: Vanta Lash Adhesive Liquid Eyeliner £19.00
Wearing SWATI Sandstone coloured lenses, VANTA lash adhesive liquid liner & Crystal faux mink lashes


Let's start with the coloured contact lenses, I mentioned above that I've tried so many brands & eventually as the days go on, they make my eyes dry. I kid you not - once these were in & I blinked a few times, these might as well of been my own. I asked my BFF which colour should I try first & we chose Sandstone. I took them out of the individual vials and washed them with the SWATI lens solution, made sure my hands were clean and fluff free. I typically use my either my pointer or ring finger to insert coloured lenses. The comfortability was incredible as I didn't even feel as though I had anything there. I only remembered when my mum came by & said 'Oh you've got them in, they're lovely!'. I wore these for about 9 hours, I only took them out as I was removing my make-up. I feel there's going to be a 2021 obsession with the coloured lenses now. Stay tuned because you'll be seeing the other two shades on my blog & instagram.

A felt tip pen which I like when it comes to my liners, to be fair, I can use any type of brush but I find when they have such a fine tip it's so much more cleaner and easier to use. This is probably one of, if not the blackest of the blackest of liquid eyeliners that I have owned, it's rich and dries exceptionally fast. Once applied it becomes tacky but not uncomfortable and you can apply your lashes straight onto the adhesive liner - WOW! I seriously mean just wow, the whole process is effortless. If you do incorrectly apply the lash it does lift gently for reposition. I think the only time I'll use normal lash glue again is when I'm using thin-invisible banded lashes cos this way now - cuts out all the faff! So one thing I did was - turned on that hairdryer on cool and tested how well this glue works - I would of used a leaf blower if I had one lol. THEY DIDN'T BUDGE! Didn't peel, didn't lift, didn't do nothing but stay put. What is this wizardry?

I choose the Tanzanite lashes for the above look as I wanted lashes that wasn't too dense and were still soft in appearance. At first I did apply Crystal but they were too voluminous for this look. SWATI have a dual-ended lash applicator - so save your tweezers, these have an angled applicator one end and a comb on the other. These help to lift the lashes from the packaging, measure up alongside your eyes to see if they need to be trimmed etc. You can gently bend them into shape all while holding them in the applicator. Having an applicator that isn't sharp also allows you to pinch the lashes together with your natural ones to 'set better'. The comb doesn't have any bristles, it's a metal comb but it can be used to just brush through to help separate once applied, it may be 'stiff' for some but I didn't have much of a problem. Once ready using the applicator place the lashes onto the center along the liner that has been applied and attach each side. Pinch & enjoy.

I have to say I'm extremely happy with the coloured lenses & the cosmetics that I chose. The brand has everything you need from lens solution, lens case & tweezers, liner lash adhesive, lashes, coloured lenses - phew! I mean it's a one-stop shop for those smizing eyes! Shipping is fast, my mum has already taken advantage of the discount and ordered 6 month lenses, the order was made on the Monday and was delivered on Saturday and that was STANDARD SHIPPING. Keep in mind the company isn't based in the UK. I look forward to seeing what more SWATI Cosmetics has in store in the future as the company is only beginning and has a bright future. I'd love for my readers to take advantage of the exclusive discount code that they've provided below!
Thank you to SWATI for this opportunity.

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