Sun Protection Essentials.

Summer is nearly over but caring for your body never does and we always need protection. I for one always try and use products with SPF in it somewhere, whether it’s my skincare, makeup or sunscreen but sometimes it doesn't happen and that isn't good. We tend to forget that it’s not just our face or bodies, feet, hands, neck and backs – it all needs coverage to be protected. With two different types of Ultraviolet Rays it’s sensible to look for products that have both coverages if possible. UVA is able to pass through glass and may cause premature aging and wrinkling of the skin. UVB is linked closer to the development of skin cancer and melanoma. UVB radiation causes sunburn but does not penetrate through car windows or other types of glass.

Garnier Ambre Solaire have launched a sensitive advanced range for skin protection with high SPF 50+ & UVA & UVB protection, if you or your children burn quickly due to being fair, sensitive & sun intolerant skin, this range is a must have, you’ll also find a preference with formula between lotion and spray - Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Lotion SPF50+ & Garnier Ambre Solaire Sensitive Advanced Very High SPF 50+. It’s free from perfume, parabens & colourants. It has a Hypoallergenic formula, light texture while being non sticky & whitening, so if you want to wear this under make-up, don’t worry about flashback. I personally have the opposite issue, I find it hard to tan, I might brown a little but nothing major but I also don’t burn so I can’t comment on the range too much on how it performs.

Badger Balm have SPF30 certified organic ingredients within their sunscreen and protection against UVA & UVB, so if organic is more your thing. Badger Sunscreen SPF30 Unscented is organic & vegan and like all of the sunscreen in the range are Nano free. Badger Kid Sunscreen SPF30 Tangerine & Vanilla, with most children loving to be in the water during holiday’s & in local pools…this provides up to 40 minutes’ water resistant coverage for your little ones. Being chemical free it’s 100% safe for them and being that it smells delicious, children won’t hesitate but want to cover themselves in it. We can’t forget the bambinos, Badger Baby is also water resistant and paediatrician tested & approved, it has a slight smell of chamomile & calendula. These all RRP for £14.99 each and can be used for all ages to be honest.

I've mentioned nano free and you might huh? Badger Balm brief this by explaining "Zinc oxide is a powdered mineral that sits on top of the skin, scattering, reflecting, and absorbing UVA & UVB rays. Although zinc oxide is the safest and most effective active sunscreen ingredient, the best protection from the sun is to seek shade and cover up with clothes and a hat. All Badger sunscreens use pharmaceutical grade uncoated Non-Nano Zinc Oxide as their only active ingredient."

Looking for some body odour protection during the long days, during the commute at the gym you can read my posts on Sure Motionsense & Impulse Why Not? by Charli XCX

How good are you with your sunscreen care?


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