Winky Lux - Voodoo Lipstick // #WLvoodoo.

For the beauty conscious millennials - Winky Lux is a relative new American cosmetics brand whose beauty products are exclusive to ASOS overhere, WL celebrated its launch on October 19th, 2015, so the brands in it's infancy but by the looks of it, will make ripples throughout the cosmetic industry. I was sent their Matte Lip Velour Lipstick in the shade Voodoo and being partial to black lips, it's a welcomed addition. The lipstick casing, is small with a gold rounded bottom & silver cap, perfect size for any small bag for a touch up during the day. The best part of the brand is that it's cruelty free. Looking through the other available shades, I'm falling back in love and want for lipsticks, for the best part of a couple of years it's mostly been liquid lipsticks for me but these shades are interesting and I appreciate how ASOS has grouped them, gives you a chance to look through the swatches of similar colours, reds + pinks, mermaid, nudes & purple + darks. I would say there's something to suit everyone.

I read how every month Winky Lux will release one shade per month - sounds like an beauty advent calendar, type of thing but they have said that limited edition shades once gone, will not be coming back. So, their like rare Pokémon. Each lipstick has it's own hashtag - unique. But don't worry a sticker will be on each lipstick bullet to let you know.


"Channel your inner temptress with this gothic chic shade. Voodoo’s mode noir can bring a swipe of edge to any ordinary look."

Voodoo - make no mistake, this lipstick leaves no room for mistakes. With bold, adventurous, out the box colours I always find black and most darker colours need control with applying. Try a invisible lip liner for a barrier, lip pencil brush to go around the outside cos if it smudges.... It's a matte formula but it's moisturising which gives it a slight sheen on the lips, it's not so matte it's dehydrating and the formula itself drags on the lips. It's comfortable to wear and I agree with the brand that it's a soft mousse texture. It sounds like it shouldn't work as some mattes are notorious for being uncomfortable & drying but Winky Lux is proving this incorrect.

Have you tried or heard of Winky Lux?

Sample / Cruelty Free
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