Born This Way Matte Foundation & Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer

How many times can you continuously hear about a foundation & concealer before purchasing? I hear about the Too Faced Born This Way foundation and concealer so much but sometimes these purchases can be such a miss when there’s a hype. But I finally thought might as well try it.

I used Findation to help me pick a shade and then I had to go down so many rabbit holes and see others who have the foundation and see if the shades matched up, so Warm Beige it is. For reference I’m a 290 in Fenty Pro Filtr’, 6.25 Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk & BD55 YSL TouchĂ© Eclat (although that is more my Summer shade).

Born This Way Matte Foundation

A 24-hour wear.
Infused with hyaluronic acid acid, alpine rose & coconut water
Purchase: Born This Way Matte Foundation £29.00

Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer

non-comedogenic formula
long wearing for 12hours with no flashback
Purchase: Born This Way Super Coverage Concealer £25.00


A 24-hour oil-free matte foundation – okay I never fall for the 24-hour wear, it basically means its long wearing, cos who wants to wear foundation for 24 hours? What I would say it that it's very light-weight, I didn't feel as though I had a full-coverage matte foundation on. For me that's a bonus, I hate heavy, cakey - theatre thick type make-up. Wearing that all day is super uncomfortable for me.

The shade was pretty spot on, a touch lighter when it dried on my chin and forehead but that's nothing bronzer cannot fix. It didn't oxidise on me, I know oxidising gets such a bad rap with people because it actually can be an individual issue. Now what I did find is, it settled in my enlarged pores. I had a really sore nose, scratch that one side of my nostril was sore lol. That day it had been a little swollen and inflammed, the skin was quite dry all these problems and the foundation jus highlighted the issue. I also have always had enlarged pores - very small patch on either side of my face by my nose - well, this basically said either pore had a grand canyon like hole. I've never experienced that before, I used the YSL All Hours Primer - which is a mattifying primer but I might have to try it with the Blur Primer to 'fill in those' holes.

On camera, it didn't really show up as bad but in person it was the only negative I had regarding the finish - deal breaker? Maybe not only because a primer could fix that and now my nose has returned to it's normal state that shouldn't be an issue. Matte foundations can be pretty unforgiving to begin with due to the finish loving to cling to anything dry. I always tell my customers, prepping is the biggest step. If you suffer from dry skin, make sure everything you use underneath is hydrating and let it sink into the skin before applying your foundation. Be patient if you want the best application. So I know this foundation won't be an issue once I find the best base.

Considering this is a full coverage concealer, it didn't sit into any lines. Once it dries, there is no cake like appearance, the match to the matte shade complimented the under eyes and I did put a powder to set. As you can see there is zero flashback - whoop! I have to say so far the experience with both has me wanting to continue to use this foundation and I see the hype now. I'll probably get more to contour, highlight with as it's quite a good investment if you wear make-up frequently.

Have you heard about this foundation? Tried it? Let me know below what is your favourite foundation!?
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  1. I've wanted to try out the born this way foundation and concealer but I need to finish up some other bits first. It's a shame that you found it stuck in your pores x

  2. I wasn't aware of this foundation before but it definitely sounds like one I need to try! It is great that it has no flashback and no cake like appearance.

  3. This looks fab... Great to see that you've had such a good experience with it. :)

  4. I don't often wear foundations because of the cakey feel but glad this one doesn't give that.

  5. I love how the foundation and concealer has given you such a flawless look, also like that it is oil-free product as well

  6. I love how the foundation and concealer has given you such a flawless look, also like that it is oil-free product as well