ColourPop Haul.

ColourPop that inexpensive but popular US brand that's hard to get hold of in the UK but not now since 12th July they now offer international shipping (exceptions Turkey and China) but thanks to a lovely friend, I got 3 orders shipped over not long ago and yes unfortunately a couple of eyeshadows did smash but I found it aided the product more - more pigmented. I had previously purchased ColourPop Ultra Matte liquid lipstick from the UK in February 'StingRAYE' which cost me £8.99 + p&p. Although a few weeks ago I went in my drawer and noticed that the formula had separated, wasn't easy to just shake it up, looking online it wasn't just me who experienced this but it doesn't manipulate the product itself once it's been hit among the mattress a few times to shift the formula.

Cami (neutral mauve pink) - Lippie Stix // Matte X finish
Grunge (cool-toned plum brown) - Lippie Stix // Matte finish
Hollywood Blvd (yellow- toned brown) - Lippie Stix // Matte X finish
Taurus ( mid-tone yellow brown) - Lippie Stix // Matte finish
Pillow Talk (mid- tone greige) - Lippie Stix // Matte finish
Tootsi (cool-toned grey beige) - Lippie Stix // Matte finish
Chi (cool tone nude beige) - Lippie Pencil
Kae (deep warm yellow brown) - Lippie Pencil
Kapow (muted grey taupe) - Ultra Matte
Guess (dark blackened violet) - Ultra Matte
Dr. M (deep blackened green) - Ultra Matte
Clueless (dusty mauve pink) - Ultra Matte
Beeper (warm mid-tone taupe) - Ultra Matte
Limbo (deep chocolate brown) - Ultra Matte
Teeny Tiny (deep greyed out plum) - Ultra Matte
Trap (dusty greyed out beige//greige) - Ultra Matte
StingRAYE (cool toned mauve brown) - Ultra Matte
Chi (cool tone nude beige) - Ultra Matte
Kae (deep warm yellow brown) - Ultra Matte

Bandit (warm rusty brown) - Matte
Beverly (Deepened blackberry) - Matte
Bill (muted plum beige) - Matte
Birthday Boy (cool tone golden) - Metallic
Crenshaw (warm saddle brown) - Matte
Deux (mid tone warm brown) - Satin
Flutes ( mid-tone yellow brown) - Matte
Girl Crush (mid-tone true gray) - Matte
Hanky Panky (soft cool toned taupe) - Matte
Mixed Tape (mid-tone cool grey) - Pearlized
Party Time (mauve grey) - Matte
To-A-T (mid-tone warm brown) - Matte
- swatches taken with no primer.

I also got their new brow pencil in Jet Set Black (rich onyx black) and a blusher but I prefer to use it as an eyeshadow Swift (rich deep warm brown). Best part, ColourPop are cruelty free! Their Lippie Liners and Lippie Stix are vegan & almost all of their Super Shock Shadows, Creme Gel Colours & Super Shock Cheeks are vegan. 

Have you tried ColourPop? Anything on your wishlist?
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