TheVeganKind Beauty Box #7

Perfect for a Summer's Eve.
May's disappeared in a blink. With June upon us it only means that Summer is officially near, TheVeganKind Beauty Box is out and all of these products just make me want a bath on a late Summer's eve relaxing with a hair masque, lip scrub & an Rose x Epsom Salt bath. With nearly a £30 value the contents of this box sure helps that feeling out...

Twa Burds Woodland Rose Epsom Salt Bath Soak
Epsom salts is a must have in a bath for me, it has a delicate and relaxing scent of rose even in the packaging as you open it, it travels up the nose. With epsom salts being good for muscle relaxation, reducing inflammation & bloating - water retention it's a must have in the tub, while the Rose petals and Calendula soothe and relax your senses.

PHB Ethical Beauty Anti-Aging Eye Gel
I've applied this a few times now and even though it's a gel it doesn't make the undereye feel tacky. It absorbs nicely and doesn't appear to leave a trace afterwards. It's got a rose scent more than anything else but it is a Organic Aran & Rock Rose blend. It's said to help eyes feel hydrated and refreshed. Contains argan oil, seaweed, rock rose and lavender to target aging, relax muscle tension while helping to stimulate healthy production of collagen & elastin.

Grounded Coconut & Lime Hair Mask
First off, in love with the packaging. Reminds me of the Lucozade Sport packages back in the day & also my beloved Prtty Peaushun. Packaging aside, the scent combo - winner. Smells heavenly, that I'd want it all over my body not just my hair. I'm going to use this as a mask on a wash day & look to do a full review if this is a winner. It has extra virgin Coconut Oil, Macadamia Oil & Coffee Oil, enriched with Lime Oil for a refreshing tropical smell. The masks aim is to hydrate, soothe and condition. This brand has me intrigued...

Fairypants Lemon Drizzle Lip Scrub
Lip scrubs generally can be made yourself but it never hurts to get one ready made. This one is a lemon flavoured (citrus addict) lip scrub. Help you get rid of those dry lips and lemon also helps to brighten skin gradually. I don't find it to be abrasive and you just need a little amount to rub over the lips.

Alva Natural Cosmetics Green Equino Sparkling Harmony Mineral Powder
A multi-purpose mineral powder. Can be used as a eyeshadow, highlighter, mix it with a mixing medium for eyeliner or with clear gloss for a lip product. It's a warm sand, golden shimmer shade, you need to bang it a little to get it out of the stifler jar but you don't need much. I'm interested to see how this wears as a highlighter, I think it's going to be quite natural as it's not an overly shimmer product.

What do you think of this box?
Has a particular product caught your eye?

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  1. I love cruelty free vegan beauty products. Thank you for introducing me to this beauty box!!

    1. You're welcome, I hope you manage to get one x

  2. I've never heard of this box before but I love the variety of products you receive! The Grounded Coconut & Lime Hair Mask particularly looks good.

    1. Yes, I'm still to use it but looking forward to it as it smells beautiful.

  3. I've never heard of this box before but the products sounds great, especially the lemon lip scrub - thanks for sharing x

    1. Thanks for the comment, it is a nice lip scrub - I love citrus so slightly bias.

  4. I'd never seen this box before either! I really like the sound of the bath soak :)

    1. It's nice and that bath soak was demolished lol. It was beautiful.

  5. I usually find beauty boxes so hit and miss but I really love the sound of this vegan box. The Grounded hair mask sounds lovely! x
    Louise |

    1. I agree and this is more niche in what it produces in terms of products. Which is good highlights established & up and coming businesses while helping those who like natural / non animal product tested products etc discover & try x

  6. Ok, just said it on twitter but your flat lay! OMG PERFECTION! I love it!
    I told you your making me establish I need to UP MY GAME!!!!!
    Anyway, these products look fab. I want to sign up BUT if i can get not heir blogger program and not pay for these goodies, I'm all for being stereotypically black and looking for handouts LOL.
    No shame.

    1. Merci my love.

      Haha, good. Always nice to have an aim lol. Products are lovely and they've all been used or being used! LMAO oh you kill me <3