The Jeffree Star Controversy.

Just like I don't support testing on animals as much as I can, I won't be supporting businesses/business owners who are outwardly racist or bash women in the past or now. I loved Jeffree Star Cosmetics and have purchased so many liquid lipsticks from the brand but after the mess the other month - that's no more. I've read how people said you've go to separate the brand and the person behind it. Fuck that! Be more consciously aware, in a “satirical” video that was done 10 years ago, keep in mind he's a young adult, who understands racism and the fact that doing any video with someone in blackface isn't funny and highly offensive but it's ok doing something for shock value...racism for shock value, cos it's funny to joke about black lives, black skin was and is still hunted like a sport by white supremacists, black face / minstrels is racist and all the pain that lies behind that, he's aware of what he's saying and doing, no young & dumb BS. If you've got respect, shock value to make fun of others wouldn't even come to mind. Social media from even then got people showing their asses. In the video he said how they should send over their sister because she's only good to mop the floors and that he'd throw battery acid on a black woman to make her skin lighter so it'll match with her foundation.

"Those who stand for nothing fall for anything."

Why would I want to give money to someone like that? With everything going on being more aware who is getting your coins should be a priority, not giving a misogynoir, elitist, racist, coins to live lavishly. He feels he's done a lot for women of colour in beauty, it takes a lot more than making shades friendly to be 'doing a lot'. Forget the fact that his assistant or whoever is black, that don't mean shit. He not only bashes black women by calling them degrading names & threatening to beat them up ( Just because you wear makeup as a male doesn't make you a woman...) but women in general, it's more than a race issue, it's a sisterhood where's the stand if you fall for a lipstick shade, highlighter & bonus, the IG like? For that, I'm going to use what I've purchased but won't be giving the brand another coin or others with questionable policies. Like I try my utmost not to purchase from brands who treat animals like they have no feelings and aren't worth the life they were given for my own personal use the same with businesses like JS Cosmetics.

How do you personally feel about brands with questionable owners? Are you able to separate brand from the brand owner?

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