Behind The Blog Vol.2

Janaury has felt like the longest month, it always seem to - maybe it's waiting for payday that is like a 5-6 week wait, everything feels so much more longer and being in lockdown since Decemeber probably doesn't help too much. While January has been turbulent, I've steadily made some changes and I wanted some more goals for February.


More podcasts & books. Today I started an indepth podcast 'You Must Remember - Manson' on Spotify. There's a few books I've got that I have, to help me grow more, one being, 'The A to Z of Mindfulness'. You can work so hard to get yourself to certain points in your life for things to unravel so quickly and you feel as though all that hard work has been undone but it can happen again, just have to apply yourself and remember you're that boss bitch!

Meditation is something I need to get back into this month, it's so easy to feel detatched but being able to just relax and breathe can help me feel present within my body.

I also need to clean up my digital mess, such as my inbox, my phone, unfollow accounts that serve as no benefit to me, especially ones that invoke negativity. Even having a day or weekend without the phone on to switch off can help to focus on myself.


I'm back to trying to get back into shape. I've got a YouTube playlist and so many DVDs for workouts and I'm finding that it's the key of mixing it up. It can be hard to find the motivation to get up and go because well...what am I getting up to go for but it's changing that mindset. You must of heard of the 'Keep Showing Up' motivational speech it can be applied to anything but it's a good mantra to get going.

I need a focus and something to make myself feel good. I've been tracking everything on a spreadsheet to see what's working and what's changing. I've been trying intermittent fasting 16:8 - fast for 16hrs, eat for 8. Some YouTubers I have been using are Lily Sabri, Chole Ting, Koboko Fitness & Janekate Fitness.

I keep waking up pretty stiff these days incoperating yoga stretches in the morning is key to just gently stretching out those muscles and waking up the body. This video by Cat Meffan is so gentle and for 15 minutes you've stretched out and got the body moving in a positive way.

I make it a ritual to always have a long soak in the bath, I cannot do without a long soak. I prefer it by candlelight, I feel much more relaxed and zoned out. Giving myself facials is a routine - it also perks me up seeing my skin glow back at me. That is something I'm definitely continuing throughout February.


Journalling, I'm going to be doing a lot more of throughout February, sometimes I don't want to overload people with my thoughts but I enjoy writing and getting out my thoughts, feelings and it can just be a book about setting goals & affirmations. When you want change you have to be honest with yourself and be aware as this is the first step. I found these questions once to help plan:
Where are you finding meaning outside of yourself?
What are you gaining by not changing?
What is working for you that you are afraid to lose if you do change?
How did you get here?
What is making you start now, what is your why?
Are you willing to be alone?

I want to listen to this song as often as possible which has been proven to reduce stress & anxiety by 65%!!!

What are you looking to do during February?
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  1. January was a long month, longer than normal it seemed never ending. It sounds like you are starting February in a positive mood

    1. Omg, wasn't it just! Thank you. It's definitely all about mindset and my legs are burning lol.

  2. I am looking forward to working out more - I did quite a few workouts in Jan but lost my mojo at the end of Jan because of my birthday. I also am going to start taking long soaks in the bath - atm I am just grabbing a quick shower when the kids are in bed!

  3. January seemed to go on forever! I've started listening to podcasts now too. I love Jay Shetty's one.

  4. I looking forward to take time off in February, January felt way too long. I am also working to get back into shape.

  5. It sounds like you are doing so much to try and help your mind, body and spirit, I should really think about doing similar, I am awful at doing nothing.