TONI&GUY Create Your Look From The Hair Down.

Create Your Look From The Hair Down
When Summer swings round, it brings familiarity with hair & make-up. Festival looks, brighter lipstick, facial stickers and beach waves, dip dye ends and balayage. TONI&GUY are encouraging you to create your look from the hair down and with these ultimate holiday essentials. I personally don't use a lot of their products because not everything my hair loves and it's pretty contented as am I.

I did like to see the Radiating Tropical Elixir, I mentioned it last year in a previous TONI&GUY post, it smells intoxicating, it's light and great to just rub in the hands and run through the hair - especially while straight. Gives it a shine boost while protecting hair from UV rays, perfect all year round especially during the hotter months. Dry shampoo, I've started to get use too, being natural, everyday isn't wash day so I find if the hair needs any oil or sweat absorbed from the hair and needs a little refresh here and there - dry shampoo is a good option. A few spritzes here and there, don't harm nobody & certainly doesn't harm me but I don't rely on it.

Sea Salt Texturising Spray, always an option to get hair beach wave ready, it'll hold the waves for that carefree beach look. Honestly I don't ever recall using sea salt in my hair, I've always felt it'll dry out my hair plus with it being a mix of waves and curls already seems pretty pointless. I do get concerned when I see sodium chloride in ingredients as it's basically table salt, I did read... "when it is placed in a liquid, it dissociates into charged sodium and chlorine particles. It's probably in hair products to attract other ions and pull them out of the hair." I love the way it smells, reminds me of hair salon.

TONI&GUY have teamed up with Superdrug to design a beautiful & bright tote bag that you get free when you purchase two TONI&GUY products until 28th July.

Have you used TONI&GUY products before?

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