L.A.B.2 Cruelty Free & Vegan Brush Kits.

I feel finding good makeup brushes are key, I have various brushes from different brands and now I've been trying out these cruelty free brush kits from L.A.B.2 which means " Live And Breathe Beauty". The 3 different kits available: I'm Turning Pro, Strokes Of Genius & Lash Out Loud.
A black sleek box with a neon coral inner, inside the I'm Turning Pro & Strokes Of Genius kit sits a foam block the same colour scheme as the packaging that holds the brushes - once the packaging is opened you can lift the foam block out that's glued down and have a holder if necessary. I've kept them in the block, quite liked it. On the back of the packaging you'll notice you can cut out a "How To Use" guide for each brush available, I think that's great for novices. It also notes on the box that it's been made with love, cruelty free & vegan & hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested!
I'm Turning Pro
A 4 piece set of makeup brushes, created to cover your everyday, makeup application needs. Made from FiberLuxe™ Technology specially designed with the softest and highest quality filaments. While using these I've experienced, no fall out. When washing them, no dye has run out of the brushes

Contour Brush - medium to high density angled brush, the brush head is a small to medium size meaning that you can get a more precise contour instead of a larger brush that'll cover such a huge area, this'll allow more control and room to build up.

Foundation Brush - this is a flat tapered flat brush, with medium density, soft bristles, I experienced no scratching or bristle fall out. As it's quite a small head it's ideal for using on & around the nose and eyes but I like to use this more for heavy concealing under the eyes with a liquid concealer, the bristles are quite flexible allowing long strokes but for foundation I found short, quick strokes over the face gives a light, natural appearance. I used this with cream foundation and loved it. I don't like to have lots of foundation on and found that even using just the brush with the foundation swiped on once was enough coverage and it was flawless to use. Once applied using the brush again to spread the foundation on and blend it out was all I needed to do. I don't see why others are giving it a bad rep for foundation use.

Eyeshadow Brush - I found this was good to pack on eyeshadow, it's stiff enough to picks up enough product to use on the lid space stiff. It's not too stiff of an e/s brush, it leaves room for movement to sweep the eyeshadow across, I liked to use this to blend out colour, it fits into those areas on my eyes perfectly and the bristles work a lot better.

Buffing Brush - a high density brush, it's a good size for a buffing brush, it's not as large as other buffing brushes I've got, when buffing in any powder like setting powder it allows better application on smaller faces and smaller areas on the face. I've not tried it with foundation but this could be a multi-use brush.

Strokes Of Genius

Eyeshadow Brush – A very different e/s brush to the one above. More dense, little slimmer and picks up more product to pat onto the lid.

Crease Brush – dome shaped brush, makes it easier to do a defined crease, it's a medium size so it's good if you've got the crease for it. It picks up product well, I tap off excess before going into the crease.

Pointed Eyeliner Brush – small, slim tipped brush. Good for liner, giving small strokes but I'll tell you what I do really like to use it for, detailed lipstick outline, it's small enough for that, to do a precision lip line.

Brow & Liner Brush – It's dense and a little stiff but has slight movement, it picks up a fair bit of product. I generally use a pencil for my brows now but if I need a brush that's going to give me a fair amount of product such as with a powder or pomade, I'd use this. Even for an eyeliner it works well especially for a thick wing.

Brow & Lash Groomer – What I do like about this especially is that the spoolie is on the end, I didn't expect that when I took it out of the foam. It's your standard brow and lash groomer.


So far with all these brushes, I've not experienced any cons. The brushes all follow the same bristle consistency with the touch, being soft on the face and eyes. The fibres on these bristles have a micro-studded surface, mimicking the exterior cuticle of the finest natural hair. They say that due to the fiber technology it''ll not lose shape, breakdown or degrade, basically they're built to last and keep shape. The metal used to clamp the bristles into place is of the highest quality, non corrosive, resistant to damage. Also it's double crimped to prevent the bristles shedding and detaching - makes sense as to why I've not had any shedding as of yet. The rubber matte black handle, allows good gripping and also displays the kit name and brush type so you'll always know what collection it goes from & what you can use the brush for. Making these good brushes for gifts, personal and professional use.

Lash Out Loud
12 disposable mascara wands, 3 of each in bright bold colours. I think this is really good to have brushes of different types available for different reasons : CURLING. LENGTHENING. VOLUMIZING. DEFINING.. It gives you the opportunity to use your favourite mascara with different results thanks to a brush. I've found these online for £4.99 These are to be used once and then disposed of. I think these are a good idea, it could get costly and might not be for everyone. Make-up artists would probably love to have these in our kits but cheaper & more bulk options might be found elsewhere.

Heard of L.A.B.2 before? What do you think of the brushes?

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