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I've got a fair few asian masks from Asian Beauty Plus and I do like sheet masks for there fuss free application, making it quick and easy. The first one I've tried is the SNP Animal Panda Whitening Mask - benefits of this mask are said to be long lasting hydration, brightening skin and get rids of wrinkles. I wanted to try this one first because after a week of not feeling well and the body really took a knock, my skin needed a little pep. Upon taking this out of the packet it was saturated with the serum and it had a strong smell of what I think was alcohol and I try to avoid putting alcohol on my skin as it can dry and age skin. Being that it was pretty wet, it dripped a fair bit but it wasn't too bad after awhile and I left it on for about 20 minutes before sliding it off and patting the excess into the skin and continued with my skin routine. Surprisingly the face didn't feel dry or tight but it did look a little brighter. With a good few masks to get through, there's going to be more future reviews on them.
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DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack
DHC has the cult deep cleansing oil and maybe this'll be the next one too. These eye masks treat the entire eye area, from upper, lower lid and even the outer eye. These have gentle but powerful multi peptides that support the eyes collagen. Overtime with the usage of the eye masks there should be improvement of fine lines, puffiness and elasticity. The olive fruit oil is a rich antioxidant & deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid that helps to protect the skin's natural moisture barrier. With sheet masks for the entire face being a hit, why not have some just for the eyes. I know there's already under eye sheet masks you can buy the difference is with this one it's for the lower and upper lids. You peel off one pad to get two masks. It's got a cooling gel on the sheets that makes it easier to peel and adjust to how you want it. I did find that it took time for me to adjust to the feeling of this on my eyes. My lower lashes would brush on the mask, feeling a little irritated but I don't think that was to do with the product more so something brushes my lashes. Sometimes I feel if my eyes don't look bright and awake it can tell myself & others a lot from fatigue, dark circles, puffiness & dark circles, I'd say my eyes felt hydrated and smooth - maybe over time it'll give it a brighter appearance.

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